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Another little brat who has too much energy. He’s a kid? Maybe he’s a cyborg? Whatever the case is, the problem is that he is using this energy and not in a good way. He either uses it to prank someone like disappearing and appearing on someone’s back, or he is using it in a fight and well, let’s just say if you are on the other side you are not going to live long.

Even though he just appeared and we can see it fight once, I already know he is going to be a tough enemy to beat for our heroes, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our MCs are going to beat Daemon if he’s that strong


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Daemon Boruto

Daemon looks like a kid and behaves like a kid. But other than that, he has black hair which has a light color line on the left side, and also he has this mushroom-style haircut. He also wears a dark-colored jacket which has a big star on the back. 

Other than that his other clothes are pretty normal in the shinobi world. A normal white shirt, black shorts, and shinobi sandals.



Character Info


Gender: Male



Occupation: Knight of Ada

Affiliation: Kara

Hair Color: Probably blue (based on hair sister’s hair color)


Related to: Ada (her big sister)

Affiliations with: Kara

Voice Actors

Japanese: Chapter 59


Daemon Personality

As I’ve already said, he seems to have this little brat personality, meaning he likes to prank others and making some stupid jokes, but I may need to mention that his personality can change on two occasions.

One is when she is talking to her sister, Ada. He seems to like her sister. That’s why he is very protective towards her sister and she seems like the only person to whom he is kind. But it looks like he doesn’t care if his sister gets a boyfriend because he accidentally thought Code is his sister’s boyfriend and instead of attacking him he just lectures him about not making her sister cry. But soon he realizes that this Code and Ada ship is not real. Sorry, Ada and Code shippers. (Chapter 59)

The second thing which can make him change his personality is when it comes to fighting. If it comes to fighting, his personality becomes more cruel. He is crueler and doesn’t show any mercy to his enemies. He can also become a little egocentric,  and careless. But it doesn’t surprise me or him because his power seems to be a little bit overpowered and that means he does not need to be afraid of any enemy he meets because he is sure he can beat them or more accurately kill them.

Even though he behaves like a kid, he is just a program whose mission is to do the task which the computer gives periodically.

Strengths and Skills

Scientific Ninja Tools

Scientific Ninja Tools

Well, he is a cyborg which was built by Amado to kill Isshiki so, he has some Scientific Ninja Tools inside his body, but unfortunately what kind or how powerful they are, that is a question that will be answered in the later manga volumes.


Counterattack (Not the Official Name)

His most interesting and powerful attack seems to be his counterattack. It means he can turn back any attack to the person who made the attack so basically, he can make people kill with their attack. 

From the latest volume, it looks like it doesn’t matter what kind of attack it can be taijutsu, sword attack, or ninjutsu; he can turn it back, and if the enemy’s killing intent is powerful enough then it can kill its caster.

More killing intent means a more powerful counterattack that was what her sister said at least. That is why I said that our heroes may have a hard time beating Daemon in a fair fight.

Kara clan


To top it all, he seems to be an expert in Taijutsu. He is really fast and quiet so he can easily sneak on the enemy and kill them without realizing what happened. 

Also, he can’t complain about his power either; he can easily destroy anything with his fist or legs. For example, in the last volume, he easily breaks someone’s neck with an accurate kick. (Chapter 59)




Daemon is part of the new Kara which is led by Code. This new Kara objective is to locate God tree and so Code can eat the chakra fruit. This objective was the last order from Ōtsutsuki to Code. He gives this order to him because in the end Code can become Ōtsutsuki himself so Ōtsutsuki can revive himself.

Daemon is part of this new Kara which currently only has four members: Code, Ada, Daemon, and Bug. Code and Big are the members who were part of the original Kara, and Ada and Daemon are new members, who were supposed to be destroyed by the order of the last Kara leader Isshiki.



His actual big sister. Well, that was what Ada said but there is the fact that both are cyborgs who were modified by Amado and they also look similar. I mean their hair looks similar because both of them have light color lines in them and their faces may look similar.

They seem to have a good sibling relationship. They protect each other from any trouble. Like Ada protected both of them by using her power on Boro, both survived the Isshiki massacre, and Daemon also seems to be protective of her sister. At least I can say he doesn’t let her sister have troublesome boyfriends.



Code is the current leader of Kara which Daemon is part of, so he is a kind of boss for him, but their relationship will be more like a partnership than a boss and underlying relationship if we can base it on that Ada and Code also have this partnership relationship. For now, their deeper relationship is unknown, but Code may get a little annoyed by him in the future.



Daemon is one of the cyborgs who was modified by Amado in the hope that these cyborgs can defeat Isshiki one day. But his awakening never happened because after Isshiki found out that these cyborgs exist, he ordered them to destroy them all, but luckily for Daemon and his sister, Ada was hidden by Boro. So they survived this massacre.


Daemon in Boruto

When Ada was awakened in Boro’s hideout she meets Code and she decides to make a deal with them so they work together as partners because their objectives are similar. But the only problem with this partnership is that only Code is capable of fighting so they may need one more ally, and that would be Daemon who is in the same building as them. They just need to ask someone to open his pods for them. So they ask Bug nicely and forcefully to open his pod for them so the three of them can start their journey together. (Chapter 59)



Boruto Manga: Chapter 59

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