100+ BEST Jojo Memes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to Cry for! (FUNNY)

We all love JOJO MEMES! The internet is full of dank memes create by memers from all over the world. When it comes to JoJo, the show is known more for its memes and poses rather than the actual story. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 100+ BEST JoJo memes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

These memes will give you a quick laugh if you get the references. Therefore, let’s dive straight into the list.

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101. Kakayoin's Truth Bomb

Best JoJo Memes

Kakyoin is known for having a thing for elderly women. We have seen in when he told Jotaro that his mom was beautiful. This became a total meme at some point. 

This JoJo meme is a reference to another anime called ‘Komi-san’, and it shows to what extent Kakyoin is digging elder ladies. Hide your MAMA from Kakayoin as this is one of the best Jojo memes on our list.


It’s always great to see Johnathan in a meme. However, this one is a little too funny for any JJBA fan. Every JoJo had a signature fighting voice. But when you get to see Johnathan’s, it’s a long name that makes you tired to even listen to it. This is one of the best JoJo memes that every dank memer would love.

99. Jotaro x Dolphin

Best Jojo memes

We all know Jotaro x Dolphin in the stardust crusader’s season. But having to imitate Kira’s ‘I Got. A Boner’ and implementing Jotaro x Dolphin was definitely a dank move. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to get rid of these dolphin memes. Can someone give Jotaro and his love for dolphins some space? He’s just trying to enjoy. Maybe not.

98. Chase is the best Opening

Best Jojo memes

I have a huge love for CHASE OST! It is one of the best Jojo osts to ever hit the seasons. But this meme from Golden Wind really takes it to a whole other level. 

Chase? Wait for a second, Abbachio, says Bucciarati panicked in fear and confusion. Such a masterpiece of a meme that must make on our list of today.

97. Josuke's Healing Powers

No doubt, Josuke is one of the most wholesome amongst all other Joestars. His power was even more wholesome as it allowed him to fix anything that has been ripped or destroy. This meme is a reference to ‘The Emperor’s New Groove.’ It was a super popular movie back in 2000, and the guy who made this is indeed a man of culture.

This is one of the best JoJo memes on our list.

96. Netflix Live Action

Best Jojo memes

At this point, we all know where this is going. However, live-action moves suck! Mostly. Yes, it’s a fact that it’s difficult to incorporate real anime action in real movies. This meme perfectly relays what happens when you try to make a live-action movie. 

We all know what happened with the live-action episode where they showed us the fight between Jotaro and Josuke. Very unimpressive. Do you know what’s impressive? THIS MEME.

95. Spongebob's Bizarre Advanture

Best JoJo memes

This meme is the perfect portrayal of Spongebob and Jojo’s reference. Johnathan is the buffed guy. Correct. Joseph with the band on his head. Absolutely. Jotaro with that cap. Again, correct. Josuke with that fancy hair that no one can mess with. 

Can a meme be more accurate than this? Let me know.

94. Running makes you tired

Even running is a Jojo meme now! If you know how stressful it is to run on the first day you decided to do so, this meme will perfectly resonate with you. And oh boy, Okyasu is always in trouble in the series. There you go. It is one of the best JoJo memes on our list. Pretty accurate too.


Best Jojo memes

Do I really need to say anything about this Jojo meme? I think not. Just a remote control with on and off button. But why is Giorno suffering so much? I wonder.

92. Never mess with Caffeine takers

Best Jojo memes

So, apparently, science says that 8 hours of sleep is a must for being a product. What does caffeine addicts have to say about this? This Jojo episode was one of the most fun as everyone was laughing for some dumb reason. This concludes the meme too.

91. I'm Home Alone

Best JoJo Memes

You can imagine thousands of memes when it comes to Giorno. What if your bae tells you that she’s home alone. AND IT’S JOJO FRIDAY. Moreover, she says I’m home alone again. What will you do? This meme is the perfect illustration of a scenario like this. Cheers.

90. German Science is the World's Finest

Best Jojo memes

While playing this game Valorant. I saw a German player. Naturally, what would they hear from a Jojo fan?


Well, he wasn’t surprised at all. Moreover, he told me that he hears that a lot. This was a wholesome moment for both of us. One of the best and most accurate Jojo memes on our list.

89. Kira Yoshikage Did It

Best Jojo memes

This Kira Yoshikage meme is another relatable one. After I made my friends watch Jojo, I DID IT! At first, they were skeptical, but they watched it for the sake of action. The results? I did it!

88. Jojo x Scooby Doo

Best Jojo Memes

If you ever feel weird, remember that someone out there made Scooby Doo’s Jojo edition. Everything is a Jojo reference. No? Think again. Right now, you’re breathing. That’s a Jojo reference as well.

87. Dio's Gift

Best Jojo memes

The girl/boy meme has only become popular over the year. No matter how many years pass, it’s still relevant. This meme is the perfect illustration of how girls are cuties, and on the other hand, boys are hardcore. Well, just a meme.

86. KONO DIO DA! Meme#1

Best Jojo Memes

If you’ve been following Jojo for a while now, you must know the Kono Dio DA! or ‘It was me, DIO!,’ meme. The meme has been slaying when it comes to becoming popular. And this one takes it to a whole other level, making it one of the best Jojo memes of all time.

85. Giorno's Relatable Meme

Best Jojo Meme

We all have been there, done that. This Jojo meme is another relatable instance where we all know that it’s true. However, we are too ashamed to admit that this happens. What an AWFUL meme

84. Speedwagon is the best WAIFU!

Best Jojo memes

One of the most underrated characters in the JJBA series is Speedwagon. A lot of fans call him WAIFU as he’s just perfect. Speedwagon has been helping every Joestar, and the rest is just history. It is one of the best Jojo memes to die for.

83. Will Smith's Reaction

Best Jojo memes

If you’re someone who watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure solely due to the memes. This meme will definitely resonate with you. All those frames where you see all those spicy memes. That’s a type of nostalgia, isn’t it?

82. Jojo's Milf Experience

Best Jojo memes

Now we know why Kakyoin is the way he acts. Redheads are all the same? Well, look for yourself as we cover other Jojo memes for you.

81. NICE!

Best Jojo memes

All the Jojo fans can perfectly relate to this. Personally, when I hear the word nice, what comes to my mind? Joseph saying NICE after seeing Lisa Lisa from the keyhole. This is definitely one of the best Jojo memes on our list today.

80. Friend making Jojo references

Best Jojo Memes

We all have that one friend. Or maybe it’s just you? Watching part 1 and already making Jojo references? That’s very quick. Everything is a Jojo reference. Therefore, I can’t blame the guy too much. GG.

79. Joseph Joestar

Joseph is dying? Well, think again. Joseph is known for cheating on a lot of things and death is one of the things that he created a couple of times. This meme is one of the funniest Jojo memes I’ve seen in a while.

78. My Name is Yoshikage Kira

Best Jojo Memes

This iFunny meme is probably the only funny meme I’ve seen on the platform (JUST KIDDING). It is a pretty accurate meme. If you don’t know the ‘My Name is’ meme, you must be living under a rock.

77. The Difference Between Johnathan and Joseph

Best Jojo memes

I have no idea why Joseph is so different from his ancestor Johnathan. Grandpa must be disappointed. This meme perfectly describes the difference between Johnathan and Joseph. Both are too different from each other!

76. DIO is a softboy

Best Jojo Meme

Dio hated Johnathan. But when Johnathan died, Dio’s eyes changed. We saw mercy in his eyes for the first time. Even if it was there for a split second, I saw the sadness in Dio’s eyes when Johnathan died.

75. Kono Dio Da! Meme#2

Best Jojo memes

It was Pikachu? Think again. Kono Dio Da meme is everywhere on the internet. Jojo memes are crazy to the point where everything seems Jojo enough to laugh at. This is one of the best Jojo memes of all time.

74. Never Skip Part 1

Best Jojo memes

If you skipped part 1, we can’t be friends. Part 1 is one of my most favorite Jojo seasons out there! It is the building block of the JJBA story, and if you’ve skipped it, you’re not even a fan, fam.

73. Bucciarati is MOM

Best Jojo Meme

Bucciarati is always taking care of gang members, and hence, the name MAMA came into play. If Mista is Gioro’s Jobro, that makes Bucciarati a Jomama. Makes sense, right? 

72. Ora Ora Ora

Best Jojo Memes

I take that back. iFunny makes the best Jojo memes! Just look at this meme as it is one of the most accurate memes about JJBA. Jotaro is always Ora Ora-ing the hell out of his enemies. ALPHA MALE.

71. Jotaro's Character Development.... Maybe?

Best Jojo memes

Araki really did a number on Jotaro. This meme really sums up how much calmer and nicer Jotaro become as time passed. In stardust crusaders, I remember Jotaro being the most arrogant and strongest character. In the next season, he was just… meh. 

70. Is this a Jojo reference?

Best Jojo memes

Is this a Jojo reference? It’s one of the most heard lines when you’re a JJBA fan. Moreover, this is one of the best Jojo memes on our list as well.


Best Jojo Memes

The breakdown is one of the best JOJO OP. Change my mind. I just made a meme within the meme. Seems interesting, right? Next time you get the AUX cable, make sure to play Breakdown. 

68. Is this a stand user?

Best Jojo memes

Is this a stand user? Everyone is a stand user if you take a close look. Jotaro is known for being the most alerted one from the bunch. He’s always thinking about stands users, and hence, this is one of the best Jojo memes on our list today.

67. ORA? YES

Best Jojo memes

Other stands explaining how their abilities are their spiritual manifestation. Then there’s Jotaro. One ORA, and he understands the whole situation.

66. Feeding Jojo to friends

Bruh! Feeding Jojo to all my friends have been so stressful. Everyone thinks it’s gay. But judging a book from its cover, they’re definitely right. 

65. Hayato and Kira

Best Jojo memes

Beats by dad. Yes! Hayato has been mind K.O-ed by Kira constantly in the series. The poor boy just couldn’t live in peace and got the dad that he’s always imagined.

64. Recommending Jojo to your friend

Best Jojo Memes

This one is so true! People are always skeptical about what you like. However, when I recommend Jojo to someone, and they actually watch it, it’s a whole other story.

2. You're Epic by Bucciarati

Bucciarati is always taking your confidence to the next level. Have some choccy milk and boost your confidence because you’re epic. This is one of the best Jojo memes to uplift others.

62. Jojo as the worldwide meme

Best JoJo memes

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of its kind of anime where the events take place in various countries. The most surprising this is that they always show 100% accuracy in any country the anime is portraying. 

61. Weak Jotaro

Best jojo memes

I despise what they did to Jotaro in the Diamond is Unbreakable season. Just some years ago, he destroyed DIO and become one of the strongest anime characters of all time. However, in the next season, he’s fighting a rat and literally getting obliterated? 

The rat was no slouch either!

60. Bucciarati is the best mom

Best Jojo memes

Here comes iFunny with another dank meme. I really love every female character relevant to the story. But who’s my favorite? Bucciarati is the best MOM!

59. Jotaro busting a SCUM

We all have been there. Have you ever encountered a scenario where your sibling would give you a less tasty part of the pizza? Or they would take something yummy? You know what to say to them the next time. Good luck.

58. Bucciarati is the master of escaping

Best Jojo memes

Bucciarati has the best escape plan. STICKY FINGAZ! Giorno should take notes as he’s always too competitive. Life has many doors, Gio-boy. This is one of the best Jojo memes to ever come on the surface. Kudos to the maker.

58. I REFUSE by Rohan

Best Jojo memes

Whenever someone says ‘I REFUSE’, I am reminded of Rohan. Get ready for some decent whooping if you say this line when your mom asks you to clean your room. Be a good child.

56. Narancia's Breakdown

Best Jojo memes

Ops. This is going to hurt. We all know that one Narancia’s breakdown. Truth be told, Narancia didn’t deserve any pain at all. 

55. Giorno in a Parallel Universe

I don’t really want to talk about the universe due to the fact that *SPOILERS*. However, this is one of the best Jojo memes I’ve seen today!

54. KONO DIO DA Meme#2

Best Jojo Memes

Already warned you. The KONO DIO DA meme is everywhere. You thought it was Hitler? NO! It was me, DIO. These memes are going crazy viral and I don’t see them ever stopping. All hail, DIO.

53. Dio vs DIavolo's Time Skipping Abilities

This meme is so relatable! Whenever I’m taking a class, the time would never fade away. It feels like many decades have passed and there are still those 5 MINUTES LEFT. Moving forward to the test, It’s a whole other story. Time passes like Diavolo himself has skipped it. 

52. Kono Dio Da Meme#3

Best Jojo memes

Meanwhile in a parallel universe. It was me, JOJO! Try to imaging if Johnathan was the main villain of part 1. It would be so weird, right? Let me know you thoughts down below.

51. Johnathan vs Jojo - Who's right?

A true gentleman knows when to fight and where to fight. That’s the point of Johnathan. Compare to Joseph, he’s more of a dumb lad. Always getting into fights without realizing the gravity of problems. A true CHAD.

50. Rip Phantom Blood (2007)

Best Jojo memes

Apparently, there was a Phantom Blood Movie that was going to be released in 2007. However, it’s sole existence has been removed from this Earth. Rest in peace

49. The Truth Bomb

Best jojo memes

This meme actually states some facts. Passione was in a large size! And we know only a fraction of stand users that were introduced in the series. Hence, it would be interesting to see what happens next.

48. Rohan's Confusion

We have all been there. Sleeping in the car, waking up on the bed. It’s too odd to be a stand’s ability, right? STANDS DON’T EXIST. This is definitely one of the best Jojo memes we have on our list today.


Best Jojo Memes

No way! This meme states the absolute fact. I have been in this position all my childhood. One second’s mistake is equal to countless MUDA barrages.

46. The Wong Kars vs Joseph

Best Jojo memes

Not the Kars Joseph wanted to fight. So let’s see who wins. I’m sure Joseph will still pull out some trick to beat anything that comes in his way.

45. Kakyoin Loves Gaming?

Best Jojo Memes

I’m beyond surprised here. Meanwhile in a parallel universe where Kakyoin loves gaming more than Jotaro’s mom. Your thoughts? Or Kakyoin’s Thot?

44. Let's go! Jojo Tom

Best Jojo memes

Bad news for Jerry! RUN! Tom is going to catch Jerry this one time for sure. I have seen Tom and Jerry JOJO version and I can’t unsee it.

43. Is this a Jojo reference?

Jojo reference is everywhere for all the fans. While this meme is on point. It is true irrespective of the age of fans. One of the best Jojo memes that are actually funny.

42. You vs Your Crush's Crush

Best Jojo memes

ERASE THAT GUY! The power of Okyasu’s stand was to erase things. However, the hype was very short as Okyasu had pretty mediocre speed.

41.Flu Requiem

Even Covid 19 is a Jojo reference. Just look at the meme and true fans will understand.

40. The Two Rocks Look Similar

Two rocks in Jojo means countless hours of HAHA. Joseph was stunned to see why everyone, including Jotaro, was laughing. Such a bizarre thing to see! Man, this is one of the best Jojo memes I’ve ever seen.

39. Kira is exposed

Best Jojo memes

We all know who is behind the hand scene. Kira is known to love hands more than anything. Beware of someone who’s eating a sandwich with a hand. Even if he looks handsome.

38. Oh NO! by Joseph

Best Jojo memes

Did they leave any stones unturned for deaf people? Nope! iFunny comes with another blast of a meme and it seems like this one is for the people who can’t hear. Cheers.

37. Iggy is a trickster

I still remember getting intimidated by this precious thing. At first, I thought to myself ‘what can a small puppy do?’ Minutes later, Iggy started to obliterate everyone by teasing the hell out of them. One of the best Jojo memes that I’ve seen to this date.

36. JJBA's Epic Soundtrack

Best Jojo Memes

Oh boy! That soundtrack is awesome. I have to say but Araki has the best music sense. This meme is relevant to this date. Even Jodeci will laugh looking at this meme.

35. Not the Donut you're thinking ft Giorno

If you’ve watched the Golden Wind part, you can easily get it! Not the donut you were expecting but this takes Giorno’s hair to a lower level. CAN’T HE LIVE WITH that BEAUTIFUL HAIR?

34. Bucciarati Being Wholesome

Best Jojo memes

Another uplifting meme that is more of a motivation given by Bucciarati. He’s so wholesome that even memes can’t take his place. Bucciarati’s sheer presence is pure.

33. You're not a Simp by Joseph

Best Jojo memes

First of all, it’s weird coming from someone who actually digs ladies. However, the whole SIMP thing started with a single comment in idubbbz video, and ever since that time, memes have never been the same.

32. Risotto is Trash?

Best Jojo memes

Risotto is Trash Mental. This is one of the best Jojo memes that portray memes among memes. If that makes sense. 

31. Iggy and Jotaro

Remember what Jotaro did Iggy in this fight? That’s exactly what I want to do with other people’s dogs when they claim that their dog is out of this world. Sweet and Cute.

30. Vanilla Ice vs Vanilla Ice

Best Jojo memes

This sneaky meme by ImgFlip is pretty darn good. Vanilla ice vs Jojo Vanilla ice? The choice is yours.

29. Kira's 'It seems you've seen it'

Have you ever been in a weird situation where you saw something on your friend’s smartphone that you didn’t intend to see? I have been there, done that. This is one of the best Jojo memes ever!

28. It seems you've seen it (Part 2)

Your non-jojo friend sees countless photos of buffed guys in your phone. What are you going to say? Kira has said it for you.

27. Skull Crushing

This is what happens where someone tries to diss Jojo’s bizarre adventure. I’m not saying that it’s right. But for the sake of this meme? Understandable.

26. Jotaro's Advice

Jotaro sensei is here to teach you the best lesson of time. If you made it to this meme, you’re a legend. However, don’t forget to sleep.

25. Triggered Kakyoin

Teachers hate the world Wikipedia. That’s exactly why Kakyoin is the perfect match for this meme. Never take information from the wiki and present it to your teacher. You’ll regret it!

24. Jotaro's Struggles

Best Jojo memes

It’s hard being a Joestar. Just like it’s hard being a lazy person who sits all day and has trouble functioning as a basic human being. Both scenarios are the same but different struggles.

23. Jokuyasu

Crossing and fusing different characters have never been fun before. This is one of the funniest Jojo memes I’ve seen in a while.

22. Racist Jojo meme

best jojo memes

Ever been to China? You shouldn’t be surprised. For the sake of memes, I am including this meme in this blog. NO RACISM intended. But for some fun time, why not?

21. Kakyoin can SEE?

Another pure classic Jojo meme we have on our list is Kakyoin’s ‘I SEE’ It didn’t take much time for my mind to register, however, this is one of the most fun and best Jojo memes on our list.

20. German Memes are the World's Finest!

Again, iFunny never ceases to amaze me. They have some of the best memes when it comes to JJBA, and this one is no exception. German memes are indeed the best in the world.

19. Hol Horse and Polenarref's Hatred

Best Jojo memes

Never fight with someone who likes a different Jojo than you. It will be all bloody! Jotaro and Hol Horse were always fighting with each other, and this meme basically sums it up.

18. Images you can hear

All these images are the frames that you can hear. Well, if you are a true Jojo fan, that is.

  • Kono DIO DA!
  • Yare Yare Daze
  • Arrivederci


17. Jotaro Wiping his face

This Jotaro meme coupled up with the classic homework meme is a masterpiece! Made with Memedroid, the person who did this has the mind of GOLD!

16. Trish and her troubles

Best jojo memes

I hate spiders! Even this is a Jojo reference. Trish and her troubles are just like me killing a spider but it starts moving again.

15. Avdol's Love for Kakyoin

Best Jojo memes

Avdol is one of the nicest Jobros out there. The sheer love for Kakyoin is on a whole other level. Hence, making this one of the best Jojo memes ever! Be nice with your homies.

14. Gold Experience

Best Jojo Memes

Here’s a free template that you can use whenever you see stuff that isn’t supposed to be seen. Don’t thank me. Thanks to whoever made this golden meme.

13. Jojo's Dumb Adventure

I personally don’t even need to say anything about this meme. Which one is dumber? I’ll leave you the judge

12. The difference between Joseph and Josuke


Are they even related to each other? The father is a marathon runner whenever it comes to trouble. Josuke takes things head-on! One of the best facts stating Jojo memes I’ve ever seen!

11. Dio's Intimidating Smile

best jojo memes

iFunny is here to hit y’all with another meme. I have personally encountered this one just last year! While taking Spanish class, I was constantly reminded of Dio and my boy Giorno.

10. Let's Kill Da Ho!

Even been there? But done that? Whenever some accuse of your Jojo memes being boring. You know what to send.

9. Time is everything

Can you relate? Congratulations, we are the same. Don’t waste time! Be productive. By watching Jojo memes? I’m not sure.


This meme portrays history as well! These Jojo references are all over the place. Even from history to this date, they won’t leave us alone. 

7. Bucciarati wants to take care of you

Bucciarati is so wholesome! Better not to lie in front of mom. Take care of yourself, sir/madame.

6. Jojo memes are DEAD?

Are Jojo memes dead? NO! I’m here to take the Jojo memes trend on a whole other level. And no Redditor can stop me from that. Enjoy these best Jojo memes.

5. Joseph is the best trickster

Best Jojo memes

Oh boy! If you’re Joseph in any competitive game, everyone must hate you. Outsmarting the outsmarts is difficult. Let’s see how my next Valorant game goes.

4. Abbachio's Beef with Giorno

This is one of the best Jojo memes ever made! Abbachio has some weird problem with Giorno where he just hates everything that Gio-boy does.

3. Old Passione

Oh Boy! Me and the boys using FaceApp. This meme is one of the best Jojo memes that are relatable to the end. Love for my homies.

2. Joseph is everywhere

Are you surprised? I’m not. Joseph is everywhere. He just can’t die. joseph can even run from death as we’ve seen several times in the anime.

1. Dio's True Feelings

This is one of the best Jojo memes that pretty much sums up our meme list. True feelings of DIO. SO ACCURATE!

Wrapping it up

I have compiled the best Jojo memes from all over the internet! This blog is the only Jojo meme marathon that you need to visit. Let me know which meme you liked the best in the description below.

These memes will give you a quick laugh whenever you’re feeling sad, mad, or even happy. Make sure to share it with your friends.

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