41+ BEST Anime Moms That You Will Fall In Love With!

Anime moms

Anime moms are the sole reason some people watch Anime! And yes! I’m talking about Kakyoin from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Well, these 41+ Best Anime Moms will make you fall in love with them. Mainly due to the fact that they turn the story in another direction. However, a lot of young folks out there are thirsty.

Therefore, this list is for those who want to fill their Anime watching experience with joy and never-ending satisfaction. Sit back and relax. This is going to be an interesting one.

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Table of Contents

42. Bulma

42. Bulma Anime Moms

When we talk about the best Anime moms, Bulma has to be on the list. This mom is from “Dragon Ball Z,” and we got to see some of the craziest character development too. YES! I’m talking about that kind of development. For people who say “I’m watching it for the plot,” I think they are talking about Bulma. Moreover, Bulma is one of the most popular Anime moms out there. She’s got the brains, looks, and most importantly the personality to make even the worst villains shake.

Her relationship with Vegeta (2nd lead protagonist) is beautiful. It was something no one was expecting, and the folks at Dragon Ball franchise just slammed. Ever since Vegeta has gone to training, Bulma is such a nice mother to Trunks and Bulla too. Hence, she’s the epitome of what an Anime mom should be.

41. Sachiko Fujinuma

41. Sachiko Fujinuma Best Anime Moms

Even before I started the list, I knew I had to add Sachiko to the list. The girl is so fine, she’d make the best mommy. Well, she is the best mom from the “Erased” series, and I think she deserves the spot. The sole reason that I personally added her to this list is due to the amount of love I have for her. Sachiko is PRECIOUS!

As one of the best Anime moms, Sachiko is hardworking, intellectual, and most of all, she’s as selfless as it gets. To her son, she was the best mother he could’ve ever wanted, and kudos to this cutie, she makes an awesome mom.

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40. Inko Midoriya

40. Inko Midoriya Best Anime Moms

Inko Midoriyai is the most supporting mom anyone could ever have. She’s always worried about his son, Midoriya, and even if the world was stacked against Midoriya, she always made him feel good. Midoriya was powerless in the series, however, Inko didn’t let that phase him, she supported Midoriya as every mother should do. Even though Midoriya became one hell of a strong fighter, Inko still cared about him and would worry about him too.

No matter how many odds are stacked against Midoriya, Inko is always there to help him. For me, Inko is one of the best Anime moms out there that anyone would fall in love with. She’s too wholesome!

39. Carla Jaegar

39. Carla Best anime moms

The mother of Eren and someone whom everyone loves, Carla is a mother who has been sacrificing all her life. Her dedication to make Eren safe and sound was something else. On second thought, she’s is hella beautiful. OH BOY! The beauty didn’t faze, and we got to know how Eren got those awesome genes.

In the series, when she was taken by a titan is one of the most popular scenes. And I’d be lying if I tell you that I didn’t feel anything. Hence, it was a rather very depressing moment for every watcher out there. However, Carla is the epitome of epicness. Her sacrifice didn’t go to waste. She is one of the best Anime moms out there for sure!

38. Maquia


Another top tier mom on our list is Maquia. She’s one of the best Moms that we’ve ever seen in any anime. Well, here’s the catch. Maquia looks like a 16-year-old and she’s different from humans (more details in the Anime.) Hence, if she doesn’t age like humans, Maquia is the perfect Waifu material for the thirsty fanboys out there.

But beware! This girl will continue to live hundreds of years too. Well, can’t call her girl, can I? She still adopted someone from the orphanage. Leading such a hectic life, Maquia just wanted someone to be with her. Such a touching story, right? She’s an awesome mom from the “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms” series.

37. Nancy Takaishi

If you’re a fan of Digimon, you must know what sort of a mother Nancy is. The sweet, sugar, and beautiful mom that everyone loved in the series. Even with her kind and positive personality, this fly mom has been protecting her kids. Moreover, Nancy is rather possessive when it comes to the safety of her kids. Even though she doesn’t really have custody of Matt, she still tries to be the best mother to her kids.
Nancy tries her best to become an ideal mother to Matt, and when we talk about this find lady, damn! she’s kind of hot.

36 .Hana

36. Hana best anime moms
One of the most wholesome and best Anime moms out there is Hana from “Wolf Children.” Her emotions in the movie were portrayed in the most beautiful way possible. Hana has been an awesome mother to her kids. If I had the chance, I’d marry her without a second chance.
Taking care of even one kid by yourself is hard, and Hana has two responsibilities. However, she still doesn’t phase. The level of love she gives to her children is exquisite. Watching a series where the mom is giving her best side to her children is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in a while.

35. Sanae Furukawa

35. Sanae best anime moms
Clannad is one of the most emotional series I’ve ever seen. She surely appeared in the series. However, in the afters story, she is shown to be one of the best Anime moms we can ever expect. Well, if I start talking about what this mother did for everyone, I’d be spoiling a lot of stuff. 
In the simplest words, Sanae had a tragic life. However, she still tries to cheer up and gives the happiest side to people around her. A lot of stuff happened in Sanae’s life. However, she still doesn’t look all gloomy. Sanae is the perfect Anime mom anyone can ask for.

34. Akari Sakishima

34. Akari Best Anime Moms
Another selfless mother on the list that everyone just loves is “Akari.” She’s a step-mother and a selfless sister whose life isn’t as jolly as it seems. Her encounter with the step-daughter is something you’d see a lot in the series, and the whole series shows her as the best mother figure anyone can find.
It’s not that Akari is lacking. But she tries to become the ideal mother for her own brother. Moreover, she isn’t your cookie-cutter usual Anime mom, she’s someone who is going through dark days in her life. However, her strength is in not losing hope and accepting the fact that life isn’t always fun.

33. Mari Katsuragi

On the surface, she might seem like a usual Anime mom but don’t get me wrong. She’s a badass mother. At least, she used to be. Mari used to be in a gang before all the Anime stuff happened. Moreover, when it comes to her prowess, she’s surely a badass. However, in the Anime, we got to see her usual motherly self with love that’s bound to be given to his son.
Even though her son is more of a nothing, she always uplifts her, and she makes sure that he doesn’t feel too bad. Mari’s husband is overseas, but her badass strength is still here!

32. Kushina Uzumaki

32. Kushina best Anime moms
Can this list go without Kushina? NOPE! Kushina is hands down, the best mother in Naruto. Sure! She wasn’t present in the actual timeline. However, the sacrifice she gave for Naruto was something else. Both parents were kind enough to sacrifice their lives for Naruto who had just been born. Even if we take away that mother’s side, Kushina was an awesome human being too.
She knew that something was surely wrong with the village and things need to be changed. She worked hard to become a great ninja and a fine lady. In other words, Kushina is one of the best Anime moms out there.

31. Yasuko Takasu

Another mother with a plethora of problems, Yasuko seems like someone who’s a bit easy-going and irresponsible. Her character in Toradora is shown more of a tired woman who’d always ask her son to clean her own mess. 
But how does that mess even create? This is because she’s doing so much for her son that no one really sees. As Yasuko’s husband died, she had to wake up early, go for a couple of jobs, and feed her son, giving him the perfect life. This might be rather easy for you. However, for someone like Yasuko, it’s a whole responsibility. Yasuko is one of the best Anime moms out there!

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30. Akari Kawamoto

30. Akari
Not quite a mom but Akari is like a mother figure to her siblings ever since her parents died. Being the eldest in the family, she is taking care of her brother and system. When you should be in university, she is busy taking care of the family. Her sole purpose of living is to provide her siblings the life they never had!
It’s very tough being Akari as she’s busy day and night. Working jobs, taking care of the kids, and with no one to take care of her, she is one of the best Anime moms out there!

29. Hana Kirisaki

As a person from higher up, Hana isn’t something you can mess with. Well, being the CEO, this mom has the toughest life in the Nisekoi series. She has given a lot of instructions and her daily schedule is far from being free. She works day and night as she’s also a mother. But damn! That fine woman everyone would hit one.
Even though Hana isn’t the best mother out there, because she’s always working, Hana’s life is very hard. She’s also the role model to a lot of people in the series.

28. Trisha Elric

28. Trish best Anime moms
Even since her husband left, Trish didn’t flinch. She treated her kids with the best version of herself. Raised her kids without making them think that anything is even missing, Trish’s life is one of the saddest. However, she is one of the best Anime moms out there.
A mom who’s not just steadfast but would do anything to make sure that her kids are safe, Trish is something else. What a perfect portrayal of the strong woman who would never be swayed no matter how much life kicks her down.

27. Yukari Nitani

27. Nitani best mom
Another top-tier mom that is loved by a lot of otakus out there, Yukari has a lot of stuff going on. She’s a beautiful, 32-year-old woman who takes care of her Kouki. Moreover, Yukari is someone who would just give up on her dreams if it means making other’s happy. The kindest Anime mom we’ve ever seen and her kindness is uncanny. 
She’s a mother figure to a lot of characters in the series. Her sole presence is very mesmerizing and when it comes to Yukari being wholesome, man, I love her!

26. Kyoko Honda

Another badass Anime mom that was previously a member of a biker gang, Kyoko sure has a lot of transition going on. To think that such a girl would become the most humble character, it’s unreal. Imagine being the badest girl on the planet, and some years later you’re that generic mom every man wants. Such a transition, right?
But truth be told, her character is awesome. Kyoko is the perfect mother figure in the Anime, and an impactful character too. Her sole character changed the shape of Fruit Basket Anime. Due to Kyoko, a big emotional part of the Fruit Basket series was impacted.

25. Miyako Ishida

This one is from the movies. Miyako is probably one of the best Anime moms in terms of sucking it up and providing the best life to her kid. She did the best she could for Shoya. On the other hand, Shoya is such a brad. he’s hard to hand. but Miyako did it in such a great way that no matter how much he acts like hell, she wouldn’t resort to violence. She would rather die than hitting her son.
I think a lot of real moms can get a message from this. Miyako is the top-tier mom that everyone just loves.

24. Emi Handa

24. Emi Best Anime Moms
Emi is a fragile mother who can’t seem to grasp the fact that her kid is growing up and going to become what he wants. Following his dream is cool. However, Emi is so pure that she just loves her son. She’s very careful when it comes to her son. Moreover, Seishuu (her son) wants to go to Goto Island. However, Emi doesn’t like the idea.
The most understanding mother on the planet, Emi understood the needs of her son and eventually accepted the fact that she needs to let him go. What a touching story!

23. Lisa Lisa

23. Lisa Lisa
LISA LISA for the best Anime mom poll! She is known for her unshakable beauty and powerful character. Lisa Lisa is the main character’s mother, and without Joseph knowing, she was probably the closest yet most far to her. After her husband got killed by a zombie, Lisa Lisa went full-on training and became one of the best Anime moms as well.
Her beauty, looks, personality, and powers, everything is just perfect. She even went on to train her child. Therefore, we got to see a lot of interesting plot twists in the JJBA series. 

22. Touko Fujiwara

Touko is surely one of the well-written characters in the series. While she’s a beautiful, pure, and humble middle-aged woman, she adopted Natsuke Takashi. Due to the fact that she couldn’t give birth, it might seem a little bit of a selfish reason. However, Touko was feeling so lonely in life that even her husband couldn’t fill the void.
But even though you might think it’s a little bit selfish, she had been a very good mother. And in conclusion, to all this, I think Touko is one of the best Anime moms on our list.

21. Masaki Kurosaki

21. Misaki best anime moms
While we couldn’t get to see what Masaki was like her in regular life, one scene was enough to give us a glimpse of what was going on. She was the best mother Ichigo could ever have. The tragedy that killed Masaki was super sad.
Her bad fate with hollows got her killed, and it was one of the saddest Anime deaths that we ever got to see. Moreover, Ichigo was the best kid Masaki could ever want to. Their relationship with each other was something that cannot be comprehended in words. Right by the hands of Grand Fisher hollow, she had such a sad fate.

20. Bell-Mère

Belle Best Anime Moms
Bell’s life is something too emotional for even the hardest ones. This mother isn’t something that everyone has. Due to her needing a lot of character development, the writer went full-on insane on Bell honestly. Bell had to sacrifice her daughters or die. Well, what she did was incredibly courageous. She gave up on her life and left her two daughters’ lives.
This is just enough Internet for today. Bell is probably the strongest Anime moms on our list. Her courage and love for kids is something that we don’t get to see. Even in real life, we don’t get to see this level of love. 

19. Momoko Shigeno

Major is one of those Anime that can hook you up emotionally with a lot of characters. In the series, Momoko was such a beautiful thing to see. She has been in the Anime most of the season, and all I can say is that her wholesome self is such a charm to see in the series. Her life was always hard though.
However, Momoko is surely one of the best Anime moms for me! Even after her husband passed, she was so selfless that she would just take care of her two kids. On the other, she would give a lot of motherly love to Goro too.

18. Sachiko Yagami

The mom of Light Yagami isn’t quite popular. You won’t get to see her like other moms either. She’s more of the real side character. However, that doesn’t mean Sachiko is that unimpressive. She had a lot of rough times in the Anime too. Moreover, according to Ryuk, the Yagami family is the most unfortunate in the whole world. Well, we got to see that in the Anime pretty closely. 
However, Sachiko didn’t leave the family no matter how much they were going through hard times. She always understood the family situation and tried to make everyone better.

17. Chi-Chi

Chi Chi best Anime moms
Another Dragon Ball character! Chi Chi is undoubtedly the best mother and best wife too. Her fearsome personality is so loveable that it made even the densest person like Goku fall in love with her. Chi Chi is intimidating though! Her character itself is very fearsome to the point where most of the characters would start running.
But when it comes to Gohan and Goten, she is the most possessive and loving mother. She would always want the best for her kids. Moreover, sometimes, ignoring her husband for her kids would be something she values. Chi Chi is one of the best Anime moms on our list.

16. Ryouko Tamiya

16. Ryouku
Parasyte is one of my most favorite Anime out there! Ryouko really lightened up the series. Well, in many ways. Her sole presence looks like a killer cheater who would eat someone’s kid. Well, guess what? She’s a mother herself. Well, it was just her way of showing love, maybe? 
Even when she was turned into a parasyte, she still didn’t hurt the kid. That says a lot about her true intentions. Even when she was possessed by a literally outside parasite, she didn’t lose her love for kids. It’s something that no one except Ryouku can control. 

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15. Mikoto Uchiha

15. Mikoto Best Anime moms
Mikoto Uchiha, the mother of Sasuke, is surely one of the best moms from Anime. Her sole presence was transparent. However, she has been a very kind mother to Sasuke and Itachi. Even when Itachi threatened to kill Mikoto, she remained calm and just cried due to the fact that she won’t see her kids.
To Sasuke, she had been an awesome mother. Always asking him how his day went and what did his dad talk about, she is one of the best Anime moms on our list.

14. Queen Serenity

14. Queen Serenity
Oh Boy! Why do most Anime parents would just go on sacrificing. Well, here’s another one. There are times when bad times can’t be changed. It’s do or die, and Queen Serenity is the epitome of that. When it comes to this Queen, her sacrifice is something that we really need to mention.
Her sacrifice was worth it though. She basically had to either goodbye to her daughter and her friends compared to her own life. Guess what? Queen serenity offered her life. On the flip side, Queen has some sexy stuff going on all over her. She’s hot.

13. Clara Magnolia

One of the best looking Anime on our list is Violet Evergarden. Well, one of the best looking moms too. Clara is such a beauty. We just can’t even compare her to anyone. Episode 10 was very popular. All thanks to Clara, the Anime lives up to its hype. It was shown that Clara was the mother of Ann Magnolia. 
Her love for Ann was something every mother needs to watch! She was an awesome lady with a great character. Moreover, Clara was also the epitome of what beauty looks like. 

12. Videl

Videl Best Anime Moms
Videl is probably the youngest mother here. She is the wife of Gohan. Moreover, at the time of her being Gohan’s girlfriend, she became pregnant with Pan. However, she is one of the best Anime moms on our list. Videl was shown to be a rather angry, frustrated, and naive girl at first.
However, as the series progressed, she became humble. After having Pan as her first kid, she became so humble and full of motherly love. Beautiful story, right?

11. Tomoko Higashikata

Although Tomoko will make you pee in your pants, she is probably the most attractive Anime moms when we talk about personality. Her easy-going attitude is something everyone loves! Kakayoin wants to know her location though!
She didn’t let Josuke feel any sort of father’s feelings as Josuke’s father already left a long time ago! Well, more from the Anime. But seriously, Tomoko is the best mom anyone can have. She is known for giving the hardest ass whopping to a lot of characters. But let’s be real, Tomoko is AWESOME!

10. Kurenai Sarutobi

Azuma and Kurenai Sensei was in a relationship. Both precious people had a tragic fate. Well, Kurenai was probably one of the coolest sensei in the series. However, after Azuma died, things took a downfall. A lot of characters changed. Especially Kurenai! The baby she was having, was the only thing left by Azuma. What a beautiful thing, right?
With everything aside, she still became one of the coolest mothers though! She didn’t get traumatized or stuff. However, Kurenai decided to live life for her child! What an awesome mother.

9. Rinko Iori

9. Rinko Best Anime Mom
If a curvy mom is your preference, we have got you covered. She isn’t much sad or dramatic as all the other mothers we’ve been talking about but she has a charm in herself. Well, everyone loves Rinko as she’s a great cook, and she loves her husband even if they are far from each other.
Girls! LEARN SOMETHING! You too, BOYS! Rinko is also very supportive when it comes to her son. She knows that her son’s life is very precious, and would do anything to make it better.

8. Delia Ketchum

8. Dalia
Deli Ketchum is the most wholesome Anime mom on our list. She is a beauty of her own. At some point in life, Delia also wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. However, she let go of all her plans and just started a family. I’d be lying If I say this isn’t respectable. 
Even though we won’t see her often in the series, she is someone that loves Ash a lot. She would literally sacrifice her life for Ash’s happiness. Well, not quite literally but she cares about Ash more than anything. 

7. Mito Freecss

7. Mito Freecs
Mito deservers the world! She’s the epitome of wholesomeness. She’s a kind lady who is just so cute for some reason. It looks like I really want to squeeze her cheeks, don’t I? Maybe. She was a possessive mother to Gon, and she tried her best to not make him sign the Hunter Exam so that he won’t be putting his life in danger.
Well, duty called, Gon found out the waypoint. The only way to find his dad would be to actually find him! However, Mito understood that and let him go.

6. Kurumi Saiki

6. Kurumi
Oh boy! Know I know how Saiki K got his good looks. HIS MOTHER IS TOO DAMN GOOD LOOKING! Can you even tell that she’s around 37? I bet not. She’s one of the best Anime moms we’ve ever seen. She’s pursuing a master’s degree along with a hectic part-time job. Well, just to make his child study and act better.
How does she treat the family? Marvelous. I love this mom for her beautiful character. The jolly and positive character is something that made me go through my hard times too.

5 .Ragyō Kiryūin

5. Ragyo best Anime mothers

She might not be the best Anime mother but DAMN IT! That’s BODY. When we talk about raw power, Ragyo has got it all. She is probably the most intimidating Anime mom on our list today. But guess what? In terms of strength, speed, and every physical and mental capability, she transcends humans too. God works in a mysterious way, right.

4. Kazue Sonokawa

4. Kazue
The most forgotten Anime mom on our list, KAZUE IS FIRE! There’s something so cool about moms who can cool, clean, and kick some ass too. The gentle-looking mom literally blew brains. By that mean, she shot enemies with a revolver and looked cool than your favorite Anime mom for sure!
If you judge her by the appearance, I’m sure you’re also going to get your brains blown. This beauty can kill people while having that cute smile on the face.

3. Leonora Nakiri

The tastiest mother in the series, Leonora is a beauty with brains. Her beauty makes me go all hazy. With her beautiful body and such exclusive hair, I think everyone will easily fall for her. Those eyes don’t like, and this epic mom isn’t something everyone has. In the world of cooking, Leonora tries her best to cook the best. And she does! Her cooking is something outside of the world.

2. Sora Vinsmoke

Sora Best Anime Moms

One of the best Anime moms, Sora Vinsmoke is another mother from One Piece who gave such a huge sacrifice. She’s the mother of Sanji and she wanted the best for him too. Despite being a mother of five children where her husband would turn her kids into emotionless beings, she tried her best to make them sane. She literally made her life less by ingesting a pill so that Sanji could live peacefully! What a mother.

1. Bucciarati

Bucciaratti is the best mom. CHANGE MY MIND! Well, this might’ve turned into a troll but trust me, Bucciaratti is one of the best Anime moms out there. At first, it was more of a joke, but I decided to turn it into an actual thing. In the Anime, he is seen helping everyone, fighting for them, and treating his gang like his own family.
No matter how hard the circumstances were, he just never lost hope. He would literally go crazy if one of the boys are hurt.

Who's your favorite mom?

We have covered over 41+ BEST Anime Moms that will make you fall in love with them! The list is just too epic! I hope you enjoyed the list. if you liked the list, just make sure to comment about your most favorite characters that would make best moms.


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