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Hello everyone! Today we present you with a Character Wiki of Isshiki Otsutsuki from Boruto. Before I begin, I just wanted you all to be aware that I purposely left out a lot of key details—especially those concerning Boruto in the Kawaki arc.

I did this because I want you to feel the thrill of the major plot twists firsthand. Trust me on this, you don’t want me to be the one to tell you how great these arcs are! So, this blog will be strictly towards Isshiki and you can expect major spoilers!

When I think of Isshiki, I think of Hell and Satan. He is the epitome of evil. To give you a brief introduction of Isshiki, he is the kid who sits behind you and spits gum into your hair. He’s the kid that makes the teacher sob after class when the bell finally rings. He’s the kid that pulls your pants down in front of everyone.

If you couldn’t tell already, I hate Isshiki’s guts.

Let’s get started before I get indigestion.

Table of Content

Isshiki Otsutsuki

Isshiki Table

Character Information

Position in Anime: Villain

Gender: Male

Species: Celestial Being

Clan: Otsutsuki Clan

Kekei Genkai: Doujutsu


Unique Ability: Great Intellect

                                    Powerful Taijutsu and Ninjustu

                                    Karma Seal

                                    Me Wanting To Rip HIs Ugly                                                  Horn Off

Professional Status

Occupation: Leader of Kara

Affiliations: Kara Organization

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

Boruto Chapter 35

Anime debut:

Episode 202

Voice Actors

Japanese: Benjamin Diskin
English: Kenjiro Tsuda


I’m not even joking when I tell you that Isshiki looks exactly like my personal night terror. Forget about Isshiki’s terrible personality, his appearance alone is sufficient for the watchers to guess his character. He has very pale skin with a single horn on the top of his head. (Boruto Anime: Episode 214)

This horn of his is not like your classic unicorn appendage. It is curved around his head and points upward on the right side of his skull.

If his horn wasn’t edgy enough for you, he also has matching tattoos on his back and chest. His back has a vertical column of six mallet symbols, whereas his chest has a vertical column of six magatama. At the very top of the magatama, there is a mallet that’s larger in size compared to the magatama found on his anterior surface.

I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, but that sounds like a lot of needle time! I’m not judging him though, each to their own. If I were to judge him on just his tattoos, I would be a Karen by the end of his arc.

Ishhiki’s right eye is yellow with a pupil encircled with a wheel pattern. I’m sure you’re interested to know what crazy design his left eye was. Well, his left eye was actually a Byakugan.

His nails are all painted black, which really brings out his deathly pale skin. He’s also dressed in a long white coat that has a purple collar with matching cuffs. His chest is obnoxiously out in the open—at this point I’m convinced this is just him boasting about his tattoos and chiseled abs. Gets your money’s worth, I guess.

I can only see one eyebrow of his! If you’re going to be the main antagonist of a series, especially the Boruto franchise, at least try. He almost makes me feel bad for him. Almost.


I don’t know what else to tell you. I’m not a violent person and I always try to make peace during any arguments—but man! I want to slap him stupid.

Isshiki is an arrogant piece of you know what. He thinks he’s the hot stuff. Isshiki is a power-hungry fanatic from the Otsutsuki Clan who shows no mercy to his opponents. A very cold-blooded person.

He will do whatever it takes to achieve his own goals, so murdering a bunch of innocent people is no biggie to him. In fact, he takes pleasure in torturing others.

In his pocket dimension, he collects loads of items such as wine. Isshiki is a vain, sick creature. He’s pretty full of himself as shown with his constant display of arrogance. He is so confident in his skills that when he faced both Naruto and Sasuke, he didn’t feel like he had to be worried (Boruto Manga: Chapter 38).

I don’t care how OP you think you are; to not be fazed when entering a battle between the two strongest shinobi to ever exist is mind-blowing.

Although Isshiki is calm most of the time, he can be quite reckless. With all that snobbishness and goal-driven energy, he tends to skip a few steps in his plans. I pray each and every day that he skips enough steps that he falls into a ditch.

Strengths and Skills

As much as I loathe Isshiki, I have to admit he’s powerful. Amada even goes as far as saying that if Isshiki masters his potential power, he could destroy the world if he wished.

Isshiki Table


Before I explain anything, Dojutsu is an ability ninjas use to further utilize their eyes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is basically this cool intense form that shows in a ninja’s eyes.

Like I said before, Isshiki has a Byakugan in his left eye (Boruto Anime: Episode 214).  It allows him to have X-ray vision, as well as being able to see chakra systems.  He can’t see everything with this skill like Sasuke’s mineral smoke bombs.

Isshiki Dojutsu

In his right eye, he can perform Sukunahikona. Again, another big word. Sukunahikona is the ability to shrink oneself or any non-living target that’s within eyesight. I wonder if he can shrink his big ego. That’ll do him wonders.

But why would shrinking something non-living be of any use to him? Well, once Isshiki shrinks his target, he can safely store it in his pocket dimension via Daikokuten. Or, he can shrink and release an object to his liking. This was shown in his fight against Koji Kashin. (Boruto Anime: Episode 214)

Isshiki Karma


Since Isshiki is part of the Otsutsuki clan, he can perform Karma which is a seal that acts like a one’s genetic database. Isshiki can imprint this seal on a person, and overtime, his biological data will overrun the host’s genetic makeup.

That’s so nasty! Imagine having a part of Isshiki biologically. I’d rather be tortured by him.

Isshiki NInjutsu


No, I’m not here to discuss the Ninjutsu Lego World. Today, we’re talking about Isshiki’s Ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu is a special technique that utilizes a ninja’s chakra to perform acts that no normal person can do. I’m a firm believer that Isshiki’s secret Ninjutsu is that he is capable of giving his readers a migraine.

Isshiki Ninjutsu 2

As for the Ninjutsu he visibly shows in the anime, he is able to absorb a person’s chakra. That is very dangerous for any competing ninja. Isshiki can also use genjutsu as a means of communicating with other people.

Isshiki can also perform Space-Time Ninjutsu to which he can access his own personal dimension (Boruto Manga: Chapter 37).


  • Isshiki came to Earth 1,000 years ago. He came with the intent of draining the entire world’s chakra. I kind of wish he did because then there would’ve been a possibility of him choking on it.
  • Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the Naruto and Boruto series, named Isshiki after Issun Kotaro who is only 1 inch tall and a hero in Japanese Folklore.
  • His primary Kekkei Genkai is his X-ray vision from his Byakugan. Also, his signature ability is the Sukunahikona.
  • Isshiki did not come to Earth by himself, he came with his partner Kaguya Otsutsuki. Kaguya was a celestial being from the moon. However, she didn’t stay on the moon for long. She was banished to live a mortal life.


Isshiki came to Earth 1,000 years ago with his partner Kaguya. They came on a mission to absorb the life force of the planet. To do this, they planted a tree to which they will then collect the chakra fruit.

However, Kaguya had other plans. Initially, she was going to be sacrificed to create the chakra fruit. She betrayed Isshiki and destroyed his legs, rendering him on the verge of death. This is when Isshiki meets his vessel, Jigen. This is also when I begin to cry. (Boruto Manga: Chapter 46)

Since Isshiki had no energy left in him due to his battle with Kaguya, he used Ninjutsu to absorb Jigen’s chakra. This allowed him to shrink and enter Jigen’s ear via the Sukunahikona. Some time passes and Isshiki is able to recover from his injuries. He then embeds Jigen with a Karma seal.

Isshiki is now by himself, leaving him no other option than to use Jigen (aka himself) as a sacrifice for the Ten-Tails beast so that it can bloom into a God Tree. Before Isshiki does this, he needs to have another vessel at hand in order to survive (Boruto Manga: Chapter 51).

To maximize the Ten-Tails growth, Isshiki modifies Jigen’s body into something similar to an Otsutsuki (Boruto Manga: Chapter 47). I would just like to add that Jigen was a simple monk before he met Isshiki. I have never felt so much pain for a side character in all the anime shows that I’ve watched.

Kara is formed (Boruto Manga: Chapter 15) and Isshiki becomes the leader through Jigen.  This poor guy really can’t catch a break. The backbone members of Kara agree to harvest the chakra fruit (Boruto Manga: Chapter 35) by creating a new God Tree that is big enough to absorb all life on Earth (Boruto Manga: Chapter 39).



Isshiki is the leader of Kara. Kara is a secret organization that is composed of two classes: Outers and Inners. Inners are the backbone members of Kara, whereas the Outers are the rest. 

The Outers support Kara’s mission from outside the organization. Some Outer members have different cover jobs like being a politician. Outers are also focused on the development of Scientific Ninja tools. After these Ninja Tools are significantly enhanced, they bring it to the organization. By doing so, Kara has the most advanced weapons. The Kara members are able to communicate with one another through genjutsu. 

Otsutsuki Clan

Isshiki is part of an ancient clan of celestial beings called the Otsutsuki Clan. They are known to be aliens (Naruto Manga: Chapter 670).  This clan has traveled thousands of years across the universe in order to follow through with the Otsutsuki will.

The Otsutsuki Will is basically a free pass that the clan made for themselves to suck the living life out of the planets. I don’t know what made them think other worlds would agree to this half-baked will of theirs. Like did they truly believe that other people would be welcoming to this? For such a powerful clan, they’re pretty insensitive.




Kaguya was Isshiki’s partner when they first came to Earth. As we all know, she betrays Isshiki and attacks him so severely that he is about to die. She destroys his lower half in the process. Atta girl!



Jigen was a novice monk when he first encountered Isshiki about a thousand years ago. Isshiki assaults Jigen, absorbs his chakra, and later takes over his body by embedding a Karma seal. Isshiki uses Jigen’s body to become the leader of Kara, which is an organization aimed at harvesting the chakra fruit.

All this for chakra fruit? Personally, I believe mangoes would be tastier. Or pineapples—I’m not picky.

Momoshiki 1


Momoshiki is a member of the Otsutsuki clan, so he already grinds my gears. He is a total psycho who looks down on everyone else. Isshiki intended to sacrifice Momoshiki as a vessel to create a God Tree.

So basically, ThEy’Re bEsTiEs. Two peas in a pod. Let me give you some Grade-A advice; just assume anyone from the Otsutsuki clan is a remorseless, cruel, parasitic creature.



Kawaki was tortured and raised by Kara. Why? Well, here is the plot twist. To become the other vessel Isshiki was preparing for. No! You can’t do this to me, you fiend!  I love Kawaki with every cell in my body. If he takes Kawaki from me, I’ll destroy Isshiki’s upper half.

Kawaki didn’t always belong to Kara. Kokatsu, his father, was a drunk addict who made his son (who has my heart, being, and soul) work to buy alcohol.

Isshiki, in the form of Jigen, offered a large amount of money to buy Kawaki off his father. Obviously, Kokatsu had no hesitation in handing his son over to Isshiki (Boruto Episode 192).

Kawaki 1

This is supposed to be a brief description of Isshiki’s Relationships, but please grant me a few minutes to rant. I’m going to get real with you all.

In high school, I was often teased about watching anime. Everyone at school would say that I was watching kid shows or cartoons. But anime isn’t this fairy tale. Anime like Naruto and Borute talk about hardships and problems that exist in our version of Earth in a more fictional setting.

Yes, people aren’t going around and using Shadow Clone jutsu or Planetary Rasengan. But discrimination, depression, poverty, corruption, and evil do exist in our world. That’s what makes anime so appealing to us. We see reality in a more magical space. It’s enchanting.



Victor works with Isshiki as an Inner of the Kara organization. He’s the president of a medical care company, and surprisingly, he used to be a shinobi.

At first, I thought he was a chill old man. He’s seen the violence of a war, so you’d assume he would be sympathetic and kind. But no! He only cares about his gains and isn’t afraid to throw people under the bus to do so.



Deepa’s red eyes and blue lips freak me out. He’s associated with Isshiki by being an Inner member of Kara.



Amado wants to kill Isshiki, but how can you get close to someone as powerful as he is without getting blasted in the process? Oh, oh! I have the answer; join Kara and become an Inner to gain Isshiki’s trust.



My hatred aside, Delta has a fantastic character design. I love her earrings and her yellow eyeshadow- she’s a fashionable woman and I need to acknowledge that. Delta is associated with Isshiki by being an Inner member of the Kara.

Before they found Kawaki, she used to search for children in hopes of finding a suitable vessel for Isshiki. She was the first to notice Kawaki by his bloody fabric she found during her search.

Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin

Amado created a clone of Jiraiya to help in the mission of killing Isshiki. He would then become an Inner member of the Kara, just like Amado!


Kara Actutation Arc

One of Kara’s facilities in Amegakure is destroyed (Boruto Episode 157). Amegakure is a hidden village that is highly industrialized. It makes sense that this place is well developed because the Kara organization is heavily focused on Scientific Ninja tool advancement.

Isshiki calls forth the Inners to discuss the situation with them. This is standard for any leader to do. I wish he was destroyed instead.

In this arc, there is a failed attempt to grow yet another God Tree. Isshiki, much to my delight, is upset and meets with Victor. You know what Victor does? He blames Deepa! Hahaha! Aren’t these great fighters? You’d think they would have at least a bit of tact!

Ao Arc

Isshiki is itching to know about Kawaki’s development in becoming the best vessel possible for him. There are phases that Kawaki needs to pass which is a measure of his progress. He gets in touch with Amado.

Amado is desperately trying to convince Isshiki that Kawaki is ready to go onto the next phase. So, what does the impatient Isshiki do? He decides to set a test for Kawaki. Leave my cinnamon roll alone you scoundrel!

Victor offers his blimp as a means of transporting Kawaki. Isshiki agrees. However, after Kawaki arrives, the blimp crashes (Boruto Episode 159). Isshiki sends Koji to recover Kawaki after he learns that his vessel is lost (Boruto Manga: Chapter 16).

Isshiki is also suspicious of Deepa for the situation that happened in the Kara Actuation arc. He demands Amado to restore the brain of Deepa’s dead body. That is when he learns that Victor was the one to betray Isshiki. Upon Isshiki’s orders, Koji kills Victor.

Kawaki Arc

Kawaki still hasn’t been found. Delta is now worried how they haven’t retrieved Kawaki yet (Boruto Manga: Chapter 24). Isshiki assigns her to be involved in this recovery mission with Koji.

Although Delta realizes Koji is not putting his all into finding Kawaki when they find out that Boruto has his own Karma. Without a moment to spare, she confides in Isshiki.

After a certain turn of events, Kawaki wakes up in hospital with Naruto by his side. Naruto brings Kawaki back to his house. Isshiki learns about this and visits the Uzamaki household. How rude! In my culture, if you are a guest, it’s only proper if you bring a box of sweets and call three beforehand to let the host know!

He tries to capture Kawaki, only to end up fighting with Naruto and Sasuke. Oof, that’s rough. But because of Isshiki’s arrogance, he shrugs it off like it’s nothing (Boruto Episode 204).

Unfortunately, he seals Naruto in this coffin shaped contraption. Sasuke was able to escape with the help of Naruto (as always), so don’t worry about him.

As for Naruto, Boruto and Kawaki team up to release Naruto from the coffin (Boruto Episode 206).  But Isshiki has no idea this is happening.

But Isshiki goes back to Kara to heal Jirgen’s body. Instead of waiting for a few days for his body to completely heal, Isshiki quickly teleports to Konohagakure to re-embed his darling adopted son Kawaki with another Karma. Kawaki’s first Karma was erased after Isshiki reincarnates using Jigen’s body.

The Karma seal can only be given when the Otsutsuki is almost dead. That’s why Isshiki is desperate to quickly give Kawaki another Karma.

However, Isshiki is shocked to find Naruto ready to fight him once more. They battle with one another, and I hate to say it, but Naruto is losing. Sasuke immediately comes to help Naruto, and even Boruto joins the brawl.

Isshiki loses the battle, but that wouldn’t have happened if Kawaki didn’t deceive him by receiving Isshiki’s Karma seal only as a clone! The one who got grabbed by Isshiki was not the real Kawaki, but his clone!

Remember, Isshiki is terribly injured from his previous battle with Sasuke and Naruto. He also didn’t wait until he fully recovered. After he was cleverly tricked by Kawaki, his time runs out and he crumbles (Boruto Manga: Chapter 53).

Kawaki took his revenge by stomping over Isshiki’s dust into powder. Now, Isshiki is finally dead (Boruto Manga: Chapter 53).

Voice Actors

JapaneseKenjiro Tsuda

EnglishBenjamin Diskin


I hope you all enjoyed this list because it was hard for me to write it. I tried so hard not to swear in this blog and to keep it family friendly. Ever since I was a kid, I was always infatuated by the villains.

Most of the time, the antagonist has an understandable reason as to why they do the things they do. For example, they were isolated by society due to social norms, their family was murdered by the government, or they were shunned by the public due to false and career-ending rumors.

But Isshiki is the worst of the worst. He truly is an evil being. I was torn watching Jigen and how tragic his fate was. Don’t even get me started on how he and the Kara organization tormented Kawaki as a child.

Kawaki never had a person he could rely on growing up. He didn’t even know how to relax! As a kid, he was forced to work so that his father could drink himself to sleep. And then his life with Isshiki started after he watched his father hand him over despite all that Kawaki has done for him.

I’m glad that Isshiki is dead. Good riddance!


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