10+ Powerful Danganronpa Quotes (Images)

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'I guess not knowing someone doesn't mean you don't understand them.' Quote The Anime

Summary: For those of you have not watched Danganronpa. It is about a group of students, who sort of like the English movie end up in a evil and deadly game. Where they initially thought they were going to be studying at an elite school called Hope’s Peak Academy. Where Monokuma who’s the main villain, […]

10 Strongest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

Jotaro Kujo jojo's bizarre adventure

10. Noriaki Kakyoin His stand “Hirophant Green” allows him to control different abilities. For example, he is able to extend tentacle-like limbs which can be useful in a lot of dangerous situations. Furthermore he is capable of firing a lot of hard projectiles at once called “Emerald Splash”. He also played a key-role in defeating […]

10 Great Teacher Onizuka Quotes (Images)

Great Teacher Onizuka Quotes. Eikichi Onizuka Quotes. Bad people are neither boys nor girls. there's no discrimination. Anime Quotes

1. This was said by Onizuka when he was trying to get through to a teacher who had suffered a mental break.  He resorts to violence in order to smack sense into him 2. A running gag through out the series.  The vice-principal’s Toyota Cresta is continually wrecked by Onizuka throughout his various rampages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWgfu9Rsg94 […]

10+ Powerful Cowboy Bebop Quotes (Images)

Cowboy Bebop Quotes. Spike Quotes. 'Don't you want to hang out and waste your life with us. Quote The Anime

This was such a bad-ass line by Faye, and then she literally shoots up everybody. Solitude is such a hard thing. I’m so puzzled by concept of loneliness, because I Realize that many people who become enlightened, do it through being themselves and in solitude. But on the other hand, human connection and physical touch […]