21+ Amazing Detective Conan Quotes

Detective Conan Quotes. Shinichi Kudo Quotes. From a different perspective, an imposing wall is just a large door.

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Ai Haibara Quotes

I think you need to have a mask, and that it can only be taken of very few and trustworthy and sensitive people.

Detective Conan Quotes. Ai Haibara Quotes. Humans live behind masks.

I think it’s natural to judge people from the outside. But I think there are certain people who look like they’re nice people, and they really are nice people as well.

Detective Conan Quotes. Ai Haibara Quotes. Don't judge people from the outside.

Hattori Heiji Quotes

We can’t disagree, we’re all living on a timer, aren’t we?

I know I can get jealous for sure, and I actually think it’s a bad habit of mine.

Man, I don’t know about this one. I would never wanna deceive my ally. BUt I understand what he’s saying, that we need to

Detective Conan Quotes. Hattori Heiji Quotes. To deceive your enemy, begin with your ally.

Kaitou Kid Quotes

Without trust you can’t really enjoy life, and have fun in any way.

Detective Conan Quotes. Kaitou Kid Quotes. It's better trusting someone than to die doubting people altogether.

Clearly, he gets girls.

Detective Conan Quotes. Kaitou Kid Quotes. You are right. I am not a detective, but a thief.

Shinichi Kudo Quotes

Wow. You know this is so true. The biggest problem I have right now, is probably so easy to solve for someone else that I might know.

Detective Conan Quotes. Shinichi Kudo Quotes. From a different perspective, an imposing wall is just a large door.

“In this world, who knows who might kill who.”

The world is so uncertain. We don’t know who will kill who. Shinchi understand the uncertainty of life and how no one knows their life. This quote can be resonated with real life for sure.

“Sorry, a trick is nothing but a puzzle mankind came up with. If you use your head, you can uncover the logical answer. It’s disappointing. No matter the explanation I think of, I cannot understand why one person would kill another. Even if I can see why, I can’t understand why.”

No matter how difficult a puzzle is. One things is for sure. Every puzzle has a solution. The only difference between a puzzle and a problem is that there’s always a solution to a puzzle. Detective Conan is an Anime full of puzzles. Moreover, Shinchi is aware of the reality. No matter how much of a problem this world is. There’s always a solution that comes with every puzzle.

“If you’re too lucky, people will get jealous of you.”

People never show how much they’re jealous towards you. You might be thinking like Shinchi that people don’t care about you. However, Shinchi knows that if people start to show that they’re jealous of you, it means that you’ve made it!

“The moon does not mourn over the dead. What it does is shine light on the truth.”

Another twisted Detective Conan quote. Indeed, the moon only light shine on the truth to uncover the truth and remove the lies that people are trying to hide so far.

“There’s no use. There’s no such thing as a victory that can be won through effort. It doesn’t exist.”

If you could become rich just by working hard. I’m sure that workers would be the riches ones. Instead, success and victory requires sheer hardwork, determination, brain, and most importantly, LUCK! This detective conan quote is nothing but truth.

From a different perspective, an imposing wall is just a large door.”

It’s so true. This Detective Conan Quote states the fact that the obstacle is the real way. It’s another door that you must open to pass through the difficulties of life.

“Love is an emotional thing. I will say nothing in praise of it… It is antagonistic to clear reasoning. It’s the same in tennis. Love is 0. No matter how many zeroes you add together, you’ll just lose miserably.”

Love requires no reasoning! It’s the opposite of logic. Indeed, this Detective Conan quote is full of logic itself. You’ll lose if you try to reason in love.

“By looking at what’s blocking our way, with an open mind, a wall can be turned into a wide-open door.”

“Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons.”

This is so true. Words are like swords. This Detective Conan quotes states the fact that words can alter moods and talk to you. And it can even load a gun at you at then pull the trigger at you.

“If you let anger and revenge consume you… You’ll find yourself unable to behold the beautiful sights right before your eyes.”

Anger and Revenge is nothing more than a destructive emotion. This Detective Conan Shinichi quote is the truest one. By abandoning our anger and thinking the most rational way possible, we can ace through life.

“What value does your will have? I asked you what price it carries. If money is enough, is your will for sale? A will that can be bought with money… what’s the meaning of that? If your will can be bought with money… then it will vanish along with that money. Am I wrong?”

“People’s feelings sometimes go astray and lead to irreversible consequences.”

“The strong one doesn’t win. The one who wins is strong.”

“With a keen eye for detail one truth always prevails.”

“Sometimes feelings get tangled together with deductions, forming a veil that hides the truth.”

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