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5+ Awesome Log Horizon Quotes (Images)

Log Horizon Quotes. Henrietta - They want to believe that’s true and when someone wants to believe

Akatsuki Quotes “Games are fun because you can do things you couldn’t in real life, right?” Crusty Quotes “Living your life to the fullest ’til the moment of your death, this is the rule to live by in any world.” “Failing to act, for fear of the risk, is no different than a living death. […]

TOP 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters

top 10 strongest fairy tail characters

10. Gray Gray’s magic abilities are about ice. With “Ice-Make” he is able to create and shape ice into nearly every object. These objects he can use to help him attack his opponents or to defend him. However his true strength comes from the “Ice Devil Slayer Magic”. This magic is specifically designed to kill […]

43+ POWERFUL Fairy Tail Quotes NEW with HQ Images (2019)


Love this line… such a great reminder. (Episode 319, 14:02) 1. To stick to your mission, and your purpose above everything. There is nothing more Noble I believe. 1. 1. It’s true that alone, we might not be able to do too much. But together we can do so much. 1. Pain I think very […]

13+ Powerful Makarov Dreyar Quotes that are SICK!

Makarov Dreyar Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'Trust your friends. Trust yourself. A guild is a family.'

Makarov’s death was a sad moment in episode 309 for a lot of people. Makarov has provided me and our team with several moments of inspiration and motivation several times during the show, as a father, and an idol, for fairy tail and us. 1.  Makarov was a true leader. The greatest leaders are more […]