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15+ BEST Boruto Quotes You’ll Love (With Images)

Boruto Quotes. Sarada Uchiha Quotes. I plan on becoming the hokage by choosing a different path than my dad.

Boruto fans come here and get your best anime quotes. But better than that, we’ll be updating with more quotes from Boruto all the time. We’re going to get right to the point here and get you some quotes from Boruto. Without further ado, here they are.  TV SERIES Episode LIST for Boruto Series BORUTO: […]

17+ Powerful Itachi Quotes (HQ Images)

itachi quotes - naruto quotes-I actually dont think perfection exists. That is I think why we are born able to absorb things..

Best Quotes​ from Naruto 1. I have a sister, so I can really relate to this quote. I remember when I was younger she was hit by someone. It made me furious, and I did something to hurt the person who hurt her, and made sure she felt protected. Even though that was wrong, I […]

43+ Best Naruto Quotes of ALL TIME (HQ Images)

Pain Naruto Quotes. 'Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.'

We have collected best of the best Naruto Quotes from Naruto Series and Naruto Shippuden, along with High Quality images.. YOU can SAVE these images as you like, and if you’d like some other quotes to be mentioned, just go right down and comment below, and we’ll get them made for you. BEST NARUTO QUOTES […]