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5+ Powerful Beyblade Quotes (Images)

Beyblade Quotes. Tyson Granger Quotes. Any blade takes a few spins to get right.

Kai, always used his anger to fuel him, which made him commit to not being scared. He takes true accountability here. Which for you and I is crucial as a leader. In losing. you can definitely sulk, or actually buck up and take it as greater motivation to improve and get even better. Straight, typical […]

10 Great Teacher Onizuka Quotes (Images)

Great Teacher Onizuka Quotes. Eikichi Onizuka Quotes. Bad people are neither boys nor girls. there's no discrimination. Anime Quotes

1. This was said by Onizuka when he was trying to get through to a teacher who had suffered a mental break.  He resorts to violence in order to smack sense into him 2. A running gag through out the series.  The vice-principal’s Toyota Cresta is continually wrecked by Onizuka throughout his various rampages […]