Death Note Theory: Was Light Reincarnated As A Shinigami?

Death Note Was Light Reincarnated

The ending of Death Note left a big effect on everyone that watched it, but some content released after lead fans to make a theory about Light’s fate. some fans speculate that when Light died, instead of going to Heaven or Hell, he became a Shinigami.

This is a pretty wild Death Note Theory, but there does seem to be a decent amount of evidence behind this one.

Contextual Clues

The fans who like this theory state that Light became this specific unnamed Shinigami (pictured below) who appeared in Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, asking Ryuk about the Human world.

Death Note Theory, Light Reincarnation

This movie takes place some undetermined amount of time after the series’ conclusion.

There are a few rules about the world in Death Note that provide some proof for this theory. First being that it is stated in the rules of the Death Note that users of it will never be able to reach the afterlife. This could imply that they either go into nothingness or perhaps get reincarnated and used for another purpose.

There is also the fact that Shinigami can die, meaning that there has to be some way to make sure new ones are created. We never get an explanation of where the Shinigami come from or how they are created in the show, so this might be an explanation.

Death Note theory

There is also a scene in the second opening to the series where you can see light standing in what appears to be the Shinigami realm, possibly foreshadowing his reincarnation.

There is a bit of dialogue that can act as confirmation for the fans as well. At the end of the film where this unnamed Shinigami is shown, he leaves Ryuk’s tower and as he is walking away Ryuk says “Wouldn’t you agree, Light!?”

Some fans take this as Ryuk just saying it out of nostalgia for his time on earth, as they were talking about Light before the unnamed Shinigami left. Others say that this is Ryuk saying that he knows this Shinigami is light reincarnated.

Thematic Clues

There are some thematic elements as well that might play into this Death Note Theory. Light saw himself as a god in the show and wanted to reign over “his world” for a long time.

If Light became a Shinigami as opposed to going to the afterlife, this could be him in a way truly becoming a god, as Shinigami are the literal gods of death.

Appearance Comparisons

Unnamed Shinigami Light yagami

The final thing were going to talk about in this Death Note Theory is the appearance comparison.

Firstly the two share a very similar facial structure and hair color when seen side by side.

The unnamed Shinigami also has a much more humanoid design than other Shinigami, having normal human proportions and no real drastic difference from the normal human body like other Shinigami, such as wings.

The unnamed Shinigami also has red eyes something that we saw Light have throughout the show. These were obviously only filters and were shown to tell us that this was Light’s inner monologue, but this was his true self and now that he is reincarnated, they become his normal eyes that everyone sees. Of course for that, there is the argument that Shinigami’s eyes are red on humans and now that Light is reincarnated, he gets red Shinigami eyes.

The unnamed Shinigami also wears human clothes that seem to be in a similar style to Light’s. considering how most Shinigami tend to not wear clothes and are instead covered in bandages or something else this is pretty significant.

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