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When looking at protagonists from other Shounen anime or manga, you’ll instantly think about light-hearted individuals with a strong sense of justice, just like Deku and Yuji Itadori. If you’re a fan of Chainsaw Man, you already know that this guy doesn’t have any of those qualities. He only wants to touch breasts, have a girlfriend, and eat with Power and Aki. Let’s get to know more about the man who has a literal devil for a heart, Denji.

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Character Info


Position: Devil Hunter

Race/Specie: Hybrid

More Information

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (Latest)

Hair Color: Blonde


Mother: Unknown (Deceased)
Father: Denji’s Dad (Deceased)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 1


Denji Chainsaw Man


Throughout the series, Denji had a total of 4 appearances, including the preview of part 2 of the Manga. These include 2 variations of his human form, 1 when he is in his hybrid form, and the last one is when he turned into a full-on devil.

In his human appearance, Denji wears a rolled-up shirt, a black necktie, and black trousers. It’s a more laid-back version of the uniforms of the Devil Hunters in the Public Safety Bureau, where agents like Aki wore a jacket or blazer. After recovering most of his organs when he agreed to a contract with Pochita, Denji has messy orange hair, lifeless eyes with light-brown pupils, and serrated teeth (Chapter 3). A chainsaw cord also appeared in his chest after he merged with Pochita (Chapter 1).

 Denji also has a very thin body structure due to several years of being in a state of starvation (Chapter 1). While in the last chapters of the manga, Denji is seen wearing a school uniform(Chapter 97).

Denji hybrid


Denji first showed his hybrid form when he was up against the Zombie Devil. Denji transformed by pulling the chainsaw cord that was attached to his chest. Chainsaws then burst out of his arms and forehead. Denji’s head resembles that of the base of a chainsaw with even a handle being attached to his temples and the back of his head. His face is orange and has a mouth with razor-sharp teeth and a long blade-like tongue (Chapter 1).

Denji devil


When Denji became a full-on Devil, his intestines burst out of his abdomen and wrapped around his neck. When he pulled his chainsaw cord, Denji appeared in a new form. He had a more muscular body structure covered with what seemed to be plates of armor. Denji now had 4 arms, each with a chainsaw. His head lost almost all resemblance to the hybrid version with the face being the only similar feature. Instead of handles, he had spikes coming out from every angle of the back of his head and even in his shoulders and back. His legs had transformed just like his body, with his toes being replaced by large claws (Chapter 83).


Denji Chainsaw Man

It’s safe to say that due to Denji’s past he no longer has the thinking capability of a normal person. Denji’s mental and emotional state is that of a child that wasn’t taught how the world works. 

 Denji’s dream is to live a normal life where he finds love, eats everyday breakfast meals, and has intimacy with a woman. He would do almost anything for money before he was under Makima, where he even ate a cigarette for 100 yen (Chapter 1). While serving Makima, he was very obedient especially if it involved getting closer to her. He even decided to defeat the Gun Devil when Makima said that she’ll accept any wish he had in mind(Chapter 12).

 Denji is also very naive when it comes to women. He was easily seduced by Himeno even after she vomited while they were kissing (Chapte21) and Reze fooled him into thinking she was truly in love with him(Chapter 51). 

 Despite all of Denji’s negatives, he is also very caring when he gets attached to someone. He saw Aki and Power as family. Denji also did everything he could to save innocent bystanders when he fought. While he has some sense of sympathy, he also lacks a lot of emotion where he never once cried when Aki and Power were killed.

 When it comes to fighting, Denji is very violent and doesn’t care about his safety. When he fought the Eternity Devil, he drove his chainsaws into it non-stop for 3 days, while the Eternity Devil also fought back. In the end, the Eternity Devil even gave up and told Denji to put it out of its misery (Chapter 19).

Strengths and Skills

katana man arc


In most of his fights, Denji transformed into his hybrid form. During this form, he’s granted superhuman attributes such as super strength, unbreakable endurance and durability, and several chainsaws that burst out of his limbs and head.

 In his battle with the Zombie Devil, Denji was able to kill the entire horde of Zombies including the Zombie Devil itself with relative ease (Chapter 1). While the fight with the Zombie Devil displayed his strength, Denji’s exceptional endurance and durability were shown in several fights. First was his fight with the Eternity Devil, where he slashed it to the point it begged Denji to kill it, and in his fight against Reze where despite being blown up several times, he continued fighting (Chapter 19, Chapter 48).

denji devil 2


After awakening as a true Devil, Denji was even stronger than he was in his hybrid form. He was able to keep multiple Hybrids at bay in a handicapped fight (Chapter 86-89). Makima even stated that she was killed by the Chainsaw Devil several times. The Chainsaw Devil even defeated the Hell Devil (Chapter 83). When he was in Hell, he massacred every Devil he saw, with none of them, even the Primal Fears, standing a chance (Chapter 84).

Denji Chainsaw man


Other than being able to withstand blasts, Denji can also reattach and regenerate limbs and deadly wounds. During his training with Kishibe, after being shot, stabbed in the head, and died more than 20 times, he was still able to come back to life after being given blood (Chapter 30).

 Blood is the key to Denji’s overpowered Regeneration. Denji just needs to drink the blood of a human or a devil to get back on his feet and transform into his hybrid form. In his fight with Reze, despite only his lifeless torso left, when he was given blood by the Angel Devil, Denji sprung back to life after suffering from that horrific death (Chapter 49). Denji can also reattach dismembered ligaments by using the chains he puts through his flesh. He used that in several battles as well.

Denji 5

Devil Annihilation

When Denji turned into a true Devil, Makima explained that whatever Devil the Chainsaw Devil ate was erased from existence. No one, not even her, can remember their names. Makima further elaborates this by giving examples like Nazism, World War 2, and even illnesses such as AIDS which were eradicated by the Chainsaw Devil (Chapter 84).

pochita and denji

Devil Contracts

Denji upholds 2 contracts. One from Pochita and another from Power. When he accepted Pochita’s contract, Pochita merged with his heart and he became a hybrid which gave him the Chainsaw Devil’s abilities to some extent (Chapter 1). When Denji accepted Power’s contract which was to find the resurrected Blood Fiend and make it his friend, Denji was revived after being killed by Makima. Denji also managed to manipulate blood and create a chainsaw from Power’s blood (Chapter 96).


l  Denji tends to swallow everything that’s put in his mouth, due to living most of his life malnourished (Chapter 21).

l  Denji became depressed when he found out that Power used breast pads to make her chest look fuller when he touched it (Chapter 12).

l  He messed up all of his kisses. Himeno vomited in his mouth (Chapter 21)and Reze bit his tongue off (Chapter 44).l  When he defeated Makima, he said that he did it not to make her suffer but to become one with her (Chapter 97).



Denji’s mother died earlier than his father. Makima revealed that Denji killed his father because he abused him and turned to alcohol after getting buried in debt by the Yakuza. The rumor that Denji’s father killed himself was made up by the Yakuza so Denji would still pay the money his father owes them(Chapter 82).

 While visiting his father’s grave, Denji discovered Pochita who was wounded. Denji gave Pochita his blood so he can regenerate. Denji made a contract with Pochita that he’ll help him, so Pochita has to help Denji too. The two worked as Devil Hunters to pay Denji’s debts. While talking about his dreams, he coughed up blood to which Denji stated that his mother suffered from the same condition before she died. Suddenly, the old man from the Yakuza knocked telling Denji that he had another job for him (Chapter 1).

 When they entered an abandoned building, Denji and Pochita were stabbed in the back by a Yakuza thug. It was then revealed that the Yakuza made a contract with the Zombie Devil to gain more power. Denji and Pochita were cut into pieces and thrown in a dumpster. Denji’s blood connected with Pochita, where the two performed a contract. Pochita became Denji’s heart. Denji transformed into the Chainsaw Hybrid, killed the zombies, and annihilated the Zombie Devil(Chapter 1).

 Makima arrived at the scene and saw that Denji already killed everyone in the building. She gave Denji two choices, which were to be killed as a Devil or become her dog. Denji picked the latter and started his journey as a Devil Hunter of the Public Safety Bureau and Makima’s dog (Chapter 1).


Makima Chainsaw Man


Makima was a Devil Hunter of the Public Safety Bureau and the one who discovered Denji. Before reaching the end of the series, Makima’s identity was hidden. She used unknown and very powerful abilities such as being able to squash her opponents using a ritual (Chapter 27) and had a massive amount of influence in the Japanese Government.

 Makima cannot be killed as seen on several occasions. When she and several Public Safety Bureau agents were ambushed, she survived after being shot multiple times in the head (Chapter 22).

pochita and denji 2


Pochita is the embodiment of the Chainsaw Devil. Rather than looking like a demonic being, Pochita looks like a puppy with a chainsaw popping out between its head. Pochita was Denji’s first friend and the one who cared for him the most after his parents died. 

When both of them were killed, Pochita made a contract with Denji stating that he would be Denji’s heart and in exchange, Denji would let Pochita see more of his dreams (Chapter 1).

Denji aki chainsaw man

Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa was a Devil Hunter under the 4th Division of the Public Safety Bureau. Aki had contracts with the Fox Devil and the Curse Devil. He would, later on, make a contract with the Future Devil in exchange for half of his lifespan (Chapter 31).

 During their first meeting, Denji kicked Aki multiple times in the testicles (Chapter 3). Aki and Denji eventually became friends as time passed by. Aki looked at Power and Denji as his new family. Aki even took both Power and Denji with him when he visited his family’s grave (Chapter 72).

power denji


Power is a Blood Fiend that can use her blood as a weapon. When Denji and Power first met, she betrayed him so that she could save her cat. 

After defeating the Bat and Leech Devil, Denji forgave her and the two eventually formed a brother and sister type of relationship (Chapter 5-13). 

Denji stated that even when he and Power took a bath together, he didn’t feel any sexual or romantic emotions (Chapter 71).


Intro arc

Intro Arc

Right after getting hired by Makima, Denji encountered the Muscle Devil who possessed a child. Denji eventually killed the Devil and had his real first meal which was a bowl of Udon (Chapter 2)

Makima assigned Denji to live with Aki and to pair up with Power, who were under her special squad (Chapter 4).

Bat devil arc chainsaw man

Bat Devil Arc

While on a mission with Power, Power betrayed him so that she could save Meowy, her cat. The Bat Devil however chose to eat Meowy and Power because when he ate Denji his blood tasted awful. Denji sympathized with Power as he felt the same way when he couldn’t touch Pochita anymore. Denji transformed and fought the Bat Devil (Chapter 7). Denji killed the Bat Devil and saved Power and Meowy. 

 Denji celebrated his victory when suddenly the Leech Devil appeared and sliced off one of his arms (Chapter 9). Aki arrived and saved the two (Chapter 10). The three went to Aki’s apartment and Power allowed Denji to touch her breasts but Denji soon found out that Power used breast pads(Chapter 12).

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man

Bomb Girl Arc

Denji met up with a girl while it was raining, who revealed that her name was Reze (Chapter 40). The two entered a school where they tried to mimic what normal students do such as math and language, but ended up in a humorous twist (Chapter 42). After they watched the fireworks, Reze revealed herself to be another Hybrid right after she kissed Denji. When she pulled the pin on her choker she transformed into the Bomb Hybrid(Chapter 44).

 Denji and Reze went into an all-out fight that involved several Demon Hunters and the Typhoon Devil. He defeated the Typhoon Devil but was blown up by Reze. However, Denji dragged her to the bottom of the sea where she couldn’t use her abilities. The two woke up on a beach and Reze left after breaking Denji’s neck(Chapter 49-51).

International Assassins Chainsaw Man

International Assasins Arc

While Denji and the group were eating Ramen, civilians all across Tokyo pulled out guns and killed every 4th Division Agent they came across. A man then shot Denji and his group. Denji was hit in the head while Himeno suffered a severe wound and died soon after giving all of herself to the Ghost Devil. The man then transformed into the Katana Hybrid and fought the group (Chapter 19). Aki used both the Fox Devil and Curse Devil to kill the man but to no avail (Chapter 24). While Denji lost to Katana Man in their fight, Makima did a ritual where every gun agent she named got crushed instantly (Chapter 27).

 After the encounter, Denji, Power, and Aki took the fight to the gun agents. Denji defeated Katana Man (Chapter 37). Aki and Denji then restrained him and took turns kicking him down below as a game, and the winner got to keep whatever was left after (Chapter 38).

Gun Devil Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil Arc

The President of the United States of America made a contract with the Gun Devil and in return, it tried to kill Makima (Chapter 75). In a horrific turn of events, the Gun Devil manifested itself on Aki and he became the Gun Fiend (Chapter 77). The two fought until Denji was forced to kill Aki to save everyone including Power(Chapter 79).

Control Devil chainsaw man

Control Devil Arc

Denji fully committed to becoming Makima’s dog after Aki was killed. Makima then killed Power after she visited Denji which left him in a useless state (Chapter 81). Makima revealed that she wanted to defeat the Chainsaw Devil to create a better world and she used all of the hybrids against Denji (Chapter 86).

 Denji lost in their first encounter. Denji met Makima at a graveyard and continued the fight. After using his own set of tricks, Denji defeated Makima and ate her (Chapter 96).

Final Verdict

From the beginning of the Chainsaw Man Manga up to the end, Denji never stopped suffering. He was betrayed numerous times and lost the only people he felt connected with. He couldn’t become the Yuji Itadori who wanted to give others a justifiable death, or a Deku that wanted to save the world. Denji wanted simple things in life. Even with a few loose screws, this 17-year-old boy went through a lot.


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