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Gyutaro is a high-ranking demon and a member of the Twelve Kizuki, a group of the most powerful demons. He is the primary antagonist and villain when the Demon Slayers, led by Tengen Uzui, go to the Entertainment District to investigate the disappearance of three of his shinobi wives. Gyutaro ranks sixth among the Upper Ranks of the Kizuki, a position he shares with his younger sister Daki.

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Character Information

Position in Anime: Villain

Gender: Male

Race: Demon

Age: 200+ 

Height: 178 cm

Hair Color: Black to Lime Green

Eye Color: Lime Green & Yellow

Professional Status

Affiliations: Twelve Kizuki 

Partner: Daki

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 85

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced
English: To Be Announced



Gyutaro is a relatively tall man and has a light complexion. He is never seen wearing clothes, and we notice that his body is covered with many black spots. The most distinctive one runs across half his face, right beneath his right eye, beginning at the top of his nose, and covering some part of his right cheek. As a young boy, he was often referred to as being ugly since he had a weak and bony body that was hollow as a tree (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).

Gyutaro has a bizarre body structure, where both his upper and lower torsos are muscular and well-developed.  However, his waist is extremely thin, with the chest starting from the diaphragm and the lower torso starts from a pelvis that protrudes upwards (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86). Gyutaro’s eyes have different colors; the right eye is red while the left is lime green, and both have an orange sclera. Gyutaro is always smiling in most illustrations and has messy green hair, mixed with black which goes from the crown to the top of his head. 

Gyutaro’s look is complemented by various brown clothes wrapped around his arms, and another around his neck. Besides this, Gyutaro is always seen holding a sickle, which is his weapon of choice. The sickle has undergone a change where as a child it was a metal sickle with a wooden handle someone had left behind (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96). After becoming a demon, the sickle’s composition changes where it looks like it’s made out of bones made from his flesh. The sickles are also decorated with the same brown color on the cloths around his arms (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).


When we meet Gyutaro, the first thing the reader notices is that he has a very jealous and envious personality. The first time Tengen Uzui meets with Gyutaro for the first time, the demon is heard complimenting Hashira’s physical characteristics, his broad shoulders, a nice face, and has a skin with no scar or stains. However, he is speaking sarcastically before admitting that he is envious and that Tengen should die painfully. In another instance, the demon is seen shedding tears of envy after learning that Tengen has three wives, a fact that infuriates the demon even further (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).

Gyutaro’s character and personality have been influenced by the life he had as a child. A result of being tortured by the mother when young, being called ugly and bullying by other children, and the burning of the sister made Gyutaro very vindictive since he cannot stand happy people. After suffering defeat at the hands of Tengen and others, Gyutaro asserts that he does not regret becoming a demon and would still make the same decision no matter the lives he had (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96). Despite having no regrets about becoming a demon, there is just one thing that Gyutaro regrets.


Before dying, Gyutaro is remorseful and regrets the way he raised and influenced his little sister, Ume. He suspects that he and the sister were ideally different at heart. He is sure that if she would have been sold to a good house, she would have become a proper Oiran, if she had been in a normal family, she’d have been the perfect daughter, and even become an elegant woman if she was raised in a good home. Ume’s life is different because of him. Gyutaro taught her to do unto others before they did unto her and to always collect her debts (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 97). In this way, he failed her.

Gyutaro is cruel and violent. This is revealed later where when working as a debt collector, he used to beat up his marks, whether they paid up or not. His violent nature further made it difficult for his bosses to keep him in line (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96).

Living such a long time has made Gyutaro prideful and ignorant of the changes happening outside the Entertainment District. He believes in his fighting skills as a demon, and the power he wields as a demon, something that makes him careless. This pride made him underestimate the Demon Slayers sent after him by letting the sister fight them instead (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 87). If the two would have been serious from the time Daki encountered the Demon Slayers, then they probably would have won the fight.

Strengths and Skills

Being the primary holder of the sixth rank among Lord Muzan’s Upper Ranks, Gyutaro is extremely powerful, with the skills to wound and almost kill Tengen Uzui, and other Demon Slayers including Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 93).

Gyutaro’s fighting skills originate from his time as a human when he used to beat people up when working as a debt collector. His power and skills are seen when he informs Tengen and others that he has killed and eaten thirteen hashiras while the sister Daki has killed seven (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 88).

As later seen, Gyutaro’s powers are more developed and advanced than Daki’s, where he can manipulate his bones, flesh, and blood, unlike the sister who uses an obi made out of flesh. At the end of their fight, we see a struggling and poisoned Tengen, Tanjiro who has had his fingers broken by Gyutaro, while Daki fights off both Inosuke and Zenitsu (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 92). The only thing that ensures the survival of the Demon Slayers is Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art that heals Tengen, Zenitsu, and Inosuke from the damage sustained in the fight (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 97).

cell manipulation

Cell Manipulation

This ability makes it possible that Gyutaro can change the shape of the cells in his body. This ability is seen when Gyutaro stops the Demon Slayers’ swords as they are about to cut his head off. In this instance, Gyutaro remarks that Tengen and Tanjiro wouldn’t be able to cut his head off before pulling out two sickles from his hands. 

Besides this, he bites one of Tengen’s blades before infecting them with his blood (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 91).


Core Detachment

 This ability allows Gyutaro to detach or move the core of his body between his own and Daki’s. It’s an ability the two siblings kept a secret from the Demon Slayers, where later we are informed that Gyutaro controls his sister, an ability that made it possible to have two points of view in the fight. 

Together with his sister, Gyutaro was able to coordinate their movements, either using her Flesh obi for defense or attacking the Demon Slayers (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 94).

decipation immunity

Decipation Immunity

 This ability is used together with Core Detachment where moving his core prevents him from being killed by beheading. The only way to defeat the siblings, as discovered later by Tengen Uzui, is to cut off their heads at the same time (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).   


Extra-Sensory Perception

Gyutaro shares a very strong psychic connection to Daki, which allows him to adapt their attacks and defenses depending on the opponents. This ability allowed the two siblings to fight four enemies simultaneously and to detect sneak attacks originating from Tanjiro. The ability to control and use his sister’s body is something he doesn’t reveal to the Demon Slayers, and also it made him seem more powerful (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 94).


Flesh Manipulation

Similar to the younger sister, Gyutaro changes the shape of his body. The only difference is that his ability is more advanced than the sister’s where he produces two bone-shaped sickles from his body.


Immense Regeneration

This is an ability that Gyutaro has as a result of receiving more of demon lord Muzan’s blood. Like the Twelve Kizuki demons, Gyutaro is able to regenerate and replace his limbs when he has been hurt. Despite being poisoned with wisteria extract, Gyutaro is still able to move and still create a Kunai Shield that he uses to counterattack the Demon Slayers’ attacks (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 89).


Immense Stamina & Endurance

With the help of his sister, Gyutaro seems to have infinite stamina. The siblings were able to fight and almost defeat four skilled Demon Slayers despite being the group with more numbers.

Blood Demon Art

Rampart Arc Rampage

Blood Manipulation

Like other high-ranking demons, Gyutaro can manipulate his blood, using it to create various attacks that he launches at the Demon Slayers. Besides using the blood to attack, Gyutaro can use it to create a defensive barrier. This is seen when he created a kunai shield, and to protect his neck from being cut using his third Blood Demon Art technique (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 90).


Poison Manipulation

Gyutaro produces high amounts of lethal poison which is mixed with his blood attacks. The poison is so powerful that it was able to slow and almost kill Tengen Uzui, who had a high resistance to poison (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 87).


Fighting Style & Techniques

Gyutaro’s weapon of choice is a pair of sickles. He dual-wields these sickles and is skilled enough to effectively use them for defending himself and attacking the Demon Slayers. He further combines these sickles with his Blood Demon Art techniques including: 

Rampart Arc Rampage

Rampart Arc Rampage

Using this technique, Gyutaro sends out his blood flying around his body. The blood slashes very fast in all directions, forming a shield around him that protects him from all incoming attacks (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Manga Chapter 89).

With the technique, Gyutaro is able to send blood blades outwards in all directions. The technique originates from his outstretched hands, which gives it a wide range of attacks. The technique pushes enemies back as seen when they use it to send Tanjiro and Tengen Uzui as they try to behead him (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 90).

flying sickles

Flying Blood Sickles

This technique releases so many thin blades of Gyutaro’s blood that he sends flying towards his opponents. By commanding the blood sickles to Turn, Gyutaro controls the blades freely so that they follow their target (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).


  • Gyutaro is the only member among the Twelve Kizuki who shares his number with someone else, his younger sister.
  • Despite being cruel and hateful, Gyutaro has a deep love for his sister.



Just before his death, Gyutaro recounts his childhood to Tanjiro. Gyutaro grew up in poverty, a place where it was too expensive to have children. As a result, his mother detested him, going as far as nearly killing him before Daki was born. Gyutaro further describes how his body was weak, a factor that influenced other children to bully him, calling him a simpleton, and a coward. Gyutaro was tormented by everyone, leading him to fend for himself where he used to eat mice and insects to survive (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96).

Everything changed when Ume was born. Her beauty gave Gyutaro his pride while influencing him to become a debt collector since he was so good at fighting. Being with the sister also made him lose his sense of inferiority as he learned to accept his ugliness and cruel nature.

At 13, Ume began working at a brothel but stabbed a samurai in the eye with a comb. As punishment, she was tied and burned alive, and it’s in this state that Gyutaro finds her. Gyutaro then jumps into the pit she had been dumped and begs the gods to bring her to life. While crying, the man Ume had stabbed comes and slashes Gyutaro’s back.

gyutaro past

It is then that we learn that the brothel manager had instructed the samurai to kill Gyutaro. Despite being wounded, Gyutaro kills the two conspirators before seeking help from people in the Entertainment District. Help comes in the form of a demon who wants to save them by giving them his blood. In exchange, the demon asks the siblings to become strong enough to join the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96).

After becoming a demon, Gyutaro and Daki continued to live in the Entertainment District. The two use the district as their feeding grounds, eating only the finest of geishas it had to offer. Later, the two would come to be acknowledged by Kibutsuji and given more of his blood. This act saw Gyutaro assume the sixth position among the Twelve Kizuki.  


twelve kizuki

The Twelve Kizuki

The Twelve Kizuki is an organization composed of the twelve most powerful demons created by the original demon Muzan Kibutsuji. Unlike others, the Twelve Kuzuki have received more of Lord Muzan’s blood making them more powerful and stronger than others. Gyutaro belonged to the Upper Ranks and was sixth among them, a position he occupied with his younger sister Daki

Gyutaro was the primary holder of the position while his younger sister was the secondary holder as illustrated when he emerges from her Obi after her head was cut by Hashira Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 85).



Ume (later became Daki)

Despite having quite many characteristics and a hatred for humanity, Gyutaro shares a deep connection and love for his younger sister, Ume (later became Daki). Before she was born, Gyutaro despised his life and was mocked by everyone including his mother for being a weakling. He considered himself as dirty, ugly, and miserable, “a monster” but this changed when Daki was born. Daki gave Gyutaro his pride, leading him to the position he had as a debt collector.

The love Gyutaro has for Ume is illustrated where he begs the gods to bring her back after finding her almost dead, and if they wouldn’t, he’d “kill all the gods, and all the Buddhas(Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 96). Even after becoming demons, Gyutaro retains this attachment to Daki, spoiling and allowing her to do what she wanted, despite putting them in danger.



We see Gyutaro for the first time when the younger sister, Daki, calls out to him for help. To the shock of Tengen and other Demon Slayers, Gyutaro emerges from Daki’s obi and moves to reattach Daki’s head to her body. In doing so, Tengen attacks them but Gyutaro counters with the intent of killing him. However, Tengen blocks the attack.

When looking at Tengen, Gyutaro commends the Hashira for his beautiful skin, height, and body, things that made the demon envious. As a result, Gyutaro promises Tengen and others who “messed up” his sister a painful death. Gyutaro then asks the demon slayers not to forget that it was him that sent them to the afterlife (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Manga Chapter 86).

During a conversation with Tengen, he learns that the Hashira has three wives, causing the demon to become angrier. In this state, he uses the Blood Demon Art technique Flying Blood Sickles which he sends flying towards Tengen. Even though Tengen evades them, Gyutaro commands his blood to turn and follow Tengen. To counter the technique, Tengen denotes some hidden bombs that cause Daki to come to the aid of his brother (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 86).


The conversation between the two continues as Tengen comments on Gyutaro’s ignorance where hiding in the Entertainment District has made them ignorant of the world. Gyutaro then wonders how Hashira has not died from the poison in his body. He reveals that his sickles are poisonous (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 87). The fight continues with Tengen on one side, and the two siblings on the other.   

Tengen’s subordinates, Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira, and Zenitsu Agatsuma arrive just in time as the poison is about to start taking effect. However, the demon is dismissive of their skills, as we see Tanjiro shaking from fear since he recognizes Gyutaro’s power as a high-ranking demon (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 88).

tengen uzui

Even though Tengen has discovered how to kill the siblings, Gyutaro guarantees him that many have fallen and died while trying to accomplish that easy task. Zenitsu and Inosuke show up and fight Daki on the rooftops, while Tanjiro and Tengen get to fight Gyutaro. While fighting Tengen and Tanjiro, Gyutaro gets surprised by an attack from one of Tengen’s wives as she shoots him with kunai coated with wisteria extract. While weakened and slowed, Gyutaro unleashes his second Blood Demon Art technique Rampant Arc Rampage that repels the kunai attack (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 89).

Despite his efforts, Gyutaro seems to get overpowered by the two Demon Slayers where they cut off his legs. In response, Gyutaro unleashes his third technique Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Scythes, a wide range technique that protects the demon, while throwing his opponents back (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 90).

Even though he seems weak and defeated, Tanjiro masters all the strength in his body, mixing two techniques, the Water Breathing technique and the Hinokami Kagura, to save Tengen’s wife from Gyutaro. While distracted by the save, Tengen attacks from behind but Gyutaro blocks the attacks commenting that they couldn’t cut off his head (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 91).

tanjiro and gyutaro

After defeating the Demon Slayers, Gyutaro starts to taunt Tanjiro suggesting that he should turn him into a demon so that he could better protect Nezuko. Gyutaro further breaks Tanjiro’s hands and fingers as a way to break his spirit and make him submit

However, to the shock of the demon, Tanjiro responds by head butting Gyutaro right in the face since the demon slayer is not able to use his hands. At this point, Gyutaro realizes that he has kunai stuck in him and that was the reason he took so much damage from the simple attack. Tanjiro then moves to cut the head (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 93).  

Gyutaro responds by pushing Tanjiro away. But this does not help as Tengen bursts in and saves his subordinate from certain death. The two Demon Slayers continue attacking and cut off the demon’s head just in time as Inosuke cuts off Daki’s head (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 94).

In the aftermath of the fight, Tanjiro finds the heads of the two demons arguing about whose fault it had been for their loss. Gyutaro then tells Tanjiro his life story, stories from their childhood, before they became demons. Gyutaro’s story ends as Gyutaro carries his little sister into the darkness, signifying the finality of their death (Demon Slayer: Manga Chapter 97).  

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

English – To Be Announced


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