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Dr. Stone Petrification Theory

Dr.Stone Petrification Theory

This has been something that has been very interesting to me from the beginning. How not just a whole society of people but every person in the world became Frozen as a stone in a matter of a flash, literally (a Green Flash). Now let’s go somewhere over the facts about the petrification process so […]

13+ Of Your Favorite Dr. Stone Quotes (Wallpapers)

Dr. Stone Quotes, Senku Ishigami Quotes. It's a slow but steady effot. I'm going to beat fantasy with science. This is exhilarating.

Find the best & your most loved Dr. Stone Anime Quotes here at QuoteTheAnime. Dr. Stone has some great life lessons, and teachings that we can learn from. They’ve got some great themes like friendship, improvisation, team-work, and persistence, perseverance, and more. 1. This was such an amazing line. And it totally showed us how […]