9+ Motivational Asta Quotes from Black Clover

Since Asta is the main character, we all know that he’ll end up having some of the best quotes and lines. Black Clover is a series like Naruto, or My Hero Academia, except the element of this world is magic. Like it’s ninjutsu in Naruto, and Gomu-Gomu fruit powers in One Piece. It’s a classic show where the protagonist is an underdog, and isn’t blessed with anything. So he has to climb his way to the top, with Grit, hard work and good ol’ fashion “never giving up.”

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“You made it clear how you operate. There’s no way in hell I’m going to acknowledge your justice!”

(Episode 121, 22:02)

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'There's no way in hell I'm going to acknowledge your justice.

“You need to stand your ground no matter how pathetic you are!”

(Episode 116, 15:54)

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. You need to stand your ground, no matter how pathetic you are.

I love Asta for things like this. This is why Black clover has such great quotes and moments. Because it talks about comradery, family, togetherness, and values that over independent strength. I love anime for this reason. The theme of friendship and accomplishing great goals with the help of others.

Black Clover Quotes. Asta Quotes. We might not be a family by blood

This is a great quote for more than one reason. The fact that one he acknowledges that he has a weakness, but within that weakness, he also has strength. The true mark of a naturally optimistic, and vision-oriented person.

Black Clover Quotes. Asta Quotes. I always hated the fact taht i was never blessed with any magic.

The fact that if we can keep on moving forward, you’ll find your will again. That if you lose your reasons, along the way to your goal, that if you just keep on taking steps to move forward, you’ll find the right reasons to continue yet again.

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'As you live, you lose reasons and hope. But as you keep on going, you pick up new reasons.

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I’ve been guilty of this quote myself many times, and to this I can admit I sometimes judge people based on appearances, ways of speaking and surface level stuff. And to this day, I am proven wrong several times, as people turn out to be completely different than what they look like.


this is the biggest power I think we can have as human beings. I get emotional with Asta and his qote in the anime for this reason. The fact that we don’t have to ever give up. That this could be our only potential power, and we can and might have the potential to succeed is so inspiring.

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'Until i get what I want, I will not give up. Not giving up is my only my weapon.'

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'Never giving up, is my magic.' Quote The Anime

If we can keep going, then we’ll find the solution. If we can not give up, then we can get through. At times, we just have to survive, in order to make it to the next level. It doesn’t have to look pretty or good either.

Where Asta returns the pain

Asta Quotes. Black Clover Quotes. 'This is called pain. The same thing you were handing out to innocent people.'

This is nuts. He literally has the confidence to overcome several people. I think that confidence like this can only come with several hours, and years of training.

asta quotes- black clover - I’ve been facing adversity from the day I was born! No matter how many of you there are, or what happens I’ll overcome it ALL


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