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9+ Interesting My Hero Academia Facts

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Principal Nezu is a smoker In a Japanese popularity poll, Deku came in first with 2,314 votes. Todoroki came in second with 1,987 LIn the original draft, Deku was older with longer hair. He was going to remain quirkless and use gadgets. He also had a scarier version of his costume  Bakugo is the oldest member of Class 1-A, […]

5+ Powerful Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes

Jujutsu kaisen quotes. Don’t Worry, I’m the strongest

Table of Contents Masamichi Yaga Quotes “Education is making people realize things.” Season 1, Episode 2 Satoru Gojo Quotes “Don’t Worry, I’m the strongest.” Season 1, Episode 2 Yuji Itadori Quotes “I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m dead. But I don’t want to regret the way I lived!”   Season 1, Episode 2 […]

9+ Interesting God Of High School Facts

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Byeon Jaehee’s fighting style is listed as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but his fighting style is more similar to another Brazilian style, Capoeria.  “Charyeok” directly translates to borrowing power Gang Manseok’s Taekwondo is ITF style which comes from North Korea Ilpyo’s martial art, Taekkyon, is considered an older version on Jin’s Style, Taekwondo  The God Of High School Manhwa […]

Dragon’s Dogma On Netflix: Stream Or Skip?

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Netflix has really been going all in on their original anime series as of late. Most of the series that the streaming platform has made have been hits, producing shows like the newest seasons of Baki and Castlevania. It seems that Netflix is trying to capture the same kind of magic that they did with […]