11+ SADDEST Anime Quotes (Images)

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'This is what hatred looks like. That's what it does when it catches a hold of you.' Quot

These are some of the saddest quotes from different anime, that we’ve put together, and this is an ever growing list for us. If you have some quotes youo think would be good to put on here, comment them below. And we’ll pick them one by one. This is from Ahiru no Sora, a sports […]

9+ Princess Mononoke Quotes (IMAGES) that are beautiful!

Princess Mononoke Quotes. Ashitaka Quotes. 'What I want is for the humans and the forst to live in peace.' Quote The Anime

Best Mononoke Hime Quotes Summary: Is a great movie about love, nature, peace, facing evil, hatred, fear, and preservation of the nature, in the world that we live in. In short, the main character: Ashitaka, becomes infected with a disease as he’s fighting an animal, in order to protect his village. This is about a […]

10+ Powerful Danganronpa Quotes (Images)

Danganronpa Quotes. Kyoko Kirigiri Quotes. 'I guess not knowing someone doesn't mean you don't understand them.' Quote The Anime

Summary: For those of you have not watched Danganronpa. It is about a group of students, who sort of like the English movie end up in a evil and deadly game. Where they initially thought they were going to be studying at an elite school called Hope’s Peak Academy. Where Monokuma who’s the main villain, […]

9+ Powerful Zoro Quotes that inspire Greatness! (Images)

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'I don't care waht society says. I've never regretted doing anything. I do what I want. Quote anime

Zoro and his ambition knows no bounds. He comes from a place of deep desire and passion to succeed due to the loss of his best friend, the female Swordsman. I think is that Zorro she’ll face Dracule Mihawk one day and that part will be unbelievable. That day Zoro’s name will become infamous. This […]