43+ POWERFUL Fairy Tail Quotes NEW with HQ Images (2019)


Love this line… such a great reminder. (Episode 319, 14:02) 1. To stick to your mission, and your purpose above everything. There is nothing more Noble I believe. 1. 1. It’s true that alone, we might not be able to do too much. But together we can do so much. 1. Pain I think very […]

11+ Powerful Mirajane Quotes (HQ Images)

Mirajane Quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. Poisin that's merely a dessert for a demon like me.'

So true, we all cry, at the end of the day, and I believe, if we don’t then we’re missing out. Crying is just another expression, just like smiling. 2. I can relate to this, and maybe in our world. Power probably equates to wealth, and if we’re not able to make money, then we […]

7+ Powerful Zeref Dragneel Quotes (HQ Images)

Zeref had a such a sad circumstance. I can’t imagine living life the way he did. Anything he loved basically would crumble and die, so he had to actually stay away from everything and anything that he loved. To Mavis Vermillion 2. Zeref literally can’t be allowed to love his own brother, Natsu. Because if […]

7+ Powerful Jellal Fernandes Quotes (HQ Images)

This one of my most favorite quotes. I do love this one, by Jellal. It’s so breath-taking how deep this quote is. It reminds me that you know, like we usually, try to in live, work on our biggest fear, and through that we find our true passions at times. For example: Let’s say you […]