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Boruto Quiz

Boruto Personality Quiz 👇

7. Kawaki

Raised by Jigen who’s one of the primary antagonists in Boruto, Kawaki used to get abused by his father and there was a lot of drama involved. On the other hand, after getting rescued by Naruto, Kawaki considers him as a big brother! Being abused by his own father over and over again, Kawaki was difficult to deal with at first.

But no matter how badass he looks, inside, he’s just a really alone kid who needs a happy family to lead his life. That’s all. But in the Anime series, we can see him bashing every single relation that comes in his way. That’s just how he’s brought up in the Kara organization.


6. Boruto

The primary protagonist and the key to solving all the problems in Borutoverse, Boruto is the son of Naruto. Even though everyone had high hopes for him, Boruto was sort of spoiled.

He didn’t respect the ninjas of Konoha and admired Sasuke who was much cooler than anyone. But that didn’t last long as the image of Naruto in Boruto’s head was wrong. As the series progressed, Boruto became sensible and stronger at the same time. 

5. Sarada

Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. As weird as it might seem, Sarada admires Naruto more than Sasuke.

She looks up to Naruto and would do anything to progress through life, making her one of the progressive shinobis who have the talent to become the next Hokage! How crazy is that? Sarada admires his uncle and the same goes with Boruto. 

Sarada Uchiha

4. Mitsuki

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mitsuki was an experiment! He’s an experienced Shinobi but at the early stage of his life, he lost himself in the dark. That’s where Boruto came in and became his Sun, taking him away from his misery. Mitsuki, to this day, is indebted to Boruto and considers him as his Sun.

3. Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha, the man of the show himself! This guy used to give huge troubles in the Naruto series. However, this Boruto quiz incorporates him as he’s a vital part of the Borutoverse. Sasuke is the master of Boruto.

Sasuke Uchiha Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

2. Naruto

This guy might be the strongest shinobi to ever live. Naruto Uzumaki is the father of Boruto. He’s killin’ it with every single move and he’s one of the primary protagonists even in his son’s timeline. Sounds weird, eh?

Naruto Uzumaki Birthday - Naruto Characters Birthdays

1. Urashiki

Belonging from the Otsutsuki clan, Urashiki has been following our MCs for so long. This guy is full of hatred for humans and would do anything to hurt people around him. In other world, Urashiki screams PEAK NARCISSISM.

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