Cowboy Bebop Characters' Birthdays (OFFICIAL)

"I'm Not Going Out There To Die. I'm Going Out There To Find Out If I'm Really Alive." -Spike Spiegel

If you ask anyone about a classic anime, most will give you the answer as Cowboy Bebop. It started airing in the year 1998 and still lives in the hearts of the fans as one of the most loved anime.

The main reason for that is its unique characters who have struck a chord with us with their vibrant personalities. So, how about we take a look at the birthdays of all the characters in Cowboy Bebop.



Birthday: January 1st

Edward is a genius hacker who came to be known as Radical Edward by everyone. She is a cute girl but it is easy to confuse her for a boy due to her appearance. This also leads to the tomboyish personality that is dominant in her. Overall, she is full of energy and is often seen spacing out.


To Be Announced


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Spike Spiegel

Birthday: June 26th

Spike is one of the main characters in the series who partners Jet Black as a Bounty Hunter in the Bebop. Previously. he used to be a part of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate but left it after having romantic feelings for a female character named Julia. Most lazy people will love Spike since he is almost an embodiment of a sloth.


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Faye Valentine

Birthday: August 14th

The stunningly beautiful Faye is a young girl with a huge bounty on her head. It is ironic how she is on a ship with Bounty Hunters. Similar to Spike, she is also very lazy and her arrogant nature may sometimes come across as rude for some people.


To Be Announced


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Birthday: November 3rd

Julia is the woman who made Spike leave his former organization. She is a mysterious character who has appeared in flashbacks for most parts of the series. Her relationship with Spike was one to watch and made the viewers emotional.


Jet Black

Birthday: December 3rd

The captain of the Bebop led his comrades with grit and honor. He is a tough-looking guy who let nothing drag him down. He is also the most mature person in the group which often leads to other members coming to him for advice.

Birth Years (No Exact Date)

Chessmaster Hex

Circa 1973

A programmer and lead engineer, Chessmaster Hex was a highly intelligent person. He was a prodigy since his childhood having participated in numerous chess competitions and holding the champion title for 10 years.


2008 or 2009

Wen was practically an immortal being from the Earth after the accident of the Astral Gate stopped cell growth in his body. He used to put up an impression that he had parents by kidnapping other people and keeping them paralyzed. Aside from that, he was also a talented harmonica player.

Mao Yenrai


Mao belonged to the Red Dragon Crime syndicate and acted as a Capo. Both Spike Spiegel and Vicious considered him as their mentor and thought highly of him.

Teddy Bomber


Teddy Bomber has a deep laying hatred for capitalism. This forces him to conduct acts of terrorism on anything that is a symbol of capitalism. He got his name by using teddy bears as explosives.



Gren took part in the Titan War and was taken captive after the war on the suspicion of being a spy. When he was released he went to Callisto and spent his days as a saxophone player in the Blue Crow.



Similar to Gren, Vicious also participated in the Titan War. He was a cunning and ambitious person who planned a coup and became the leader of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate.


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So, that’s it my friends! Here are the official birthdays of all character’s that do have one in COWBOY BEBOP! If we missed someone or you have something in mind, don’t be afraid to comment down below!

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