Levius Review on NETFLIX: Get These Robo-Hands

Netflix has been dropping a lot more hits than misses when it comes to anime lately and speaking of hits and misses. Their most recent release, Levius, is definitely a Boxing anime that hits its mark. With a killer soundtrack and well-choreographed and animated fight scenes, if you’re a fan of Hajime no Ippo or […]

TOP 15+ BEST Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Super Quotes (IMAGES)

Dragon Ball Z Quotes. Beerus Quotes. Before Creationg must come destruction. Quote The Anime.

1. Android 16 makes a lot of Sense. Sometimes we need to fight and that might mean physically too be able to stand for something that is more just. I mean if for example: Is being threatened for their life. I believe it would be okay for the father to stand and physically fight, which […]

5+ DEEP Blade of the Immortal Quotes (Images)

Manji Quote. Blade of the Immortal Quotes. Mugen no Junnin. "If you become unable to shed a single tear for your parents, would you even be able to keep journeying?"

One of the deepest, and most poetic Anime I’ve come across, all of Anime. So We picked the most amazing, and greatest, and meaningful quotes from the show. 1. It’s like saying, would you give up for a half-way goal, to settle for something less, just so you could achieve something, because of a lack […]

7+ Powerful Seis Manos Quotes You’ll Love.

Seis Manos Quotes. Chiu Quotes. 'Every statement ever written. I promise you, is secretly a question.' Anime Quotes.

1. “Be the gentle rain, not the angry wave. What is soft is strong.” (Season 1, Episode 1, 8:00) 2. “Every statement ever written. I promise you, is secretly a question.” (Season 1, Episode 2, 9:05) 3. “I see the problem. You have made a serious error. Nature is harmony, child. You don’t need to […]