7 Amazing Spirited Away Quotes

Spirited-Away-Quotes.-Zeniba-Quote. Once you've met someone you never really forget them.

This movie if we truly think about it is a metaphor for Greed. Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs. The whole reason they get into a mess is because of their greed. The no face is the epidomy and feeding off of people’s greed. He’ll give you things you want, and you’ll want more and more […]

10 Charlotte Anime Quotes that are so Beautiful!

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. 'The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.' Quote The Anime.

1. This is such a cute quote. Don’t we all get like that sometimes with people that we really love, and find ways to push them even though they’re trying to just help us. It reminds me of myself at times I can recall earlier in my life. 1. This is such a beautiful quote […]

11+ Your Name Quotes – Kimi No wawa

Your Name Quotes. Taki Tachibana Quote. 'So we dont' forget when we wake up. Let's write our names on each other.' Quote The Anime.

1. You know this is such a great line because I’m a big believer in dreams. But this really brings me down to reality and the perspective that really matters. Which is we should always definitely still strive towards our dreams but we should also love each and every moment, and experience on the way […]

5+ DEEP Blade of the Immortal Quotes

Manji Quote. Blade of the Immortal Quotes. Mugen no Junnin. "If you become unable to shed a single tear for your parents, would you even be able to keep journeying?"

One of the deepest, and most poetic Anime I’ve come across, all of Anime. So We picked the most amazing, and greatest, and meaningful quotes from the show. 1. It’s like saying, would you give up for a half-way goal, to settle for something less, just so you could achieve something, because of a lack […]