Baryon Mode

Once again, we have a new mode for Uzumaki Naruto. We have the Sage mode, the Kyuubi mode, the combination of those two and now we have a new one (maybe final) form. But we never get bored with this form so let’s see why this form is the strongest one, YET. Because if we watch the anime, then we know that there is always a stronger mode. Baryon Mode might be the PEAK of Naruto’s abilities in the Boruto series.

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Baryon Mode Appearance

It may sound strange but this form does not look like how a lot of people expected. First of all, in this form, Naruto does not glow in yellow unlike in his previous forms. Instead in this form, he grows nine tails, his eyes become red, and his hair stands up like it resembles a fox’s ear.

 Finally, his clothes have also changed a little bit. His clothes change to a darker orange like the fur colour for Kurama. In short, in this form, Naruto looks like he just fused with Kurama, the nine tails which is not strange if I explain this mode for you.

Baryon Mode

Baryon Mode

Character Info

Translation: Heavy Particle Mode

Type: Kinjutsu, Ninjutsu

Class: Defensive, Offensive

Users of Baryon Mode

Naruto Uzumaki


Manga: Volume 13, Boruto Chapter 51



Naruto used this mode first against Isshiki when he desperately tried to save Boruto and Kawaki. He knows that Isshiki is too strong for him in any of his other modes so Kurama came up with this idea. Kurama explained that this mode could easily kill both of them but to beat Isshiki Naruto became desperate and he even accepted the fact that he may die in this fight. (Chapter 51)

 After he activated this form, even Isshiki realized that he became much stronger but unfortunately, even in this mode, Naruto only became maybe only slightly stronger than Isshiki. This form may be stronger than Isshiki but it has a huge drawback. Kurama said they would die first, unless they used the special ability of this form. By that, I mean the life force sucks power which can suck up the little life force that is in Isshiki. In the end, this fight is only a luck game where the winner is whoever can stand up with more life force in the end. (Chapter 52)

 Unfortunately, the end of this fight was won by Isshiki. Because he not only beat Naruto in the end but summoned Kawasaki using Naruto and Kawasaki’s chakra connection. But in the end, it was epic mode while it was on! (Chapter 53)

The basics of this mode

Basics of the mode

So, I told you that this mode looks as if Naruto and Kurama fused together and that is not far away from the truth. Because in this mode, Kurama and Naruto’s chakra is slowly fusing together, making a new type of energy from these two types of chakra. Kurama explained that this is like a nuclear fusion that the sun is doing while it is producing energy. But I don’t think a lot of them are nuclear engineers so let me explain it in a simple way. (Chapter 52)

 You put Naruto’s chakra into a pot and then you put Kurama’s chakra into the same pot, then you turn on the fire and then you finally get the combination of the two chakras which is way stronger than the two alone.


Baryone Mode

As expected, this is currently Naruto’s strongest form, so it must be strong, am I right? This mode boosts Naruto’s strength, reflexes and speed. Also, this form has a special ability: It can drain the enemy’s lifespan. Kurama explained that this mode uses a lot of energy but when this energy comes in contact with another living being, then it can cut their life forces, making them die sooner. (Chapter 52)

 This mode is so strong that Naruto shocked both Sasuke and Isshiki. Sasuke was surprised by the speed of his reflexes because it was faster than his Sharingan. Of course, Isshiki was surprised because Naruto could fight with him equally. (Chapter 51)


Baryon Mode

You may expect this but if this power can cut off other living beings’ life-forces, then this form is cutting a big part from its user life forces too. And yes, this is true. If Naruto and Kurama are using this form for too long, they will die. But even using it for a small period can cut some years from lifetime. Also, because it uses so much energy any unnecessary movement could be one year from Nauto’s life thrown into the trash can. So, you have to choose your movement very carefully when using this form. 

Also, this mode can not only kill Naruto, but also can kill Kurama if it is not used carefully. Basically, this mode is the last result. It makes Naruto really strong but it has huge disadvantages. This is why Kurama didn’t mention this mode to Naruto before.


Baryon is the name of a heavy subatomic particle that contains three quarks. These quarks are usually protons and neutrons which are usually used in the Sun’s fusion.

The name of this mode comes from the particle which makes the fusion but in this case, there are only two quarks: Naruto and Kurama.


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