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The Violence Fiend, also known as Galgali, is an anime character from Chainsaw Man.

Oh? You want to know more about this character? Well! Alright I guess.

Here are some stuff about Galgali:

Table of Content


Galgali Table

Character Information

Title: Violence Fiend


Gender: Male

Species: Devil (Former)


Professional Status

Occupation: Devil Hunter


-Public Safety Devil Hunters

-Tokyo Special Division 4

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

Chapter 34

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced

English: To Be Announced


We will start off with the appearance of Galgali.

He is a skinny man who usually dresses in a suit with a hoodie on, probably because he wants to look cool. He wears a plague mask that covers his strength and abilities, but I am telling ya, he is not weak.

When he takes off the plague mask, he becomes insanely muscular, a lot taller, and he gets 4 eyes that are…empty? LMAO! Told ya not to think that he was weak.


He might have a scary look, but trust me he’s not as scary as you think, he is Polite and Well-Mannered. He still has a bit of humanity in him despite him being a Fiend. Furthermore, he likes treating others, but sadly he can’t eat the meal because of the mask.

Strength And Skills

He has many skills and abilities, and he is super strong too.

Let’s start off with his physical skills and abilities.

Galgali Appearance

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Galgali likes to fight with his bare hands. He knocked back Beam with his bare arms and beheaded a zombie on the exact point with a single kick. Who knew he was so good at fighting with just his bare hands and leg, wait we were talking about Hand-to-hand Combat not Leg Combat Lmao!

Galgali International Assassins

Enhanced Strength

Now let’s go to Enhanced Strength.

An ability that enhances your physical strength.

Violence Fiend is far more powerful than a normal fiend, but fiends are supposed to be weaker than devils?, but that’s not the case for our Violence Fiend. 

He has to wear a mask in order to control his strength. He’s so strong that when he was fighting Reze, his kicks were so damn powerful that he managed to crack the ground several times.

That might be common in other anime, but for me, that’s so damn cool.

Galgali Body Manipulation

Body Manipulation

Shape-shifting is pretty common in the anime community. When Violence fiend was fighting with Reze, he used his shape-shifting abilities in order to change several parts of his body, and because of that, he was able to gain massive muscles, giving him a big advantage and making him a lot more powerful.

Galgali Blood Consumption

Blood Consumption

Hmm, a unique skill? Maybe:0

Blood Consumption allows Fiends and Devils to heal up whenever they drink someone’s blood. Every type of fiend has this ability and I think this is a really cool one, since this might be useful whenever Violence Fiend gets hurt.

Galgali Reincarnation


Oh, God!! A very, VERY useful skill to have.

He can basically revive himself whenever he dies, but he becomes a Devil, meaning he’s just invincible and immortal. You should now definitely not mess with him cuz even if you managed to get a hit or 2 on him, he will just heal up by drinking your blood and IF you managed to kill him then…

See you in hell, lmao!


  1. He is super strong:0 (I don’t know if that’s a fact about him lmao!)
  2. He becomes taller without his mask.
  3. Not only that, but he gets spiky hairs when he doesn’t have his mask equipped.
  4. He is not a human(Most of the people already guessed this:P)
  5. He is immortal through reincarnation.
  6. He can be sometimes cruel.

That’s all the facts I could come up with, lol!


Violence Fiend has died in his original self, but that’s still unknown how he died.


Public Safety Devil Hunters

Tokyo Special Division 4


Denji Chainsaw Man




Aki Hayakawa Status

Aki Hayakawa

Power intro Arc


Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

Angel Devil

Himeno Drunk



Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama

Beam Appearance


Hirokazu Arai

Hirokazu Arai



Katana Man Arc

Let me tell you something, he may or may not be a little dumb. As he is one of the members of Tokyo Special Division 4, he is not the only non-human there, there are a few non-humans that are participating in the raid on the terrorist group.

He slaughtered a lot of zombies inside the building, but he was almost bitten by Beam. He punched Shark Fiend in the face, thinking he was a zombie, LMAO!

Not only that, but he also mistakenly thought that the Spider Devil is a normal human and told her to evacuate as quickly as possible, that’s just hilarious lmao!! (Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 23 – 39)

Here are the characters introduced in the following arcs

Katana Man Arc 

Katana Man

Akane Sawatari

Snake Devil




Spider Devil

Violence Fiend


Angel Devil

-Battles that happened during the Katana Man Arc

1.Katana man vs Aki Hayakawa

2.Denji vs Katana man

3.Katana man vs Himeno and Ghost Devil

4.Aki Hayakawa vs Sawatari

5.Kobeni Higashiyama

6.Denji vs Katana man (Again, but that’s the part 2)

Bomb Girl Arc

Violence Fiend and Kobeni Higashiyama were requested as reinforcements for the attack against Reze. Violence Fiend hits her off the roof of a car with a kick, even after Reze took a full-power kick from Violence Fiend that cracked the ground, she took literally no damage. They realized that they can’t win, and they are outmatched, he gives a warning for everyone to retreat through the nearby door.

When Aki is fighting Reze in a 1v1, a missile is launched, so Violence Fiend quickly interrupts the fight in order to save Aki from dying. After a while, everyone started preparing to fight Reze together, but Aki was almost out of blood, so she asked for a timeout. Violence Fiend tried giving her a handicap, but she refuses, later the typhoon devil appears.

Now, this turned into a massive brawl between the Typhoon devil and Reze vs Beam and Denji. Violence Fiend had no choice but to watch the brawl from the side, rather than participating in the fight. (Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 40 – 52)

Here are the characters introduced in the following arcs

Bomb Girl Arc 


2.Typhoon Devil

-Battles that happened during the Bomb Girl Arc

Denji vs Bomb Girl

Special Division Devil Hunters vs Bomb Girl

Denji and Beam vs Bomb Girl and Typhoon Devil

Haki Hayakawa vs Bomb Girl

International Assassins Arc

Violence Fiend and Kobeni were ordered to patrol, while patrolling they saw someone strange…

They saw a devil, but not just any devil, it was a devil that Violence Fiend has already killed. Kobeni decided to report it to the team but didn’t know what type of one it was, but later Violence Fiend told Kobeni that it’s a Grape demon.

They both took a break afterward and during the break, Violence Fiend brings ice cream for Kobeni as a treat, I guess. She also told the story of her childhood while eating.

They also talked about how Violence Fiend isn’t violent as he still has a part of his human brain.

Lemme tell you about the people that participated in the specific arcs we have just talked about. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 53 – Chapter 70)

Here are the characters introduced in the following arcs

International Assassin Arc

Ooo, there were a lot of new characters introduced in this arc:0!








8.Hirofumi Yoshida 


10.Santa Claus



Moving on to the devils that were introduced in this arc:

1.Doll Devil

2.Knife Devil

3.Darkness Devil

4.Octopus Devil

5.Needle Devil

6.Claw Devil

And there were a lot of fights in this one too:0!

1.Kishibe vs Long, Pingtsi, Coso and Tsugihagi

2.Kishibe vs Quanxi

3.Hirofumi Yoshida vs Quanxi(Again, but this is the second part)

4.Denji, Kusakabe, Tamaoki and Hirofumi Yoshida vs Quanxi(This is the first part)

5.Aldo vs Long and Quanxi

6.Denji and Beam vs Tolka

7.Kusakabe,Beam,Tamaoki,Quanxi,Violence Devil and Denji vs Darkness Devil

8.Makima vs Darkness Devil

9.Denji vs Santa Claus

10.Cosmo vs Santa Claus

 And lastly but not least,

11.Denji and Quanxi vs Santa Claus

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced


Nothing To See Here, Just Comment If You Love Makima...

I wanted to describe more about this character, but sadly that’s all the information I can tell and found while reading the manga about this character. Thanks for reading all the way till the end!


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