Blue Exorcist Characters' Birthdays

Blue exrocist birthdays

Blue Exorcist is a dark fantasy anime taking place in a world where humans and demons exist in separate dimensions in which Satan, the king of demons, wants to capture the world of humans. To stop Satan himself, the twin brother and their friends aim to become Exorcists

And luckily today, we are going to see who’s your Birthday Twin from these interesting characters is.

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Tatsuma Blue Exorcist

Tatsuma Suguro

Birthday: January 6

Tatsuma Suguro, the famous Priest who looks like a member of Yakuza. This bald and oval dotted moustache man is the survivor of the blue Night (a deadly massacre by Satan,) earning him the name Priest of cursed Temple. He is an alcoholic and woman lover but when push comes to shove, he has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Tatsuma Suguro is a very Tactful man giving much more importance to people’s lives.

miwa blue exorcist

Konekomaru Miwa

Birthday: January 7

Konekomaru Miwa is childhood friend of Ruji Suguro, Renzo Shima, and the surviving head of Miwa family. He is very Protective and Polite even though he has hated Satan for killing his family. An Expert strategist with skilled Aria.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


Shiemi Moriyama

Birthday: March 6

Sheimi Moriyama, the third protagonist, is the love interest of Rin. Started as Sakura of the blue exorcist but soon became one of the loved and strong characters in the blue exorcist series. Being exceptionally kind and having Immense Willpower and Good Nature made her popular with Exwires. She has a goal of making a lot of friends, so be sure to make her friend of yours instead of enemy.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


shiro blue exorcist

Shiro Fujimoto

Birthday: May 10

Shiro Fujimoto is the adoptive father of Okumura twins. The Priest in 51st Paladin of True Cross Order. Being quite mysterious with Protective Personality, he has a kind heart but he’s merciless toward demons. On the other hand, Shiro is a friend of a cat called Sith Kuro

Despite being a priest, he can act immature, joke around and love women with big breasts but still he is the best father in the Blue Exorcist series. He loves his children so much that he saves his adoptive sons from Satan by killing himself so that he won’t be possessed by him. 

noriku blue exorcist

Noriko Paku

Birthday: May 21

Noriko Paku is a student of the True Cross Academy. A Considerate girl possessing a Benevolent Nature. She is a very sweet, quiet caring girl who cares for her friend as it is seen many times in series. 


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


Renzou blue exorcist

Renzou Shima

Birthday: July 4

Renzou Shima is a friend of Konekomaru and the Master Pervert. He is a good man with a heart who is mostly Carefree. He has a fear of bugs and being very ticklish and having the so called title of “The Epitome of Cool, ” he is a skilled Tamer, a Kr’ik and the Flame manipulator.


mephisto blue exorcist

Mephisto Pheles

Birthday: August 28

Mephisto Pheles, real name Samael, is the Second strongest of the Eight Demon Kings holding the title of “The King of the Time”. After Shiro Fujimoto’s death, he takes over as the guardian of the Okumura twins. Mephisto Pheles is a chess player and always ahead of the game.  He is a demon who teaches Rin and his friends that despite being a demon, he loves humans and doesn’t want his students to be killed.


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No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


rin blue exorcist

Rin Okumura

Birthday: December 27

Rin Okumura the Elder son of Satan and brother of Yukio Okumura the protagonist of the series having the goal to defeat his father. Despite being Half Demon Rin is Extremely Passionate and Supportive with a Kind Heart. Being Very Protective of Yukio he aims to surpass him. Rin is often seen to connect to others feelings to his own despite being older his immature way makes people believe that he is the younger brother.

yukio blue exorcist

Yukio Okumura

Birthday: December 27

Yukio Okumura is the Younger son of Satan and younger brother of Rin, a Straight Hearted and Kind Nature Person and the teacher at True Cross Academy. The exact opposite is Rin. He also has a Very Aggressive Side but is very good at hiding it. Having hatred and frustration toward Rin and seeing Rin as a demon son and forgetting that Rin is his brother, Yukio has become more erratic, so much so that even attacking his students and friends and also shooting Rin in his head to his Coldness.


So, these were all the birthdates of all Blue Exorcist Characters. Let us know in the comments about which character has the same birthday as your own. Also, be sure to share this with your friends who happen to have some interesting birthday twins with Blue Exorcist Characters.

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