10+ Best Anime VTUBERS Of All Time (RANKED!)

YouTube is a platform full of entertainment. It shows everything. YouTubers are so popular that we all have our favourite YouTubers. What if the YouTuber is virtual (VTUBERS), not a natural person but an animated AI?

Today, we are talking about some of the most popular vtubers. Even though they are not real, their subscribers and fans are real. Well, take it as a warning you might fall for some of the vtubers. They are hella cute and adorable.



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Table of Content

12. Siro

Subscribers: 686,000

Reasons to Watch:

Anime goddess is probably one of the most fabulous creations to exist, but Siro is the goddess of Vtubers. She looks just; like a goddess, and anyone can fall in love with her. I know she is programmed and is not real, but still, we don’t care about it; sad life, though.

Siro is one of the four big vtubers, also known as Big Four. Siro joined YouTube in 2017.

Apart from YouTube, she was a twin protagonist in a Vtuber only movie.

Watch Here:

11. Mirai Akari Project

Subscribers: 710,000

Reasons to Watch:

Blonde anime girl, ahh, just pure waifu material. Mirai is a very energetic Vtuber. She likes to make double meaning jokes, which is why she gets in trouble really quickly. Mirai is the kind of girl every anime watcher wishes for, but you should know she is programmed.

Mirai joined YouTube as a Vtuber in 2017. Originally, her character concept was that she was a time traveller. She lost her memory about her previous life during a time leap. Now she is a YouTuber, so she can connect with others.

Watch Here:

10. Kaguya Luna

Subscribers: 946,000

Reasons to Watch:

A vulgar girl can make anything funny, but if the girl is not real but instead programmed, then it’s more fun. Kaguya is a singer who loves to sing but hates to dance. Kaguya is also known as Cocaine-Chan because she is abusive but good in nature, or you can say is good hearted. 

Kaguya came up as a Vtuber in 2017, and she was the 2nd most subscribed Vtuber but got surpassed in 2020 by Gawr Gura and the rest. Kaguya played a significant role in giving support to virtual talent.

Watch Here:

9. Takanashi Kiara

Subscribers: 1.19 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Keep this in mind, or you’ll be burned in hell. Takanashi is not a chicken or turkey; she is a Phoenix. Takanashi’s dream is to be an owner of a fast-food restaurant, and she works hard for it. Apart from this, she deeply cares about her friends. She is quite an energetic person as well.

In 2020, she came in front of the world as a vtuber. Takanashi is one of those who are from an English first-generation branch. Just to be clear, she is a phoenix, so she can be born again from her ashes.

Watch Here:

8. Ninomae Inanis

Subscribers: 1.2 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Girls with tentacles reminds me of Koro-Sensei, but just to be clear, she is not dangerous. Ninomae has tentacles, and it doesn’t bother her at all. Even she keeps her tentacles all dressed up to look pretty, just like her. Ninome is really polite and cheerful. She can make anyone feel good.

Ninome came up as a vtuber in 2020. Her original character concept was that she was a girl who got a magic book and started gaining power. She then started hearing some ancient whispers and decided to become a vtuber to keep an eye on humanity. 

Watch Here:

7. Nyatasha Nyanners

Subscribers: 1.33 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Fluffy Cat Girls sounds heavenly to me, and for you too, I know. Nyatasha is like a little girl. She is sensitive and energetic simultaneously, but she often makes dirty or double meaning jokes. Nyatasha does some stupid things, which makes her cute and fans like her dumbness as well.

Nyatasha was not supposed to be a Vtuber . She was an anime fangirl, things happened, and the Naruto community gave her confidence to post her own content on youtube. Later in 2020, she became a Vtuber.

Watch Here:

6. Kiryu Coco

Subscribers: 1.43 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Everyone feared dragons but when the dragon is a cute animated vtuber, it can make you fall in love with dragons. Coco has crude humour, and she often uses swear words But it doesn’t really bother her fans and she also likes to tease others.

Coco became a vtuber in 2019 and not just some ordinary vtuber. She was the #1 super chat earner in the world as a Vtuber. Sadly, she is retired now but still, her popularity and fans are maintained.

Watch Here:

5. Watson Amelia

Subscribers: 1.45 Million

Reasons to Watch:

A great combination of sweet and saltines. Amelia is an energetic, sweet and supportive type of Vtuber but she teases her holoMyth members a lot. Well, we won’t mind teasing as well, right? Amelia likes to make double meaning jokes and gets really competitive while playing games like apex legends.

Amelia became a vtuber in 2020. Amelia was initially associated with hololive, and she is the first generation English speaking vtuber .

Watch Here:

4. Inugami Korone

Subscribers: 1.67 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Dogs are the most loved animals and so is Inugami. She is hella cute. Her personality is quite similar to dogs and so are her personality features. Inugami is loyal and she has a goofy character but her browser history can shock anyone.

Inugami came up as a Vtuber in 2019. She is so popular and her fan base is enormous as well. Inugami can be seen doing some weird things like kissing another member for no reason or kissing okaku in the lips.

Watch Here:

3. Mori Calliope

Subscribers: 1.69 Million

Reasons to Watch:

We all know who the reapers are. Some of us even fear them. But when the reaper himself is an animated girl, we’re all for it. We start to adore them. Mori is still a reaper though, so she’ll take your soul. That’s her work but I don’t think you’ll mind giving her your soul, right?

Mori came into the human world and became a vtuber in 2020. Well, if you are wondering, let me tell you why a reaper is a vtuber. It’s because of modern medical facilities. Mori cannot get a lot of souls so she decided to become a vtuber to collect souls.

Watch Here:

2. Kizuna Ai

Subscribers: 2.98 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Ai-Chan, don’t lie; I know she can make you blush. Kizuna Ai, aka Ai-chan is a cheerful girl who treats everyone positively and is friendly. You don’t have to tell me. I know you listen to her songs. Ai-Chan loves to dance and sing but she is not pretty good at speaking English.

Ai-Chan became a vtuber in 2016 and from that time, she has been gaining non-stop popularity. Her fans can be seen all over the world. She is globally famous. “Hai Domo! I’m Kizuna Ai!” is probably the catchphrase that can make any guy fall in love with her.

Watch Here:

1. Gawr Gura

Subscribers: 3.37 Million

Reasons to Watch:

Officer!, I swear she is more than 5000 years old. Gawr Gura looks like a very young girl, but she is more than 5000 years old. To be honest, everyone loves her even though she is lazy, does many stupid things, and is quite dumb. The thing is, Gawr Gura is a baby shark and we love her.

Gawr became a vtuber in 2020, and in 2021. She has more than 3 million subs. Gawr started gaining around 100,000 subscribers every 2 to 5 days which was way too much for a vtuber. In 2021, she is now the most subscribed #1 vtuber on YouTube and she is loved globally.

Watch Here:


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