9+ Cute and Kawaii Anime Quotes of ALL TIME [HQ IMAGES]

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Are you having some sad hours? Or do you want to win someone’s heart? Because Anime will always be there for you whenever you’re suffering. And You should totally read these Cute Anime Quotes that will make your day much brighter than the Sun! You could even use these quotes as your status, Instagram bio, and posts! These are some of the quotes taken from the cutest anime, I hope you guys will enjoy and smile reading these. So, let’s get started! 
Here’s a list of 9+ Cute Anime Quotes! 

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Love is War Quotes

“If it’s true love, I’m prepared even to accept an explosion.”
Just some wise words from Kaguya! Well said! One should be this confident when in love. 

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“It’s no fair to have a girls’ talk without me. Please leave an issue like that to Love Detective Chika!”
Oh yes! Chika is an expert when it comes to love. So, if you face any hardships in your relationship contact Chika from Kaguya Sama – Love is War! 

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Oregairu Quotes

“I just want you with all your imperfections, flaws, jokes, sarcasm, and everything” 
Big words Yukino! Not many people love other people for their flaws and imperfections. So, if you have someone like that you should be grateful! 

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Barakamon Quotes

“Whatever happens… It’s always fun bein’ around everyone” 
Oh yes! The year 2020 has taught us the value of other people that we can’t meet and our loved ones out there. And it always feels good to be surrounded by good people. 

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“The power of childhood is terrifying” 
Naru is a naughty kid. She just loves to play with other people and have a fun time with them. She’s always energetic and that terrifies Handa! 

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K-On! Quotes

“I’ll go out with you if you want.” 
I personally believe that we all need supportive people like her in our lives! 

Quote 6

“He’s so cute I want to put peanuts in his nose” 
Okay Yui! This is kind of hilarious but cute!

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Orange Quotes

“Nobody is worth your tears and the one who is… won’t make you cry.”
Oh my god! This is such a cute quote. II’m sure you all are wishing to hear something like that from your loved ones. 

“There may be a million reasons to smile about, but you’re definitely my favorite.”
AW! This is goals now. Hurry up and send it to your girl or favorite person. 

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Ao Haru Ride Quotes 

“Feelings that came back are the feelings that never left”
Futaba, that’s pretty deep. But look at how kawai she looks and it’s a kawai quote too! 

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