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Jigen was a member of an evil organization named “Kara” that was led by Ishiki Otsutsuki. He was a monk before Ishiki Otsutsuki took over his body and used it as a vessel. When Ishiki Otsutsuki left his body, he died because of having no chakra at all. 

Jigen Boruto

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Jigen Boruto

Jigen is a tall man with a fairly pale complexion. His head is mostly shaved and has a long mohawk tied in a ponytail that reaches his waist. His hair is deep black. He does not have visible eyebrows and his eye ridges are pronounced. His eyes are big and black. When Ishiki took over his body, Jigen had a diamond-shaped Karma mark on his chin. The number Ⅳ” appeared below his left eye. He appeared to be wearing black nailpolish on his finger and toenails. Jigen wore 5 earrings at the top and 1 at the bottom of each ear after being possessed by Ishiki. He was able to retain his youthful appearance after Ishiki took over his body despite being of ancient origin (Boruto Chapter 46)

When Jigen made his first appearance, he was wearing an outfit similar to other Kara members. The outfit consisted of a black cloak with a hood and maroon lining. The cloak is paired up with black pants and black sandals. Later in the series, he is seen to be wearing a white robe with black lines on the sleeves and the borders. We can also see his personal crest on the back of his robe, fastened with a loose belt around his waist. The outfit is paired up with red pants, collar and hair tie. His outfit has a lot of pearls and studs on it (Boruto Chapter 15).


Jigen Boruto

Character Info


Gender: Male

Age: 1000+years

Occupation: Monk (Former), Vessel

Affiliation: Kara

Jutsu: Karma

Voice Actors

Japanese: Kenjiro Tsuda

Strengths and Skills

Boruto Jigen

Physical Power

Jigen got his physical powers enhanced as Ishiki took over his body. As possessed by a celestial being, Jigen’s physical powers surpassed most of the characters in the series. He was able to use his weapons very skillfully, coupled with the skills of Ishiki. Jigen possesses immense speed and strength, easily throwing off Naruto, the strongest Hokage ever. He was able to withstand Kawaki punch when he had his Karma activated and made Kawaki cry with pain by merely squeezing his arm. 

In terms of durability, Jigen shows impressive pain endurance. Naruto attacked him while being in his Six Paths Sage Mode and Jigen was able to not take a serious injury from Naruto’s kick on his jaw. Naruto was only able to save himself from getting some serious injuries because Sasuke interfered. Jigen easily overpowered Naruto’s shadow clones with his amplified state of Karma. He then proceeded to defeat Naruto, the greatest Hokage of all times. The way he avoided Sasuke’s lethal blows with the help of his black rods was also very remarkable. When it comes to hand to hand combat, Jigen shows impressive skills and is extremely powerful because of the presence of Ishiki inside him (Boruto Chapter 38).

Jigen Boruto


Jigen was able to use much of Ishiki’s enhanced powers once he got possessed by him. He was able to shrink matter at a microscopic level and then return it back to its original size very quickly without even breaking a sweat. As being possessed by a parasite in the form of Ishiki, Jigen was able to drain Chakra from his targets by producing some black matter in the form of rods. Jigen is able to take out stored matter from some sort of dimension by only a flick of his finger to attack his opponents. He doesn’t even have to move around for that. 

By making the Chakra consuming rods to minute size, Jigen plants them in the bodies of his opponents without them being aware of it. After some time, he turns them back to their original size, injuring his victims brutally. He uses the black rods to block his opponents’ attacks, saving himself from some serious blows

Jigen is able to shrink his body to a very small size and move around without his opponents noticing him. This also amplifies his speed as it feels like he’s teleporting at the speed of light in the battlefield. Despite seeming to be untouchable, Sasuke was able to track him while he was moving at the speed of light because of the latter’s Sharingan (Chapter 37).

When he activates his Karma’s full power, his abilities get even better. The size of his rods becomes bigger and is even able to block massive attacks from some strong opponents like Naruto and Sasuke. 

jigen 3


Possessing the curse of Karma, Jigen had his body modified a little and got his longevity enhanced. He had been there for over 1000 years just because of the Karma technique. The diamond-shaped mark of Karma is visible on his chin and he is able to activate it whenever he wants to. The marks are spread throughout his body when he activates it. Jigen is also able to transfer the Karma to other individuals using the help of science. However, it is rarely a success because he is unable to find a suitable vessel that can withstand the massive power of Karma and is able to use it. The individuals who fail to digest the power of Karma die at the spot because it is too much for them to handle (Boruto Chapter 27). Kawaki was able to hold the power of Karma and the transfer was successful. With Kawaki possessing Karma now, Jigen can teleport to where Kawaki is. Jigen taught Kawaki everything about Karma and was a very proficient Karma user as Kawaki noticed that he knows a lot about the cursed technique (Boruto Chapter 35)

When amplified, Jigen’s Karma is powerful enough to give a tough time to both Naruto and Sasuke. A crown-like horn appears on his temple when his Karma is at its prime and he’s able to fight with his full potential in that state. The diamond-shaped Karrma marks spread throughout his body once he activates the full potential of Karma. His strength, speed, agility, and endurance enhance greatly with the amplification of Karma. Jigen surprised everyone with how well he was handling the two strongest Hokage, Naruto and Sasuke. He was even blocking their attacks and was left unscathed after Naruto attacked him. When Sasuke kicked him in the jaw, he was able to recover instantly from it, shocking Sasuke. Jigen leaves Sasuke and Naruto greatly injured without even breaking a sweat. He’s seen to be reverting Naruto back to his original state from his Nine-Tailed Beast Mode by tiring him out greatly. 

Jigen has the ability to absorb chakra from the nine-tailed beast and other entities like him (Boruto Chapter 35). However, he’s not as efficient as he is normally while absorbing chakra from others. That is his only weakness. Jigen was also seen to be overpowering and avoiding Naruto’s Rasengan and Amaterasu (Boruto Chapter 37).

Jigen boruto


Jigen’s Chakra holds tremendous power as noticed by Kawaki. According to Kawaki, it could even surpass Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode. This was because of the presence of Ishiki inside Jigen’s body that gave him a massive boost of power. Jigen was easily able to intimidate Sasuke by activating his Karma’s enhanced state and making him flee from the spot. 

He was shown to overpower both Naruto and Sasuke later using his powerful Chakra. Jigen can use the reserves of his Chakra for a long span of time against Naruto and Sasuke. However, he weakens considerably after giving his all against Naruto and Sasuke, taking about 2 days to fully recover. He was able to fight Koji with his chakra in a weak state without much problem and gave a tough time to Koji, suffering a little drain in return.

Even when his Karma isn’t activated fully, his Chakra is enough to intimidate Ino to the point that she’s near to collapsing. In comparison to Jigen’s chakra, Ino did not react that bad while sensing Delta’s chakra. Overall, Jigen’s chakra is greatly enhanced with the presence of Ishiki inside his body, making him a formidable opponent for both Naruto and Sasuke.


Jigen used to be a rookie monk around the time Ishiki Otsutsuki, the leader of Kara, descended on earth along with Kaguya. Kaguya ended up going against Ishiki and they had a fight in which Ishiki lost and was about to die. The only way for him to survive was to enter someone’s body as a host and possess them. Unfortunately, Jiren was the one close by and Ishiki entered his ear by shrinking himself. He could not use the “Karma” because his body was just too weakened. The only desperate measure he could take was to shrink himself and enter Jigen’s body.

Ishiki started feeling alive once he entered Jigen’s body as he was able to absorb enough nutrients as well as power to survive. He eventually took over Jigen’s body and was able to speak in Jigen’s voice and move his limbs however he wanted to. After gaining full control of Jigen’s body, Ishiki embedded his “Karma” into Jigen’s body because he wanted to be reborn in his true form. Ishiki was still not fully revived as Jigen’s body was weak and Ishiki’s Chakra was too much for Jigen’s body to handle. Jigen wouldn’t have been able to survive if Ishiki tried to reincarnate in his body (Boruto Chapter 46) . Therefore, he decided to look for a more suitable vessel while using Jigen’s body. In the meantime, Ishiki, being in Jigen’s body, formed an organization by the name of “Kara” to achieve his goal.

Jigen started searching for a new vessel and came across Kawaki whom he considered a perfect fit for his survival as well as Chakra. He was able to buy Kawaki from his abusive father with a large amount of money and introduced himself as Kawaki’s new father. He reassured Kawaki that he’s not like his real father and will take good care of him (Boruto Chapter 24). 

Later, Jigen took Kawaki to the scientist Amado for some experimental purposes. He had 13 other boys whom he thought could be his potential vessels. Jigen tried to transfer his Karma into Kawaki and 13 other boys. Only Kawaki was able to survive, the other 13 died at the spot (Boruto Chapter 26). 

Jigen made Kawaki go through some really hard training and would constantly strike him whenever he was questioning him. Jigen saw Kawaki only as his vessel and was not affectionate towards him as he claimed he would. Jigen had his body modified through Amado’s Scientific Ninja Tools (Boruto Chapter 42). Ishiki planned to feed himself along with Jigen’s body to the Ten-Tails hoping to have it bloom into the “God-Tree”. He was aware of the fact that the Chakra Fruit will be of very low quality because of Jigen’s weak body.


Kara inners boruto

Kara Actuation Arc

During the Kara Actuation Arc, Jigen is seen to hold a meeting with the inners of Kara as their leader. He told them that one of their facilities set by their outer member, Garashi, in Amegakure was destroyed. Garashi was killed in the process. Victor appears to be greatly irritated by this news (Boruto Episode 157)

Jigen later meets Victor secretly after failing to grow another god tree. According to Victor, Deepa is the one responsible for their failure. Jigen warns Victor to keep his speculation to himself and lets him go. Victor decides that the only thing he could do now is to steal the vessel without letting Jigen know as he is not ready to buy Victor’s allegations on deceased Deepa. 

Jigen Amado Deepa Boruto

Ao Arc

Jigen meets Amado to discuss the progress going on with Kawaki being his vessel. According to him, their plan was already in phase three. Amado negated Jigen’s statement because according to him, phase three needs more protection and the data was still too weak to continue into phase 3. Jigen wanted to experiment more with Kawaki and make him go through a field test. Victor offered his stealth blimp for the transfer. However, as soon as Kawaki got on the stealth blimp, it crashed and Kawaki went missing

Jigen holds a meeting with the inners of Kara, informing them about the absence of the vessel. He tells Victor that Amado is not currently available because he has been busy with some other mission. Victor tells everyone that things will be fine. He suggests letting an outer gather some information about the new Scientific Ninja Tool. Koji wants to handle matters himself and tells everyone to leave it to him. The members agree with Koji and assign the matters in his hands. After that, Jigen ends the meeting. 

Jigen was not feeling right about Victor’s allegations on Deepa being the reason behind the failed plot to grow another God Tree. He made Amado recover Deepa’s corpse and learn the truth behind the mess created by Victor. Jigen then proceeded to order Koji to kill Victor as he was a traitor. Deepa was then disposed of as he was no longer needed. Jigen and Amado soon learn that the it was not Victor who deliberately crashed the stealth blimp and made Kawaki disappear. Rather, someone else took advantage of the suspicion involving Victor and made everything look like Victor’s doing. Amado told Jigen that he would look into the matters himself. 

Jigen And Delta Boruto

Kawaki Arc

Jigen is having a conversation with Delta about Koji’s plan to retrieve Kawaki over dinner. Delta is pretty pissed and she kicks the table out of frustration at the fact that Koji has not been able to make any progress with retrieving Kawaki yet. Jigen allows Delta to work with Koji in order to look for Kawaki but on the condition that she has to obey Koji no matter what. 

Later, Delta gets defeated in a fight between her and Naruto. The inners are very upset but Jigen silences them. He asks Delta about Koji’s plans and she tells him that Koji keeps delaying his plan to retrieve Kawaki as he has taken an interest in Boruto Uzumaki. The reason why he was so interested in Boruto was that he noticed Boruto possessing his own Karma. Jigen was happy to learn that and speculated that Momoshiki Otsutsuki was behind everything.

He then went to a space where only space-time Ninjutsu could take him. He talked to a “Ten-tails” beast there who tried to kill Jigen. However, his attempt was futile because he was immobilised and Jigen was out of his reach. Jigen then proceeded to absorb the beasts Chakra that transformed him into an Otsutsuki. After that, Jigen prepared to pay a visit to Boruto and Kawaki (Boruto Chapter 35)

Jigen Naruto Boruto

Jigen meets Amado to discuss the progress going on with Kawaki being his vessel. According to him, their plan was already in phase three. Amado negated Jigen’s statement because according to him, phase three needs more protection and the data was still too weak to continue into phase 3. Jigen wanted to experiment more with Kawaki and make him go through a field test

Jigen used teleportation to teleport to the place where Kawaki was, using the connection between their Karma. He noticed that Koji’s toad was present there and found it very suspicious. Apologising to Naruto for barging into his house unannounced, Jigen stated that he was not there to fight anyone, but to take Kawaki back peacefully. Naruto was not ready to solve the matter peacefully and attacked Jigen instantly. However, Naruto’s attempt to injure Jigen was futile as he made Naruto immobile by pinning him down with his rods. Jigen told Naruto that Kawaki is just in his rebellious phase and is ready to go back home with him.  

He then proceeded to approach Kawaki and grabbed him by his wrist, easily restraining him. Kawaki started defending Naruto to which Jigen replied that Naruto was using him as bait and nothing else. He tried to persuade Kawaki that Jigen is the only one who wants the best for him, accusing Naruto of being selfish and stating that he would get rid of his prosthetic hand and fix it back at the base. Kawaki got infuriated and his Karma got activated, growing a horn out of his head. 

Jigen was shocked to see Kawaki’s progress with the mark. Naruto somehow managed to kick Jigen away and Jigen then proceeded to attack Naruto, intending to kill him as he interfered between them (Boruto Chapter 36). Kawaki did not want Naruto to get hurt and surrendered, telling Jigen to take him back to the base. He put forward the condition that he’ll do as Jigen says but he must not lay a finger on Naruto. Jigen agreed. However, Naruto was not backing down, which annoyed Jigen and he attacked Naruto again. 


Naruto and sasuke boruto

Jigen teleported Naruto to some other dimension and planned on leaving there, getting him out of the way. Sasuke then came out of nowhere and kicked Jigen, surprising both Naruto and Jigen. Jigen was able to identify Sasuke because of his Rinnengan. He was not afraid to face the two strongest hokage of all time. He showed the two his instant vanishing and black rod manifestation. While avoiding their attacks, Jigen was able to successfully impale the two using his black rods. When Jigen was repeatedly showing a similar pattern, Sasuke was able to observe the true nature of Jigen’s ability. Naruto used his Shadow Clone Jutsu but it was not very effective against Jigen as he was constantly transforming and impaling the clones with his black rods. 

Sasuke deduced that Jigen can shrink matter and the rods that impale Naruto are very small to begin with. They eventually become big when Jigen wants them to. Jigen realizes that Sasuke has it all figured out and commends him for that. However, his target changes from Naruto to Sasuke as he finds him to be a possible threat to him. Jigen kept attacking the two and dodging their strong attacks. After a bit, Jigen decided to unveil the true power of his Karma. (Boruto Chapter 37). Sasuke then revealed some very important information about the Otsutsuki clan to Naruto. According to Sasuke’s findings, Otsutsuki’s new plan was to drain the world of all its Chakra. Jigen upon hearing this got infuriated. He hated how Sasuke got access to their hidden location where the Ten-Tailed beast is present. Both Naruto and Sasuke decided to go all out, taking their avatars out. Despite their amplified powers, Jigen was able to swiftly avoid their attacks and overpower both of them. Naruto and Sasuke are both drained which Jigen finds very amusing. However, the black part where Jigen’s stomach is starts to crack and he scoffs when he witnesses that, berating the weak body and yearning for Kawaki to be his vessel instead. 


Jigen wanted to end things quickly and impaled the two using his black rods. He then told Naruto that it will be a pain to finish him off as he has the “Nine-Tails” inside him so he’ll resort to just sealing Naruto there. However, he intended to kill Sasuke right there as he could escape the dimension using Time-Space Ninjutsu. Naruto urged Sasuke to escape before Jigen sealed Naruto in a huge container. Jigen also revealed that he was after Boruto’s Karma as he had the mark somewhere on his body. After sealing Naruto away, Jiggen proceeded to collapse as he used all his power, cursing the weak vessel again before teleporting and leaving the dimension (Boruto Chapter 38). 

We see Jigen again at the base where he is getting some treatments done with Amado’s help. Amado tells him that Jigen must have used all his Chakra to reach his limit and will take two days to recover fully. Jigen told Amado that he could not contain his excitement after watching Kawaki’s progress with the Karma. He was happy about Kawaki not being an incomplete vessel anymore. According to Jigen, the progress with Kawaki’s Karma is all due to Boruto, as he possessed Karma as well. Both their Karmas resonated perfectly, making them the perfect candidates for creating the God Tree to consume Chakra. Jigen assured Amado that everyone will get the reward they were promised (Boruto Chapter 39).

Jigen koji boruto

Koji pays a visit to Jigen when he’s recovering. He was there to kill Jigen but Jigen had no idea about it. Jigen was talking to Code at that time.  Jigen warned Code to not let his guard down as the people from Konoha know about their secret hideout. Code then proceeds to ask Jigen about Boro if he had contacted Jigen yet. He told Code that something must have happened and that’s why Boro is not to be seen anywhere. 

Jigen turned to Koji and started questioning him about the progress of his mission. Koji told him that he’s watching Kawaki from a distance now because he had fallen into the hands of Konoha, a situation that he’s very embarrassed about. Jigen told Koji that the problem started when the stealth blimp crashed. He was aware of the fact that both Amado and Koji were betraying him and encouraged Koji to drop the act. Jigen questioned Koji’s motives, asking Koji about why he is so against obtaining the Chakra fruit when all the inners have mutually agreed upon it. 

That’s when Koji tried to attack Jigen but he was one step ahead of Koji as he teleported right behind him, impaling Koji with his black rods. However, Koji was the one who was one step ahead of Jigen as the person that was impaled by Jigen’s black rods was a mere shadow clone of Koji. He then revealed his plan to Jigen that it was never his intention to get the Chakra fruit and that he was actually created to kill Jigen (Boruto Chapter 46)

Jigen comments how Koji is being so stupidly used as a mere tool by Amado. Both of them started fighting and Jigen decided to unleash his full powers. Koji was able to catch Jigen off-guard and set him on fire using his “Toad oil bombs”. Jigen failed to absorb the flames and Koji explained to him that the flames around Jigen have no Chakra in them. That’s when Jigen’s body burnt to dust and Isshiki revealed himself. And that is how Jigen’s life came to an end (Boruto Chapter 47).


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