TOP 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters

top 10 strongest fairy tail characters

10. Gray Gray’s magic abilities are about ice. With “Ice-Make” he is able to create and shape ice into nearly every object. These objects he can use to help him attack his opponents or to defend him. However his true strength comes from the “Ice Devil Slayer Magic”. This magic is specifically designed to kill […]

9+ Princess Mononoke Quotes (IMAGES) that are beautiful!

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'What I want is for the humans and the forst to live in peace.' Quote The Anime

Best Mononoke Hime Quotes Summary: Is a great movie about love, nature, peace, facing evil, hatred, fear, and preservation of the nature, in the world that we live in. In short, the main character: Ashitaka, becomes infected with a disease as he’s fighting an animal, in order to protect his village. This is about a […]

10 Strongest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

Jotaro Kujo jojo's bizarre adventure

10. Noriaki Kakyoin His stand “Hirophant Green” allows him to control different abilities. For example, he is able to extend tentacle-like limbs which can be useful in a lot of dangerous situations. Furthermore he is capable of firing a lot of hard projectiles at once called “Emerald Splash”. He also played a key-role in defeating […]

7+ Powerful Street Fighter Quotes (Images)

Street Fighter Quotes. Ryu Quotes. 'This was a battle of spirits, not fists. Search your soul if you want to beat me.'

I think that when we actually have a reason towards doing something in our lives. Our energy and capability to do things becomes exponentially higher. Our motivation and commitment because of knowing our reasons, gives us massive amounts of energy and enthusiasm. (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) Ryu Is saying that oh, you […]