11+ Powerful Kuroko no Basket Quotes (Images)


This is an extremely competitive line by Aomine, but totally typical of him to say something so outrageously cocky. But I think it has a deeper meaning as well. For the fact, that saying something to a loser, coming from the winner would just be pity. So instead, it’s better not to say something, because […]

5+ Powerful Diamond No Ace Quotes (HQ Images)

diamond no ace quotes, sawamura quotes, you can't play baseball by yourself.-Sawamura Eijun.

This is actually my personal favorite Anime, Period. At the moment, it’s such an under-rated Anime series. It really doesn’t get the attention that it should, in North America. But baseball is actually Japan’s national sport. So this show really has some great effort put into this story-line. I’ve never been this invested into a […]

11+ Motivational Ping Pong the Animation Quotes

ping pong the animation quotes-peco-hoshino Yutaka- im the hero me. my name is hoshino yutaka and dont you forget it

In 2015, Ping Pong the Animation actually won the Animation of the Year Award 2015‘ in the category Television, from the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. This was such an emotional show for me.. I ended up crying several times. So we had to make anime quotes from ping pong the animation for you!.. Author: Matsumoto, […]

35+ Powerful Haikyuu Quotes that Inspire (Images + Wallpaper)

Motivational, Inspirational, and pump up Haikyuu Quotes that you’ll love, updated in 2019–we’ve gathered them and done all the hard work for you, including lots of pictures of the Haikyuu Quotes along with a Haikyuu Quote Wallpaper.. Haikyuu — a volleyball sports anime you’ll love… 1. To overcome all hurdles, to have the confidence, to […]