TOP 10 Bleach Quotes that HYPE you up! (Images)

Bleach Quotes. Byakuya Kuchiki Quotes. 'Be proud that after receiving my blade y ou still retain the shape of a human.' Quote the Anime.

Of course this is one of the best series ever made call my truly said it was discontinued. So here are some of the best quotes from it that you might like. That are deep, dark, sad from one of your favourite anime. What a manly sentence. Got to admit I did really like when […]

5+ DEEP Blade of the Immortal Quotes (Images)

Manji Quote. Blade of the Immortal Quotes. Mugen no Junnin. "If you become unable to shed a single tear for your parents, would you even be able to keep journeying?"

One of the deepest, and most poetic Anime I’ve come across, all of Anime. So We picked the most amazing, and greatest, and meaningful quotes from the show. 1. It’s like saying, would you give up for a half-way goal, to settle for something less, just so you could achieve something, because of a lack […]

9+ Powerful Gurren Lagann Quotes (Images + Wallpapers)

Gurren Lagann Quotes. Yoko Littner Quote. 'The dreams we left behind will open the door.' Quote the Anime.

1. I think what Kamina meant here was that even if a person dies their legacy still lives on. 2. I think the lesson here is that we need to focus really on what we want to do, and have the courage to pursue it oh, so that we rid ourselves of all the excuses […]

11+ Powerful Pokemon Quotes (High Quality Images)


I think the lesson here is that we truly just need to be more empathetic to hold a different point of view, even if we don’t agree with it and that makes complete sense to me even though it is extremely hard to do in the moment. I agree with this quote so much and […]