COMPLETE Digimon Filler List (OFFICIAL)

If you are a fan of the anime Pokemon, then you would definitely enjoy this anime. Digimon is an amazing anime and it does have a lot of episodes. Today, we are going to take a look at whether the anime stayed true to the manga or not.

What do you think? Do you think at any point the anime deviated from the manga and made its own extra episode rather than filler episodes? Well let’s take a look at some of the series’ backgrounds and I will point out some of the filler episodes for you guys. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.


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Table of Content

Digimon Adventure Filler List

Episode No. Epiosde Title. Type.
01 "And So it Begins..." Canon
02 "The Birth of Greymon"  Canon
03 "Garurumon"  Canon
04 "Biyomon Gets Firepower” Canon
05 "Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker" Canon
06 "Togemon in Toy Town"  Canon
07 "Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo"  Canon
08 "Evil Shows His Face"  Canon
09 "Subzero Ice Punch!"  Canon
10 "A Clue from the Digi-Past"  Canon
11 "The Dancing Digimon"  Canon
12 "DigiBaby Boom"  Canon
13 "The Legend of the Digi-destined" Canon
14 "Departure For a New Continent"  Canon
15 "The Dark Network of Etemon" Canon
16 "The Arrival of Skullgreymon" Canon
17 "The Crest of Sincerity"  Canon
18 "The Piximon Cometh"  Canon
19 "The Prisoner of the Pyramid"  Canon
20 "The Earthquake of MetalGreymon" Canon
21 "Home Away from Home"  Canon
22 "Forget About It!"  Canon
23 "WereGarurumon's Diner"  Canon
24 "No Questions, Please"  Canon
25 "Princess Karaoke" Canon
26 "Sora's Crest of Love"  Canon
27 "The Gateway to Home"  Canon
28 "It's All in the Cards"  Canon
29 "Return to Highton View Terrace"  Canon
30 "Almost Home Free"  Canon
31 "The Eighth Digivice"  Canon
32 "Gatomon Comes Calling"  Filler
33 "Out on the Town" Canon
34 "The Eighth Child Revealed"  Canon
35 "Flower Power"  Canon
36 "City Under Siege" ( Canon
37 "Wizardmon's Gift"  Canon
38 "Prophecy"  Canon
39 "The Battle for Earth"  Canon
40 "Enter the Dark Masters"  Canon
41 "Sea-Sick and Tired"  Canon
42 "Under Pressure"  Canon
43 "Playing Games"  Canon
44 "Trash Day"  Canon
45 "The Ultimate Clash"  Canon
46 "Etemon's Comeback Tour"  Canon
47 "Ogremon's Honor"  Canon
48 "My Sister's Keeper"  Canon
49 "The Crest of Light"  Canon
50 "Joe's Battle"  Canon
51 "The Crest of Friendship"  Canon
52 "Piedmon's Last Jest"  Canon
53 "Now Apocalymon" Canon
54 "The Fate of Two Worlds"  Canon

1. Digimon Adventure

digimon adventure

This is the first series of the anime and it kicks off where we see a few kids who are at a summer camp. They get sucked into a game that they were playing / a digital world. This world is occupied by some creatures called Digimon and they themselves become DigiDestined.

What would you do if this happened to you? Well, in this world, they have a destiny where they have no choice but to save the digital world where they are presently and also the real world.

Then we go on to see each child that was sucked into this world getting a device called the Digivice. This device was what selected them and brought them to the world they are in right now, the device basically kidnapped them.

They each get paired to a Digimon who assists them on their trials in this anime, how would the story turn out, you might be asking? Well, why don’t you watch the anime and tell me?


2. Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon ADventure 2

This is a second series or the continuation series to the Digimon Adventure. The storyline takes place three years after the first storyline in the first series. Now the kids from the first season are in high school, most are about fourteen years of age. We see that the digital world they were stuck in before is now at peace. But like most anime out there, peace doesn’t really last forever and the same thing is happening in this exact one.

Now in this storyline, we see an evil arising from the Digimon world.Tthe new bad guy is the Digimon Emperor, their new enemy is a human. The emperor has been using Digimon as slaves with the use of his control spires and black ring.

He also found a way to make Digivolution somehow impossible. Well, now in this storyline, we see new characters who are paired DigiEggs, and also some of the old characters are also paired.

This time, it is up to them to solve the problem and bring back peace to the digital world by defeating the evil that lurks in the digital world. How do you think they solved this problem? Instead of guessing why you don’t just watch the anime. I’m trying not to give spoilers. Well, I guess there is no filler in this season.


3. Digimon Tamers

digimon tamers

Now we are on the third season of the anime. Most of the storyline in the anime takes place in the real world, not the digital world. Here we see that Digimon game merchandise is being sold, this provides some ability boost to Digimon that appear in the real world.

Yep, now we see Digimons in the real world. The story follows three tamers who can now create their very own Digimon with the aid of some weird blue card on their D-arc. They go through their own trials in this season, yep again go watch the anime to know more.

But I would tell you that some changes occurred. There are some changes that happened in this season that didn’t occur in the previous ones. Like how the Digimon digivolve and how their “Digivices” work is completely different in this season.

You see in this storyline the Tamers use their Digivices to slide cards through, which gives their Digimon special abilities. It’s more like what happens in a card game.


4. Digimon Frontier

digimon frontier

The fourth season is here, we see that with the five protagonists, some changes occurred, headed to a train station and to catch a ride to the Digital World after being urged to do so by strange phone messages. They intend to fight the villain and his amazing servants who are warriors, before they end up conquering the world.

But that isn’t the only problem, they would end up fighting against another antagonist which is Lucemon and his Royal Guard who are Dynasom and Crusaderom.

Guess what is new…The characters do not have Digimon Partners, unlike the other Digimon series. Instead, they use their D-tectors to morph into strong Digimon in order to fight their foes, which is a newer version in the series.


5. Digimon Data Squad

digimon data squad

We are on to the fifth season, mind you, this has no special connection to the previous seasons. It is more or less a new approach to the anime and new character design. In summary, it is a new storyline

The plot revolves around the difficulties posed by Digital Accident Tactics Squad“, an organization formed to keep the presence of the Digital World and Digimon hidden from the rest of humanity.

This organization works in secret to resolve any Digimon-related occurrences on Earth. Later, the DATS team is pulled into a huge war between Earth and the Digital World, which is sparked by an ambitious human scientist bent on exploiting the Digimon for personal benefit.


6. Digimon Xros Wars

digimon xros war

This is the sixth series of the Digimon franchise but it has two sub-series which are Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms and  Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time.

In the first sub-season, we see Shoutmon and Mikey who return to the Digital World, they discover that Bagramon had it remade into seven kingdoms. Each is ruled by a Dark General with their own Darkness Loader, and who now rule the Digital World collectively

Mikey and Nene try to persuade Christopher to team up with them after reuniting with their partners. They set out across the territories to challenge the Dark Generals and free the Digital World from their oppression. Would they succeed?

digimon xros war

In the second sub season, we see that the time Mikey with his friends had saved the digital world from the darkness was over a year ago. But now we see that Digimon from DigiQuartz, a world between other worlds, is now being manipulated by human hearts and due to that is wreaking havoc in the human world.

In this series, we see that there are hunters who hunt Digimon and capture them so as to use them to digifuse with their partner so as to get stronger. But what was the purpose of hunting?

Well, in the anime, we are told that the main reason for hunting is to determine the best set of people who can stand among legendary heroes who come from other worlds. 

Plus, they are the only ones who would be strong enough leftover Mega Darknessbagramon data called Quartzmon.


7. Digimon Adventure tri

This is actually a six-part movie that was made to celebrate the Digimon Adventure and the storyline follows the first eight characters that were initially DigiDestined. The story focuses on how they battle through life’s trials as they grow older in age.

It takes place after three years since they have fought and defeated MaloMyotismon, and obviously as time passed, the DigiDestined would grow up. Luckily enough, they didn’t grow apart but remained friends even though they find it difficult to hang out together.

Kamiya, who is already in his second year of high school, is acutely aware of the disconnect from his group.

 But a new danger arises in the shape of Infected Digimon and it is capable of wreaking havoc on Earth. Leaving a large scene of damage in their wake, and would cause damage as it would turn public opinion against Digimon in general. It is an amazing storyline, I personally like the fact that they did not forget about the first main characters of the anime.


8. Digimon Universe: App Monsters

Appmon is visual portrayals of apps found on smartphones and tablets. However, these Appmon got infected with a virus, which causes havoc on the internet. Now it is up to Haru and his companions who must assist the appmon and stop Leviathan’s takeover.

Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t know what appmon is, well it is short for App Monster and it is also a mobile game in the anime.


9. Digimon Ghost Game

digimon ghost game

This series is like a whole new storyline, we see that a particular topic has been trending on most social platforms for several years now,  and what has been trending is the fact that there have been sightings of things called  Hologram Ghosts.

According to some of the rumors, we see that several people have become victims to some of these things they call Hologram Ghosts, and for those that were lucky enough to survive this spectre, they claim that the thing that attacked them looked like it was glitching.

Now in Hazakura Academy, a middle school student that goes there named Hiro Amanokawa does not believe in the social media trend topic, but as the incidents keep happening all over he is forced to remember a buried memory.

digimon ghost game

He remembers that one day his father disappeared without a trace but there was a strange watch which seems to be the cause of his father’s disappearance. And much like the events that happened to all those victims, his father’s disappearance could not be explained with normal logic.

Now Hiro and one of his friends Kiyoshirou take it upon themselves to investigate the matter when a hologram ghost attacks a student at their school. Now they go on a journey where they are about to find out about a world that is unknown to humans.

Again, if you want to know more about the anime, why don’t you go ahead and watch it. Especially this series, it seems more interesting, tell me which you enjoyed the most.


Who's Your Favorite Digimon Character? Comment!


We have come to the end of the article guys, hope you enjoyed my brief breakdown of the anime. And I also pointed out which of the episodes were fillers, just check the tables you won’t miss it.

What are your thoughts about the anime? Did you like it? I told you it is more or less like a pokemon anime, was I right? Which of the series do you think had the best storyline? Well, I hope you enjoyed the article. I will see you guys in the next one.


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