May I get a drum roll please! It’s not a secret that the Naruto and Boruto series have a tons of fillers. It’s a shame because that’s one of the driving forces that steer potential viewers away.

Both Naruto and Boruto are fantastic anime to watch, so what have we done to help you in your quest of navigating through the Anime Canon and Filler episodes? We’ve prepared you with an entire blog dedicated to just that!

Today, we present you with the Boruto Anime Filler List and Chronological Order. This list is easy to follow. IN the charts, I’ve included every episode in the Boruto series. The rows in red are the filler episodes, so please keep that in mind.

I’ve done everything twice to make sure you are aware of what you’re watching. I’ve also added some background information to each Boruto Arc.

If I forgot to mention anything, please cut me some slack. I had to compare the episodes to both the manga and anime. Everything mostly is related to the anime, so you don’t need to hold your breath. The manga is great, but I am well aware that Boruto has a large anime fanbase!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Academy Entrance Arc (Ep. 1-16)

The Academy Entrance Arc is an Anime original arc that takes place before the start of the Boruto Manga.

This arc introduces the previous and next-generation characters. These fifteen episodes focus on Boruto and his crew trying to put an end to a bizarre series of events that take place in the village.

People are randomly going off their rocker, and then losing their chakra. Now, we know how important chakra is in this world, so this mystery needs to be solved quickly.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers about whom or why all this chakra is being drained, but I’ll leave you with this: Your enemies are sometimes your closest friends. 

# Episode Name Type
1.        Boruto Uzumaki Anime Canon
2.        The Hokage's Son Anime Canon
3.        Metal Lee Goes Wild Anime Canon
4.        A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes Anime Canon
5.        The Mysterious Transfer Student Anime Canon
6.        The Final Lesson Anime Canon
7.        Love and Potato Chips Anime Canon
8.        The Dream's Revelation Anime Canon
9.        Proof of Oneself Anime Canon
10.   The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins Anime Canon
11.   The Shadow of The Mastermind Anime Canon
12.   Boruto and Mitsuki Anime Canon
13.   The Demon Beast Appears Anime Canon
14.   The Path That Boruto Can See Anime Canon
15.   A New Path Anime Canon
16.   Crisis: The Threat of Failing Anime Filler


2. Sarada Uchiha Arc (Ep. 17-24)

This arc primarily focuses on Sarada. We learn more about her ambitions, goals, past, family relations, and even her weak points.

Basically, Sarada is having a major identity crisis and she doesn’t know how to deal with it. At such a young age, it’s hard to question everything—especially if you don’t know who your true parents are (definitely not attacking Sasuke).

I don’t want to see Sarada have the same character development as Sakura. If I had to be brutally honest, I was extremely disappointed in Sakura’s character in Naruto. She had so much potential, it was crazy! My expectations of her crashed as the Naruto series progressed.

Sarada, if you’re going to be the next Hokage, I want to see you grow stronger not only physically—but mentally as well.

# Episode Name Type
17.   Run, Sarada Anime Filler
18.   A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family Anime Canon
19.   Sarada Uchiha Anime Canon
20.   The Boy with The Sharingan Anime Canon
21.   Sasuke and Sarada Anime Canon
22.   Connected Feelings Anime Canon
23.   Bonds Come in All Shapes Anime Canon
24.   Boruto and Sarada Anime Canon


3. School Trip Arc (Ep. 25-32)

Naruto wants the Academy to have nicer field trips, and his noisy son over here is casually throwing pranks left and right. Iruka cannot catch a break.

Let’s just say this was one hectic field trip. Where is their school trip? At Kirigakure or The Village Hidden in the Mist.

There is a good handful of fighting, so at least there’s something to look forward to.

# Episode Name Type
25.   The Turbulent Field Trip Anime Canon
26.   The Mizukage's Successor Anime Canon
27.   A Shinobi Bout of Friendship Anime Canon
28.   Declaration of War Anime Canon
29.   The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen Anime Canon
30.   The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang Anime Canon
31.   Boruto and Kagura Anime Canon
32.   The Quest for Souvenirs Anime Canon


4. Graduation Exams Arc (Ep. 33-38)

If you don’t know who Shino Aburame is, allow me to acquaint you with both. Shino is a calm and well-collected guy. He’s very straight to the point, and on top of that, he has a pretty emotionless face.

But overall, Shino is a reliable friend and is always ready to defend the people he holds dear to his heart.

In this arc of Boruto, the ninjas now are prepping for their graduation exams. Tests in all dimensions suck. And from my experiences, the proctors are either too loud or very judgmental. Who is the proctor of the oh-so-important exam? Shino Aburama.

# Episode Name Type
33.   The Super Beast Scroll Slump Anime Filler
34.   The Night of the Shooting Stars Anime Canon
35.   The Parent Teacher Conference Anime Canon
36.   The Graduation Exam Begins Anime Canon
37.   A Shinobi's Resolve Anime Canon
38.   Formation of the Three-Man Squad Anime Canon


5. Genin Mission Arc (Ep. 39-42)

Team 7 consists of three members: Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki. The group is led by Konohamaru.

The three were initially named Team 3, but of course, Sarada and Boruto were at each other’s throats.

Once they both reconciled, they decided to rename their team after their parents.

This arc centers on Team 7’s first-ever mission. Now, although the main focus is Team 7, we also get to see how the other newly formed teams partake in their own missions. We also get to know more about the side characters of Boruto.

# Episode Name Type
39.   The Path Lit by the Full Moon Side Story from Naruto Gaiden
40.   Team 7: The First Mission Anime Canon
41.   Strength in Unity Anime Canon
42.   A Ninja's Job Anime Filler


6. Byakuya Gang Arc
– The Entire Arc is a Filler (Ep. 43-50)

This is an enjoyable arc, so even though it’s full of Anime Fillers, don’t knock it till you try it.

The Byakuya Gang is an actual gang. wHo WoUlD hAvE ThOuGhT?

The members of this gang are noble thieves with owl-shaped masks. I’m not going to lie; it was hard taking them seriously during the fight scenes when they looked like they were ready to “Whoo Whoo’ me.

Anyway, we watch Boruto and Shikadai as they take on this group.

# Episode Name Type
43.   The Byakuya Gang Surfaces Anime Filler
44.   Shikadai's Doubts Anime Filler
45.   Memories from the Day of Snow Anime Filler
46.   Go! The Crest of Night Strategy Anime Filler
47.   The Figure I Want to Be Anime Filler
48.   The Genin Documentary Anime Filler
49.   Wasabi and Namida Anime Filler
50.   The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting Anime Filler


7. Chunin Exams Arc (Ep. 51-66)

The Chunin Exams Arc has another name; The Versus Momoshiki Arc.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki is a Celestial Being who was a part of the Otsutsuki clan. She and another Otsutsuki came to Earth in hopes of draining life’s chakra and cultivating a God Tree in the process.

This arc starts off with the Chunin Exams which then leads to the Otsutsuki invasion. Yeah, I know. Wild.

# Episode Name Type
51.   Boruto's Birthday Anime Canon
52.   Sasuke's Shadow Anime Canon
53.   Himawari's Birthday Anime Canon
54.   Sasuke and Boruto Anime Canon
55.   The Scientific Ninja Tool Anime Canon
56.   Rivals, Gather Anime Canon
57.   The Reason I Can't Lose Anime Canon
58.   The Tournament Begins Anime Canon
59.   Boruto vs. Shikadai Anime Canon
60.   The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand Anime Canon
61.   The Iron Sand User: Shinki Anime Canon
62.   The Otsutsuki Invasion Anime Canon
63.   Sasuke's Secret Weapon Anime Canon
64.   Rescuing Naruto Anime Canon
65.   Father and Child Anime Canon
66.   Father and Child Anime Canon


8. Chocho Arc – The Entire Arc is a Filler (67-70)

This entire arc is dedicated to Chocho. Chocho loves food and will skip a training lesson if she has to.

She’s just like her father, the one and only, Choji Akimichi.

You don’t really need to watch the Chocho Arc, but it’s a great refresher to the series. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the main characters, but it’s always nice to see some of the side characters getting screen time.

# Episode Name Type
67.   Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode Anime Filler
68.   Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode Anime Filler
69.   Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval Anime Filler
70.   The Other Side of Anxiety Anime Filler


9. Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc (Ep. 71-92)

Mitsuki is adorable!  He’s a member of Team 7. Mitsuki is not a human in the flesh. He was made for the purpose of being one of Orochimaru’s clones.

My cinnamon roll is a synthetic human. Like the arc’s name suggests, Mitsuki disappears. He leaves Konohagakure.

It pains me to watch Mitsuki in utter turmoil. Mitsuki leaves right after receiving a confidential letter. As he is leaving the village, he ends up injuring two gatekeepers. Everyone in the village is in shock. This isn’t normal for Mitsuki.

Is he really a traitor? It doesn’t look like Mitsuki will be returning.

However, his friends stop at nothing to try to bring him back.

# Episode Name Type
71.   The Hardest Rock in the World Anime Canon
72.   Mitsuki's Will Anime Canon
73.   The Other Side of the Moon Anime Canon
74.   The Enemy, Ino-Shika-Cho Anime Canon
75.   The Trials of Ryuchi Cave Anime Canon
76.   Incurring Wrath Anime Canon
77.   A Fierce Enemy: Garaga's Ferocious Attack Anime Canon
78.   Everyone’s Motives Anime Canon
79.   Reunion with Mitsuki Anime Canon
80.   Mitsuki’s Friend Anime Canon
81.   Boruto's Wish Anime Canon
82.   Infiltrating the Hidden Stone Village Anime Canon
83.   Ohnoki's Justice Anime Canon
84.   Ohnoki's Thoughts, Ku's Thoughts Anime Canon
85.   The Heart Stone Anime Canon
86.   Kozuchi's Will Anime Canon
87.   The Sensation of Living Anime Canon
88.   Clash: Kokuyou Anime Canon
89.   A Piercing Heart Anime Canon
90.   Mitsuki and Sekiei Anime Canon
91.   Ohnoki's Will Anime Canon
92.   A New Ordinary Anime Canon


10. Naruto Shinden: Family Day Arc (Ep. 93-95)

Naruto Shinden: Family Day Arc has another title; Parent and Child Day Arc. The Hokage, our beloved Naruto, is authorizing the Family Day event.

If you miss Naruto, then give this arc a shot. It’s nostalgic and heartwarming.

Naruto finally has a family to celebrate with. Look at our boy growing up! I’m not crying, you are.

# Episode Name Type
93.   Parent and Child Day Anime Canon
94.   A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest! Anime Canon
95.   Tactics for Getting Along With Your Daughter Anime Canon


11. Jugo Arc (Ep. 96-105)

Another name for this arc is the Cursed Seal Arc or the Cursed Seal Infection Arc. Who is Jugo? He’s a shinobi that’s part of an unknown clan. He is being held by Orochimaru- you know, that one dude that gives me the chills.

I don’t need to tell you that anything linked to Orochimaru is bad news, right?

# Episode Name Type
96. Blood, Sweat, and Namida Anime Filler
97. Shikadai's Decision Anime Filler
98. The Cursed Forest Anime Canon
99. Jugo and The Curse Mark Anime Canon
100. The Predestined Path Anime Canon
101. Jugo's Reinforcements Anime Canon
102. Melee Anime Canon
103. Migration Season Anime Canon
104. The Little Roommate Anime Filler
105. A Wound on the Heart Anime Canon


12. Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc (Ep. 106-111)

This arc follows Mirai and her S-rank mission. She’s a bodyguard of Naruto, our amazing Hokage.

Naruto gives her a mission. Mirai must safely escort and protect Guy and the former Hokage, Kakashi-sensei. I had to add sensei to his name, man. It’s an old habit of mine.

Mirai, Kakashi-sensei, and Guy are to inspect the border between the Lands of Fire and Hot Water. No one must know about this.

This isn’t really an S-rank mission, but a girl can dream. But it looks like this dream might quickly turn into a nightmare.

# Episode Name Type
106. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The S-Rank Mission Anime Canon
107. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Dog and Cat War Anime Canon
108. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Haunted Inn Anime Canon
109. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Potato Chips and the Giant Boulder Anime Canon
110. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: The Resurrection Hot Springs Anime Canon
111. The Steam Ninja Scrolls: Mirai's King Anime Canon


13. Konohamaru’s Love Arc (Ep. 112-119)

This arc is mostly a filler. We’ve known since the start of the Naruto series that Konohamaru is a true G. He’s always believed in Naruto, even when the entire village turned against him.

We love a loyal friend. No wonder Miss Remon fell for him.

Will Konohamaru finally find his destined soulmate? If he doesn’t, then I’m more than ready to volunteer.

# Episode Name Type
112.                       The Chunin Selection Conference Anime Canon
113.                       The Qualities of a Captain Anime Filler
114.                       X Cards Proxy War Anime Filler
115.                       Team 25 Anime Filler
116.                       Konohamaru and Remon Anime Filler
117.                       Remon's Secret Anime Filler
118.                       Something That Steals Memories Anime Filler
119.                       Konohamaru's Ninja Way Anime Filler


14. One-Tail Escort Arc (Ep. 120-126)

Watch this arc if you are truly ready to witness Boruto’s growth in battle. Especially against an Otsutsuki.

This arc did not disappoint in the slightest.

Although this isn’t a filler arc, you can skip this, but I don’t recommend it. The One-Tail Arc is connected to the next Arc in one way or another, so please don’t brush this one off.

# Episode Name Type
120. With Sasuke as The Goal Anime Canon
121. The Entrusted Mission: Protect the One Tails Anime Canon
122. The Puppet Battle Anime Canon
123. Urashiki Returns Anime Canon
124. Decision Time Anime Canon
125. Boruto and Shinki Anime Canon
126. Shukaku's Trick Anime Canon


15. Time Slip Arc (Ep. 127-140)

There’s a lot to unpack in this arc, so you’ve been warned. Spoilers are down below.

One of the first things we learn about in the Time Slip Arc is that the Otsutsuki clan can time travel. However, two characters from the village are seen to have an exception to this rule. I won’t tell you who, but they belong to different generations.

You will see Sasuke a lot this arc, and perhaps the new abilities he has collected being the Shadow Hokage.

One of the major reasons why the fandom loves this arc is because Boruto gets to meet the previous generation, Naruto’s line, when they were kids.

Isn’t that adorable! AH! I guess I already spoiled one of the two characters that time travels. Whoops. Sorry about that!

# Episode Name Type
127. Make-Out Tactics Anime Canon
128. Urashiki’s Target Anime Canon
129. The Village Hidden in the Leaves Anime Canon
130. Genin, Assemble Anime Canon
131. The Power of the Nine-Tails Anime Canon
132. Jiraiya's Assignment Anime Canon
133. A Village Without Sasuke Anime Canon
134. The Power to See the Future Anime Canon
135. The Last Battle: Urashiki Anime Canon
136. Crossing Time Anime Canon
137. The Samurai Exchange Student Anime Canon
138. Hiashi's Birthday Anime Filler
139. The Terror! Enko Onikuma Anime Filler
140. The Mind Transfer Jutsu that Lost to Potato Chips Anime Filler


16. Mujina Bandits Arc (Ep. 141-156)

Mujina Bandits is a group led by Shojoji. These groups consist of runaway shinobi or Missing-nin. These are ninjas that have completely abandoned their village and have no intention of returning.

This arc is important to watch because it’s a major turnaround for the Boruto series.

Konohamaru assigns Team 7 a mission. Standard, right? There’s nothing out of the ordinary, correct?  Well, this mission leads Team 7 to a bank robbery that is currently in action in the Hidden Leaf Village.

Who is robbing the bank? The Mujina Bandits.

Team 7 ultimately defeats the runaways, however, Shojoji escapes.

Will Team 7 be able to put an end to the Mujina Bandits once and for all? Or will they have an even greater obstacle in their path?

# Episode Name Type
141. The Shinobi Prison: Hozuki Castle Anime Canon
142. A Test of Willpower Anime Canon
143. The Criminal Targeting Kokuri Anime Canon
144. Kokuri's Secret Anime Canon
145. Breaking out of Hozuki Castle Anime Canon
146. Breaking out of Hozuki Castle Anime Canon
147. The Fateful Moonlit Battle Anime Canon
148. A New Mission Anime Canon
149. Friends Anime Canon
150. The Value of a Hidden Ace Anime Canon
151. Boruto and Tento Anime Canon
152. Developing One's Medical Ninjutsu Anime Filler
153. Harmony in Gold Anime Filler
154. Himawari's Ninja Trial Session Anime Filler
155.  Mitsuki's Rainy Day Anime Filler
156. I Can't Stay in My Slim Form Anime Filler


17. Kara Actuation Arc (Ep. 157-177)

Yo! The anime now has a nice pace. This is where things get wild. The battles are top tier.

This arc complements everything in the manga beautifully, so it sticks true to the manga. It’s more of an expansion of the manga, though.

It acts as a prequel for the upcoming arc, so do not skip this one.

The Kara organization is led by Ishhiki Otsuktsuki Kara’s main goal is to have a proper vessel in their possession. The vessel has already been discovered, but I don’t want to spoil you on that.

The organization has huge plans for the world, but we don’t know them yet.

# Episode Name Type
157. Kara's Footprints Anime Canon
158. The Man Who Disappeared Anime Canon
159. The Hashirama Cell Anime Canon
160. To the Land of Silence Anime Canon
161. The Castle of Nightmares Anime Canon
162. Escaping the Tightening Net Anime Canon
163. The Pursuers Anime Canon
164. The Forbidden Jutsu of Death Anime Canon
165. The Quadruplets' Duty Anime Canon
166. Death Match Anime Canon
167. Their Decision Anime Canon
168. Training Begins Anime Canon
169. A Joint Mission with the Sand Anime Canon
170. A New Rasengan Anime Canon
171. The Results of Training Anime Canon
172. A Signature of Fear Anime Canon
173. The Secret Behind the Underground Room Anime Canon
174. The Revival of the Divine Tree Anime Canon
175. Beyond the Limits Anime Canon
176. Blockade the A-Un Gate Anime Canon
177. The Iron Wall's Sensing System Anime Filler


18. Vessel Arc (Episode 178-187)

I didn’t like Boruto at the beginning of the series. But in this arc, the Boruto I hated is dead. Gone.

Obviously, he’s not literally dead—that would signal the end or near end of the series. However, Boruto matures in the Vessel Arc.

The Vessel Arc is also known as the Ao Arc. Kara’s vessel is now missing, and the Inners of Kara have been notified.

Jigen, or Isshiki, goes to Hell and back to have his vessel returned. I wished he stayed in Hell.

In this arc, we see Naruto and Boruto fight one another. It’s just for training purposes, but Boruto notices that Naruto is missing his right hand.

Will he go crazy after learning his father has a Scientific Ninja tool as a hand? Of course he will. He’s Boruto after all. He can only become so mature. 

# Episode Name Type
178. Our Fathers' Example Anime Canon
179. Victor's Scheme Anime Canon
180. The Assassin, Mugino Anime Canon
181. The Vessel Anime Canon
182. Ao Anime Canon
183. The Hand Anime Canon
184. Puppets Anime Canon
185. Tools Anime Canon
186. How You Use It Anime Canon
187. Karma Anime Canon


19. Kawaki Arc (Ep. 188-)

AHHHHH! I LOVE KAWAKI! Is it meant to say I wish he was the initial protagonist of the story?

Just think about it. How great would that be? At least give him a separate series Kishimoto!

The Kawaki Arc has changed the Boruto anime for the better.  We learn about Kawaki and his past in these episodes.  

Not only are we introduced to Kawaki, but also a few powerful villains.

My favorite part of this arc was the dynamic between Naruto and Kawaki.

Kawaki has no room left in his heart for trust. I don’t blame him for his past. However, Naruto tries to understand Kawaki, which I think is the most empathetic decision he could have made.

You can’t just become a father figure to an orphaned boy that’s been tortured for years in an instant.

It takes time. The most recent episode, Episode 218, aired on October 3rd, 2021. The arc in the anime has not finished yet.

# Episode Name Type
188. Awakening Anime Canon
189. Resonance Anime Canon
190. Escape Anime Canon
191. Stray Dog Anime Canon
192. The Past Anime Canon
193. Coexistence Anime Canon
194. The Uzumaki Household Anime Canon
195. A Vase Anime Canon
196. A Binding Force Anime Canon
197. Delta Anime Canon
198. Monsters Anime Canon
199. Overload Anime Canon
200. Apprentice Anime Canon
201. Empty Tears Anime Canon
202. The Cult Anime Canon
203. Surprise Attack Anime Canon
204. He's Bad News Anime Canon
205. Proof Anime Canon
206.  The New Team Seven Anime Canon
207. Regeneration Anime Canon
208. Momoshiki Manifestation Anime Canon
209. The Outcast Anime Canon
210. Clues to Kara Anime Canon
211. The Chase Anime Canon
212. Amado's Defection Anime Canon
213. True Identity Anime Canon
214. Predestined Fate Anime Canon
215. Prepared Anime Canon
216. Sacrifice Anime Canon
217. Decision Anime Canon
218. Partner Anime Canon
219. Return Anime Canon
220. Remaining Time Anime Canon
221. Chunin Exam, Again Anime Canon
222. Eve of the Decisive Battle Anime Canon


What Do You Think About Boruto?


And that’s a wrap from us! I hope you enjoyed this blog. I was a bit hesitant in adding too much in the brief Boruto Arc description. A lot of the Arc summaries online contained so many spoilers that I found myself bored through the series a bit.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Many people had their doubts about the Boruto anime, but man, this series has been blowing up the Anime Community.

On my For You Page on Tik Tok, there has to be at least five videos about Boruto. I mean, I’m not mad at that. The fight scenes are fantastic.

These recently aired episodes have phenomenal animation—I was so surprised. I’m also really glad to see more of Naruto now in the Kawaki Arc.

I missed our little Hokage. It’s been too long!


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