50+ BEST Anime Smiles That Will Make Your Day!


Are you having a bad day? Do you want to smile? Because that is what matters the most. I have got a solution for you! Let me introduce you to my collection of the Best Anime Smiles to turn that frown upside down! Nothing can stop you from smiling now. I am pretty sure these Anime Smiles will soothe your soul. So, let’s jump right into it!
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Table of Contents

51. Chiyo Sakura

51. Chiyo Sakura

Chiyo is a bright young girl whose smile is just as warm as the sun. On rainy days Chiyo will be your sunshine girl to make you feel better and calm your soul. Around her crush, she smiles very shyly. Chiyo gets rejected by her love interest Nozaki because he misunderstood Chiyo for his fan as he wrote mangas. Even so, she did not give up and continues to develop feelings for him. Therefore, she has got to be one of the most amazing smiles in  Anime. 
Anime/Sauce: Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun

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50. L lawliet

50. L lawliet

For all our emo girls out there, you all should watch L smiling! He rarely smiles, but when he does, it is like all my sorrows turn into a blessing.  L is probably the most serious character in the anime world. But, here he is smiling to bless your feed. For all our emo girls out there, you all should watch L smiling! He rarely smiles, but when he does, it is like all my sorrows turn into a blessing.  L is probably the most serious character in the anime world. But, here he is smiling to bless your feed.
Anime/Sauce: Death Note

49. Mikaela Hyakuya

49. Mikaela

As a human, Mika is kind, and to be honest, his gentle smile hides a lot of struggles he had to face to meet his brother when Mika got separated from him. Finally, when he met his brother Yuichiro he had mixed emotions like Mika wanted to drink up his blood since, he turned into a vampire, but instead, he hugged Yuichiro. At that moment, his smile was so valuable that I wanted to protect it so badly. So here is Mika smiling to heal your wounds.
Anime/Sauce: Owari no Seraph 

48.Tetsuya Kuroko

48. Kuroko

Kuroko is a hardworking person and has every good trait. He is mostly poker-faced, but oh boy! his smile at the end of a good match is priceless! He gives me the vibes of a harmless and tender person filled with an ever-growing love. He is more of a soft-boy. “I love Kuroko” is the first thing that will come to your mind after reading this If it did not, then you are more into bad guys. Therefore, my Kuroko has a pleasant smile. 
Anime/Sauce: Kuroko no Basuke

47. Mikasa

47. Mikasa

Waifu material of Anime Community, Mikasa is known for her badass yet alluring appearance. She is quite stoic. Stoics do not show any emotions. In the Anime world, anything is possible! Therefore, Mikasa’s smile in the picture below must have stolen your hearts. She is so wholesome. Imagine your waifu being a fighter, and at the end of the day, she brings you her heart-melting smile. 
Anime/Sauce: Attack on Titans

46. Isla

47. Isla

The Loli culture has been popular these days, so I just wanted to let you know that we have a candidate!! A part timer to be there for you in your toughest times. Isla is a small and innocent fellow who cares deeply about other people. Her smile screams that It is going to be okay, hang in there and you have got this! 
Anime/Sauce: Plastic Memories

45. Kaneki Ken

45. Kaneki

Kaneki’s smile is mostly on the creepy side. Most of the time in the Anime, he had his face hidden with a veil. But, initially, we saw him in his normal persona smirking like your ordinary tough Anime guy. At the very start, in his human form, he smiled very preciously but after repeated trials that bright smile would no longer be found…
Anime/Sauce: Tokyo Ghoul

44. Garou

Ladies, I want you to brace your hearts because what we are about to witness is something you only see in your dreams! Now, we are talking about one buff, rough and tough man here with one hell of an attractive smirk. Honestly, I would not mind even if he steps on me! His side smile makes me feel cool for I do not know what reason. Therefore, Garou has one of the best smiles.
Anime/Sauce: One Punch Man

43. Yuno

43. Yuno

If we talk about Fashion sense here, in my opinion, Yuno has a good fashion sense which gives vintage vibes. Apart from that, he remains reserved and talks only when needed. He unoften smiles. I assure you that Yuno looks very handsome while smiling. Curious? Check out Black Clover to see if it wins your heart or not.
Anime/Sauce: Black Clover

42. Grey Fullbuster

42. Grey

Mostly remaining shirtless, Grey has captured the hearts of many Fairy Tail’s ladies. Just talking about it is making me blush! Anyway, whenever Grey confidently smiles, the eyes of other women legit turn into hearts. He might not express it but he cares for his nakamas. His smile gives me a ray of hope that “I can do everything”. I can make the impossible possible. So, If you want to know more about his bold smile, check out Fairy tail! 
Anime/Sauce: Fairy Tail

41. Misaki Ayuzawa

41. Misaki

A part-timer in a maid dress, it sounds appealing just from this. Misaki is a hardworking student who is a maid at a cafe and President of her class. That outfit looks super Kawai on her especially when she smiles in it. DAMN!! those lucky customers. That is what you all are probably thinking right now. She is very nice to her customers and always smiling dazzlingly. Hence, she has one of the best smiles. 
Anime/Sauce: The Class President is a Maid

40. Boa Hancock

40. Boa

One fine woman she is. Boa is sensitive, vulnerable, and compassionate towards others. It is like the perfect woman does not exist, then we have Boa in our minds! When she smiles, it seems like a highschooler is smiling innocently. See for yourselves! 
Anime/Sauce: One Piece

39. Bulma

39. Bulma

Brains with beauty, Bulma is full of life and a cheerful lady. She is mostly smiling in Dragon Ball Z. A smile like Bulma’s made Vegita’s heart melt like lava. What about you? Do you think Bulma is pretty enough to make your heart skip a beat or two? Let me know! 
Anime/Sauce: Dragon Ball Z 

38. Senku Ishigami


An intellectual scientist with an enchanting smile. Oh yes! It is your boy Senku Ishigami. Even though Senku is a highly logical person but he is amiable as well! So, you get the best of both worlds. Talking about his smile, it shows that he believes in himself, and it lowkey makes you want to believe yourself too. Therefore, whenever you are in doubt just watch him smile to vanish your perplexity and disbelief in yourself.
Anime/Sauce: Dr. Stone

37. Dio Brando


Dio Brando is one of the hottest villains in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. Due to his father, his love life was ruined. Therefore, he became inhumane and starting to think only about materialistic things like “Money” and “Power”. Nonetheless, his smile is still magnetizing. See for yourselves!
Anime/Sauce: Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

36. Trevor Belmont

36. Bealmont

The first person to defeat Dracula was Trevor. His personality is of a strong warrior with polite manners. He is a gentleman who is hot-headed at times. Like some other Anime characters, he does not smile very often. However, when Trevor smiles, my heart goes BOOM! 
Anime/Sauce: Castlevania

35. Sukuna

Sukuna is Itadori’s demon who is known as “King of Curses”. His smile is eerie but not lying, it is weirdly pleasing as well! Sukuna’s smile is very wide, and his eyes squint. His sadistic personality likes to see other people suffer. Anyhow, his smirk is still one of the best. Let me know if you agree!
Anime/Sauce: Jujutsu Kaisen

34. Yumeko Jabami

Not lesser than any demon’s smile, Yumeko Jabami your pretty girl with a ghoulish smile when things go smooth in her gambling match. She is a very charismatic character who attracts everyone around her. Therefore, I am pretty sure that you all will be surprised by the difference in her personality when she is matching and when she is not. Check out the anime below to find more about Yumeko!
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui

33. Rize Kamishiro

33. Rize

How can we forget that delicate appearance and the adorable smile on her first date with Kaneki! Her smile was more than enough to make Kaneki her victim. Rize is known to be selfish but with that dreamy smile, I will be okay. Moreover, she is quite popular among the Anime community. Hence, she’s got to be one of the best smiles in Anime.
Anime/Sauce: Tokyo Ghoul

32 Midari Ikishima

32. Midari

Midori Ikishima being a supporting character in “Kakegurui” had enough screen on time. She is one insane girl whose smile says a lot about her insanity. Her desperation for gambling makes her smile erratically! And you can see it in the above image. For more information about Midari check out the Anime mentioned below.
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui 


31. Spike Spiegel

31. Spike

Spike? He is my all-time mood! Although, Spike’s lazy but he performed nonchalant action with a smooth smile that drove us, women, crazy!! His physique and that fine smile make up a perfect man. Oh yes! you heard that right. I just really cherish this young man. If you are curious about Spike, you must watch this anime!! 
Anime/Sauce: Cowboy Bebop

30. Natsu Dragneel

30. Natsu

 Do you want a protective and strong guy for yourself? You have come to the right place. Here, you get fire for free as he can exhale fire but I am pretty sure you don’t want to burn yourself too. No worries! Natsu is harmless and a friendly guy with a smile brighter than any star! His smile makes me want to befriend him. What about you guys? Let me know in the comments! 
Anime/Sauce: Fairy Tail

29. Kurosaki Ichigo

29. Ichigo

Being a man with good humor and a smile full of strong faith. I bet this man’s got many chicks! That is what you all are probably thinking, right? Usually, he is mostly stressing over troubles but at the end of the day, we can see his captivating smile. That is what makes him my favorite character of all time. Want to know more about Ichigo? Check out the anime! 
Anime/Sauce: Bleach

28. Killua

28. Killua

Killua is one of the most interesting characters in the series. Initially, we only saw him suffering but later on in the series, but later on, we got to see his positive side too! He has a Kawai smile and blue sparkly eyes. From his creepiest smile to the most wholesome one there is a diversity when it comes to his smile. 
Anime/Sauce: Hunter X Hunter

27. Naru

27. Naru

From the Anime series, “Barakamon” Naru appears as a very energetic kid who likes to smile a lot and help everyone. Honestly, if you are having a bad time take a moment and look at this precious selfless kid who likes to do nothing except playing. You will be reminded of your childhood after watching her getting happy over small things that define her innocent smile and happiness.
Anime/Sauce: Energetic one 

26. Lucy Heartfilia

26. Lucy

Even though Lucy takes exceptional pride in her physical appearance, she is just as nice. Imagine your waifu being this perfect! She’s clever, friendly, and kawaii. This fellow likes to smile quite often and always heals everyone’s wounds. Her angelic smile washes away my sins. If we talk about the Best Anime Smiles, I would 10/10 include her into this category! 
Anime/ Sauce: Fairy Tail

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25. Yato

25. Yato

Yato might not look like it but apparently, he is a god in the series “Noragami” which means “Stray God” Yato is incredibly entertaining and is childish. He had many responsibilities in the series as a god but still, he returned home with a delightful smile.
Anime/Sauce: Stray God

24. Sakura Haruno

24. Sakura

All in one worldwide famous, Sakura has many admirers from the Anime Community. Having said that, I’m a girl yet when I see her smiling my heart goes “Pit pat”! How can one be so perfect? She’s kind, humble, and cares about others. Then, Sakura’s smile vanishes my worries. Therefore, she has one of the most charming smiles in Anime. 
Anime/ Sauce: Naruto


23. Tatsumi

Tatsumi is your ordinary boyfriend material. He has positive traits like Kindness, Friendliness, and braveness. Believe me or not! Tatsumi has a warm smile which can give you strength in the moments you do not feel very confident and his smile is one of the best anime smiles. Anime/Sauce: Red-Eye Kill

22. Goku

22. Goku

Kids, adults and everyone loves Goku!! Why? Because Goku is very fun. He is liked by everyone and is very famous. Just look at that Colgate smile, so smooth and reassuring as if he is with us to help. Did you know? Goku is a prince! No wonder, he looks so precious and smiles nicely. Anime/Sauce: Dragon Ball Z

21. Guren Ichinose

You know how there are such people who like to hide their hard work and pretend to be lazy? I know of one, and it is Guren! He is a real man and the reason why I watched Seraph of the End. Guren is very attractive. It’s like the word “Attractive” is the definition of his smile. Wanna know more about him? Check out the Anime.
Anime/Sauce: Seraph of the End

20. Kaori

20. Kaori

Kaori is a free-spirited girl who plays the violin. She is heavenly and so lovely! Her eyes as she smiles look like the sun’s setting. Kaori is very unpredictable and gutsy. Her lively spirit is worth appreciating. Although, those beautiful ocean eyes may flow like the ocean when she cries. Her smile is still very cheering! 
Anime/Sauce: Your Lie in April

19. Violet

19. Violet

Violet spent most of her time in the army. She did not get to live a proper life as a typical girl and has bad social skills. Violet is very fragile and rarely smiles, but when she does her deep blue eyes get smaller making her look super kawaii. There is a tough competition between Kaori’s and Violet’s smile but I still choose Violet. 
Anime/Sauce: Violet Evergarden

18. Satoru Gojou

18. Gojou

Trending Anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” has the character Gojou. Many girls are simping for him and so am I! He is nonchalant and teases the people close to him like his friends and colleagues. In addition to his good fighting style and fashion sense, he has an admirable smile. With that attractive smile, he drives everyone insane! 
Anime/Sauce: Jujutsu Kaisen

17. Gin Ichimaru

If there was an award for creepy smiles, Gin Ichimaru would be a brand ambassador! Despite being in danger, he always smiles. Slaughtering over a hundred people without feeling the slightest guilt? No problem at all, this guy would smile the brightest! Therefore, If you want to know more about him, check out this Anime!
Anime/Sauce: Bleach

16. Osamu Dazai

16. Dazai

Dazai is lazy, unproductive, and would make suicidal jokes without even batting an eye with a beautiful smile that might even convince you to do double suicide with him. Jokes aside, mental health matters! Dazai makes Bungou Stray Dogs a lot more fun. Therefore, his smile has to be in Best Anime Smiles. 
Anime/Sauce: Bungou Stray Dogs

15.Roronoa Zoro

15. Zoro

One of the hottest dudes, Zoro is known for his muscular physique and a badass smile. He is a serious man but has a goofy side to him too. Zoro slashes his enemies with the smile shown in the image above. I would not need to be slashed to die, but I would die after watching him smile!
Anime/Sauce: One Piece

14. Mizuhara

14. Mizuhara

Many guys all around the world are already in love with this girl! Mizuhara is your ordinary girlfriend material or should I say waifu? Anyhow, She has a sweet personality along with a luscious smile. With her long brown lovely hair, her hand on her mouth while smiling. Oh boy! you know where I am getting. In short, she has one dreamy smile that would make you fall in love with her.
Anime/Sauce: Rent a Girlfriend

13. Emilia

Emilia likes to smile, is good-natured. She cares about her friends but does not like to admit it because she does not wanna appear as selfish. As for her smile, It’s a wonderland! Whenever she smiles, I see rainbows. Her smile really is so wholesome! 
Anime/Sauce: Re Zero

12. Kirai Momobami

This girl intrigued me when I first watched Kakegurui. She usually wore a mask but as she took it off her face was beautiful! I was stunned and wondered “Why did they keep her beauty hidden for so long?” If you’re curious about that, watch this Anime. Also, when she smiles mysteriously her blue eyes glow! 
Anime/Sauce: Kakegurui

11. Eren Jeager

11. Eren

From the Anime “Attack on Titans” Eren is a very passionate guy. Good for you ladies! His will to protect humanity and his friends make him even more enthralling. Therefore, as shown in the image above you can see his gentle smile ready to win your heart yet or not? Let me know in the comments! 
Anime/Sauce: Attack on Titans

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10. Mugen

10. Mugen

Mugen is a womanizer. hearing this did not make me feel good, but this side smirk makes my heart pound. I bet you girls feel the same! Mugen likes to pick fights and winning them too! He is more on the bad guy side. His eyes look tired of battling but he takes maximum fun into doing something he loves or hate. To see more of his smiling moments check out the anime! 
Anime/Sauce: Samurai Champloo

9. Jin Mori

9. Ginmori

Jin likes nothing more than a good fight. He is a very wholesome young man. Jin Mori brightens up my day whenever I feel gloomy. His smile is just as bright as his eyes. Hence, he has one of the best smiles in the Anime. In addition to helping strangers and develops a good bond with them, he is fairy kind too.
Anime/Sauce: God of Highschool 

8. Kou Tanaka


 I would want someone like Kou to be my guy. Since he is a cheering fellow his smile is contagious which would result in making you smile as well! He is just matchless! Futaba is lucky to have a boyfriend as cool as him. 
Anime/Sauce: Blue Spring Ride

7. Yuigahama

6. Yui

Yuigahama is a short-haired girl whose hair color is very unique. No matter how sad she is, that adorable smile would not fade away from her face. She is very cheerful and always wants to fit in. She just likes to be accepted by everyone. How cute, right? 
Anime/Sauce: My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I expected (OreGairu)

6. Erza Scarlet

5 Erza

Erza Scarlet has one of the Best Anime Smiles! She always has her guard up and gets her work done very smoothly. Erza’s Physique is just as pretty as her smile. Weirdly enough, her name Erza matches very well with her smile. Is it just me who thinks that way? Let me know in the comments!
Anime/Sauce: Fairy Tail

5. Chika Fujiwara

4. Chika

Hah! You’re already smiling. I know you are glad to see your waifu in the top 5 of this list. Chika is an energetic and eye-catching girl who can dance as well. She reminds me of cotton candy, her smile is just as sweet as cotton candy too! Therefore, In your rough times remember that Chika’s dance is always there to cheer you up.
Anime/Sauce: Love is War

4. Elaina

3. Elaina

Elaina has been a sheltered child. Her life is full of adventures and new things. She is the first witch to be kind and jolly. She is an interesting character whose smile is soothing than lavenders. Her smile can cheer you up in no time! if you want to know more about this kind of witch check out the Anime!
Anime/Sauce: Elaina Wandering Witch

3 . Hisoka

2. Hisoka

I believe in Hisoka supremacy! It is the first creepy smile that will make you fall in love with him. His moments in the Anime are amazing. Do check out “Hunter X Hunter”
Anime/Sauce: Hunter X Hunter

2. Tetora

2. Tetora

Tetora likes to tease people around her and is confident. She is very hyper as well. When you feel like giving up on a task or hopeless, she is the type of girl who would cheer you up in no time! Her smile is very charismatic and addicting that she will turn your frown up. 
Anime/Sauce: Log Horizon

1. Monkey D. Luffy

1. Luffy

Luffy is optimistic and kind. Always ready to sacrifice his life to save his loved ones. Even in his hardest times, he did not stop smiling. No matter what happens! Luffy would smile. In my opinion, it is a good trait. What do you think about Luffy’s comforting smile? 
Anime/Sauce: One Piece


This list told you about the Anime characters with the BEST smiles. Your girl cheated on you? Did you fail your exams? Worry not, my friend. We have got you all covered! I hope this made your day.  Do let me know how did this list make you feel in the comments below!


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