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5+ Awesome Erased Anime Quotes (Images)

BEST Boku dake ga Inai Machi Quotes Fujinuma Sachiko Quotes “Thinking it’s your fault after the fact is just pointless.” Kayo Hinazuki Quotes “When I get bigger, big enough to go somewhere by myself, I want to go to a land that’s far away. I want to go to a faraway island. I want to […]

10+ Powerful Psycho Pass Quotes (Images)

Psycho Pass Quotes. Nobuchika Ginoza Quotes. 'As a leader, you need to learn from the mistakes of others not your own.' Quote The Anime.

This line by Akane teaches us – there are good people in the world, there are always going to be bad people in the world. And it is something that is completely out of our control, and realizing, that we’ve got to take action on our own virtuous righteous thoughts in order to do the […]

11+ Motivational Ping Pong the Animation Quotes

ping pong the animation quotes-peco-hoshino Yutaka- im the hero me. my name is hoshino yutaka and dont you forget it

In 2015, Ping Pong the Animation actually won the Animation of the Year Award 2015‘ in the category Television, from the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. This was such an emotional show for me.. I ended up crying several times. So we had to make anime quotes from ping pong the animation for you!.. Author: Matsumoto, […]