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10 Shocking Anime Moments That Fans Didn’t See Coming

Most animes tend to fall into genre norms when it comes to their characters and stories. In a shounen style anime you’re going to find that the protagonist is probably trash at whatever fighting style in the beginning and they need to get better. Every harem anime has a Tsundere type character and there’s almost always a […]

17+ POWERFUL Goblin Slayer Quotes 2019 (HQ Images)

goblin-slayer-quotes-in the end the only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their holes-goblin-slayer

Goblin Slayer anime quotes are just SAVAGE.–and so we’ve collected the best quotes from the whole show, so you don’t have to look anywhere else…wallpaper is included as well… so enjoy! We’ve got all the Goblin Slayer Quotes you can imagine, from Priestess Quotes to Sword Maiden Quotes from Goblin Slayer. You’ll laugh at how […]