10 Charlotte Anime Quotes that are so Beautiful!

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. 'The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.' Quote The Anime.

1. This is such a cute quote. Don’t we all get like that sometimes with people that we really love, and find ways to push them even though they’re trying to just help us. It reminds me of myself at times I can recall earlier in my life. 1. This is such a beautiful quote […]

11+ Powerful Full-Metal Alchemist Quotes

Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. Edward Elric quote. 'Once You've withstood the pain and over comeit, you will gain a heart that is stronger. A full metal Heart.' Quote The Anime.

1. Hands down one of the best quote to ever exist in anime has been this one by Alphonse Elric. I think this was such an important lesson for me that he gave to us. I am seeing the application of this principle in life right now as well, then we have to sacrifice certain […]