Code Geass Personality Quiz (ACCURATE)

code geass quiz

Code Geass Personality Quiz 👆

Code Geass doesn’t really need any introduction as the anime is a masterpiece and almost everybody has heard about it once in their life. Taking the crazy hype under consideration, we have created this quiz for you to find out which Code Geass character you resemble the most. Take the quiz given above and let us know about your personality twin!


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Table of Contents

1. Lelouch Vi Britannia

Lelouch lamperouge

Lelouch Vi Britannia is shown to be a highly intelligent person who is also extremely calm and composed. He successfully masks his true identity by being all amiable and easy to talk to at school. Well, he has nothing to do with being friendly or cheerful at all.

He’s actually a very cold and arrogant guy due to his aristocratic upbringing. He perfectly chalks out plans and always carries them out successfully. His tactical abilities are really on another level.

2. C.C

C.C rarely shows any emotions. She is usually shown to be very indifferent and insensitive to everything happening around her. She rarely expresses herself and is very secretive. C.C. is prone to get flustered with Lelouch around her because she has feelings for him. Other than that, C.C. is a very lonely person and likes to stay detached from others.

3. Suzaku Kururugi

Before the Britannian invasion of Japan, Suzaka was a very selfish individual who loved bullying others. He had a bratty nature and enjoyed bullying Lelouch as well. However, after the invasion, his personality changed and he became less aggressive. He thought it was pointless to rebel. He became extremely loyal to Britannia as well. Now, he wanted nothing more than peace and harmony.

4. Kallen Kozuki

Kellen Kozuki is the prime example of a brave and strong-willed individual. She’s also quite loyal. Kallen has a nasty temper but despite her aggressive nature, she’s very kind, gentle and compassionate at heart. As Kallen was both a Brittanian as well as Japanese, she could never fully accept her Britannian side as she would lose her Japanese friends like this. She’s very selfless and will do anything to help her friends.

5. Shirley Fenette

Shirley is a very cheerful and extroverted girl who loves to communicate with others and go out. She has very high grades and a reputable position in the student council, making her socially active. As she comes from a Britannian family, she’s very privileged. She also has feelings for Lelouch and cares deeply for him. 

6. Euphemia Li Britannia

Even though Euphemia is a Britannian, she’s very kind-hearted and pure. She does not have an ounce of arrogance in her which is quite surprising for her as she’s a member of the royal family. She treats everyone equally and does not give any special treatment to the royals. She cares deeply for her siblings, Lelouch and Nunnally. Having shared the same belief, Euphemia has a liking for Suzaku.

7. Nunnally Vi Britannia

Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally is most probably the kindest character of Code Geass. She’s extremely understanding of the people around her. She does not feel bad because of her blindness and paralysis and is always shown to be cheerful and happy. She’s quite brave of her age and does not lose heart easily. She always wears a sweet smile on her face and has difficulty being cold and aggressive towards others. Truly, a sweet princess!


I hope you liked this quiz and are happy with the results you got. Let us know in the comments which Code Geass character is your personality twin. We’ll come back with more!


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