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 PRINZ the SPIDER DEVIL is a powerful devil with a spider like body. She is really dangerous; she can cut through humans and zombies through her legs. No one would like to be stabbed from her sharp edged leg. It’ll be painful and instant death.

prinz chainsaw man

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Prinz Chainsaw Man

Prinz, also known as “SPIDER DEVIL”, looks similar to a young woman with black hair. Just like her name says spider, she has around eight legs and the ends of the legs are sharp enough to cut through human flesh.

Prinz has a zip on the center of her face which helps her to unzip her face upwards.

She stays in her human form and wears a shirt with a tie and a skirt.(Manga chapter 34, All Members assemble)



Character Info


Species: Devil

More Information

Gender: Female

Occupation: Devil Hunter

Affiliations: Devil Hunters

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 34


prinz chainsaw man

Prinz is a devil and as devils are hard to be accepted by normal beings, Prinz stays in her human form most of the time, so she can interact with other humans.

But Prinz is a kind of short-tempered person. She will kill a person who will look at her in the wrong way.(Manga chapter 34, All Members assemble)

Prinz shows no mercy on zombies, and she feels nothing toward them. She never hesitates in killing a zombie, and she doesn’t even show any emotion while killing; it’s like she is emotionless and numb.

Strengths and Skills

Future Devil Contract

Contract Creation

Prinz can make contracts with a human. This is possible because she is a devil.

prinz chainsaw man


Prinz is immortal even after being killed in the human world she can revive again in hell. (Manga Chapter 53)

prinz chainsaw man

Spider-like Abilities

 Prinz is a spider devil which means she can use spider powers. She can climb on walls and her eight legs are really sharp to tear apart anyone.(Manga Chapter 59,Mess)



Blood Consumption

Prinz can heal herself and her health by consuming blood. This is possible because originally she was a devil.(Manga chapter 1, Chainsaw man)

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Prinz can go under earth and she can wait for the order to surprise attack anytime. This is really helpful because the enemy would not know when she’ll attack and from where.(Manga Chapter 59,Mess)

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 Prinz can summon anyone by unzipping her zip which is on her face at the place where she is.(Manga chapter 66, Woof!)


  • Prinz’s name is “SPIDER DEVIL” because she has characteristics of a spider.
  • She shows no emotion. It seems like she has no feelings.
  • While killing, she shows no reaction on her face.
  • Prinz can summon Makima through her body which works as a portal at any place.


Special Division

Special Division 4

Prinz is affiliated to special division four which is one of the divisions in devil hunters force.

This division fights for humans and against the devil who comes on earth from hell. 

Prinz is also affiliated to hell because that is the place from where she belongs and from where she has come.


Special Division

Special Division 4

Prinz’s relationship is shown with the members of special division four and as well as with Makima. She is one of the commanders of special division.


Katana Man Arc

Katana Man Arc

Prinz is a member of special division 4 force, and they raided Akane Sawatari hideout.

Violence Fiend, another member of special division 4 mistook Prinz as a human but later Violence Fiend found the truth that Prinz is a spider devil when Prinz killed a number of zombies through her sharp legs. (Manga Chapter 59, Mess)

International Assassins Chainsaw Man

International Assassins Arc

Prinz, Makima and Beam fight those human dolls which are created by Santa Claus with her special ability Doll Creation.

Makima orders Prinz and Beam to help Denji and extract him at any cost. It won’t matter what Santa Claus has planned for them and Makima also instructs Prinz to take the bodies of their people.

Later, Prinz went to hell and their number of devil hunters were killed by Darkness

Prinz waits for the opening to attack and attacks Darkness Devil, but Darkness Devil reacts quickly and throws her backwards, and he also cuts a couple of Prinz legs.

Soon, Makima realizes that Darkness Devil wants her to save the rest of the devil hunters and Prinz in hell, but Prinz didn’t want to let Makima come to hell so she requested Makima to stay away but Makima denied and ordered Prinz to summon her in the hell.

Makima is summoned to hell through Prinz ‘body and Prinz gets back to earth because Makima was successful in tricking Hell Devil. (Manga chapter 66,Woof!)

Voice Actor


As Chainsaw Man hasn’t yet been adapted into an anime, we don’t know who will be playing the part of the Prinz. We will be sure to update this section as soon as we find out.


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