107+ BEST Anime Memes that are HILIARIOUS! (FUNNY IMAGES)

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We all love Anime and watch it regularly. When it comes to ordinary memes and Anime memes, I would surely choose Anime memes! In this blog, I will introduce some of the BEST Anime memes! These will surely crack you up so brace yourselves to witness deep Anime humor.
So, let’s just jump right into it.
Here is a list of 107+ BEST Anime Memes.

Table of Contents

108. Kakashi's Netflix Adaptation be like

I can’t stop laughing at this because the resemblance is uncanny! Though, I shall not forgive them for comparing Kakashi with a paintbrush. Are you kidding me?!

107. Mom where did I come from?​

Anime memes 108

When we get aware of nature around us, these types of questions keep lingering in our brains. In the above image, everyone knows except of the clueless person asking it! 

106. Your ultra instinct when you wake up by yourself

So, has this ever happened to you? You’re sleeping and suddenly your eyes open a minute before the alarm ringing! I know you all feel like Goku at that time.

105. Yamcha's reputation

This meme shows Yamcha’s reputation in everyone’s eyes. I feel bad for him, but he is not that weak! When it comes to supporting other characters he’s always there for them.

104. Facts ( no offense)

 I mean, I am not trying to humiliate Anime or anything since I am an Otaku as well! but, this meme says it all! You need to step out to gain it all.

103. Noelle's past

Anime memes 103

Noelle takes pride in royalty! Therefore, that is her childhood image in brown hair but her future version seems not so happy about the past.

102. Kono Dio Da!

Anime memes 102

When you thought this meme was going to be in English, but Dio goes like, “KONO DIO DA!”. For those of you who don’t know the mean of it. It’s mean is “It was me, Dio!”

101. Homework got us like

Anime memes 101

That awful moment when you think you are done with your homework and now you can chill. Truthfully, this situation always pisses one off! So, Focus when you do your homework!

100. Anxiety always gotta kick

Anime memes 100

Is it just me or does that happen with you guys too? Let me tell you a life-saving life hack! Just don’t make eye contact with your teacher.

99. Cranky Boomers

Anime memes 99

It is not our fault to be locked up inside our homes! In the backward era, they forbid us to go out so we found our friends AKA videogames! Also, boomers invented games and all.

98. If the word disappointment had a face

That awkward moment when you are disappointed but still have to be unaware of what the other person is talking about. Ever happened with you guys? Do let me know in the comments!

97. What a filthy being

Anime memes 97

Don’t you hate it when someone smashes on your face as to how they hate Anime! When they know you love it.

96. The voices inside my head

Anime memes 96

Ever experienced the voices of failure inside your head? Trust me there is no such thing as impossible! You can do it! Do not let these voices get to you.

95. The trauma Anohana gave us all

Anime memes 95

Anohana was one hell of a sad Anime. I would not add the spoilers. If you know it you know it!

94. What type of person are you?

Anime memes 94

There are exactly nine types of people after examination as you can see in the above image. Some just don’t care, others discuss the correct answers and of course, there are confident winners as well!

93. DO NOT underestimate JOJO POSERS!

In my opinion, Fortnite dances are boring as compared to Jojo poses and its background music. They are sleeker and dope. Therefore, Jojo wins!

92. Dark truth about being Isekai'd

Anime memes 92

Yes! Transferring to another world sounds entertaining as long as the other world isn’t CREEPY!

91. Age in Anime

Anime memes 91

Can you believe it! This character from Lucky Star is 17 years old. I am at a loss for words for this meme.

90. A Gentleman

Anime memes 90

Jonathan, you’re truly a gentleman! I mean yeah listen to your friends but not always. They might not be always right. Strive for you!


Anime memes 89

When you literally just turn wifi OFF and then ON. Yes, you become a scientist! Easy right?

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88. When you can't spell a specific word

Anime memes 88

Okay, single people, I’m sorry if you never experienced this. Has this ever happened to you? That suffocation when you can’t remember specific spells?

87. Captain JAPAN!

Anime memes 87

Oh! So you don’t like Captain Marvel huh? Well, after Japan fixes your captain marvel you will change your mind! She is more like a waifu now. 


Anime memes 86

This is also one of the best Anime memes! You are like, “This is my waifu” turns out your imaginary waifu is a GUY! You just got hurt double times! I’m sorry.

85. DUMB moment

Anime memes 85

That dumb moment when you have no idea what the other person is talking about yet you still nod your head like you get everything! Ever happened with you? 

84. I used to dislike Anime

Anime memes 84

Was it the same for you too? Did you also dislike Anime? Well, does not matter because we are weebs now and is too late to regret it!

83. The shocked demons!

You are just vibing in your room to Anime openings perfectly. The demons in your room get shocked due to your weeb-ish singing skills!

82. Kimi No Toriko

Anime memes 82

I am sure you can hear my caption! By this caption, I doubt all of you get what I’m talking about. So, Kimi no Toriko is a very kawaii song which weebs save for later! Therefore, this is what this meme is about. It is also one of the best Anime memes.

81. Locker rooms!

Anime memes 81

Girls get real embarrassed when a guy enters their locker rooms! Meanwhile, Guys go like ( look at the above image ) all chill, and you can hear THE PILLAR MEN theme if you’re JJBA’s fan.

80. Smelly moment

Anime memes 80

That awkward moment when you can’t hold in your fart in public! Ever happened with you? Come on, don’t be shy! We all have gone through this.

79. Mom's phone be like

Anime memes 79

That one moment! That one moment full of regret when you pick your mother’s phone! As loud as Asta, as bright as any brightest thing in this world, Fonts as big as titans! Can you relate?

78. Incognito mode!

Anime memes 78

During the daytime, your browser is innocent and at night! Do you know what I mean?

77. Gojou the hot sensei

Anime memes 77

Oh yes! If your girl watches Jujutsu Kaisen, she’s probably watching it for Gojou. And, WOOSH! she isn’t your girl anymore.

76. Joji!

Anime Memes 76

If you see an Anime girl tilting her head, that’s not an Anime girl that’s Joji! Second to none than any other Anime waifu! This is also one of the best anime memes.


Anime memes 75

You know Coronavirus has made breathing very hard. We can inhale nature and it’s natural oxygen. Kaguya explains it all!

74. The Exclusive Boss

Anime memes 74

Don’t you hate it when in videogames, the almighty boss changes appearance when they become approachable!? Can you relate? They don’t give the same vibes anymore.

73. Netflix Adaptation

Anime memes 73

This cracked you up! I know! Netflix always has to ruin by making it live-action movie.

72. Immortal Ash

Anime memes 72

You will have kids, you will have grandkids and die but Ash will remain 10 years old!

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71. Sleep deprived

Anime memes 71

No matter how much amount of sleep you get, you will remain sleep deprived! Sleep is never enough! isn’t that correct?

70. Mainga instead of Manga

This wrong pronunciation is such a turn-off! Listen! it is MANGA, not MAINGA!

69. Waifu things

Anime memes 69

Just some waifu things you are unaware of! Get yourself a waifu who’s an otaku and suggests good anime to watch!


Anime memes 68

Watching trucks is fine but the moment they surround you. It can make you extremely anxious! You don’t want that to happen to you so, stay safe!

67. My kind of wonderland

When your thoughts are a bit too loud so other people notice you! Oh well, we otakus don’t care. Too Bizarre to care! Anime world is my kind of wonderland. 

65. Memes or Anime memes

Anime memes 65

Which one do you guys prefer? Regular memes or Anime memes? In my opinion, Anime memes would cheer you up 10/10. How do I know? Been there, done that!

64. Your Sun < Mai San

Anime memes 64

Your sun is not a waifu material. Try MAI SAN! A kawaii bunny waifu who’d cheer you up in your rough times. This is also one of the best anime memes!

63. Maths and Me

Anime memes 63

I have heard everything is possible. Everything really is, but when it comes to MATHS! Unless you practice it remains impossible! I can relate to Dazai here! Can you guys relate? 

62. POWER!

Anime memes 62

Do you sometimes get amazed at your reading and watching abilities? I do! And honestly, this is such a wholesome superpower. Watching Anime made it even more stronger. 

61. The difference between Girls and Boys

Anime memes 61

Girls just cannot stand guys replying to them late. Meanwhile, guys won’t even mind if they get a reply after days as long as there is a reply!

60. The Bitter Truth

Hang in there. Your time will come! This is also one of the best anime memes I have seen so far. It cracked me up. How was it for you? Send this meme to someone who can’t get a girlfriend.

59. Chika's fame

Anime memes 59

Don’t dare to underestimate our kawaii queen CHiKA! She deserves fame and all the spotlight.

58. Earth Chan!

This is also one of the best anime memes! I am sure it cracked you up too. Earth Chan would not like it if you throw trash on her. Instead, plant her and bloom her!

57. Intense Corona

Anime memes 57

Are you also one of those people who did not take Corona seriously? If yes, then you can relate! Now that you know the seriousness of Corona put your face masks on when you go out.

56. Never ending confusion

Anime memes 56

When I first started watching Haikyu, I found it strange that Hinata is a female character from Naruto. Why is Hinata in Haikyu a boy? These thoughts lingered in my brain. Did the same happen with you too? Let me know in the comments!

55. Shyness always comes in the way

Anime memes 55

Ever faced a situation where you wanted to befriend someone with the same interests as yours? I think it varies from person to person. This meme might not be relatable to all of you but, good luck! Maybe send them this meme. 

54. Traitor!

Anime memes 54

That moment when you wanted to start a specific Anime with your friend turns out they already watched it.

53. How Anime got us all like

Anime memes 53

There is no right time for anything! The moment is now. Either fly from your problems or fight them like a real warrior.

52. War between Extroverts and Introverts

Anime memes 52

Have you ever been approached by extroverts? An introvert is always chilling and vibing on their own. When they are noticed by some extrovert, they get in trouble.

51. Aqua the second Sakura

Anime memes 51

After Sakura, Aqua is out there who can’t do anything at all which makes this one of the best anime memes.

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50. Anime moms Vs Real moms

Anime memes 50

Anime moms always look so kawaii and whenever they are angry they pout their mouths! Meanwhile, our moms! we all know it better.

49. Dating a junior

Anime memes 49

This is how dating a guy junior to you feels like. I’m sure you all are laughing hard right now because of how small Goku looks!

48. Side effects of watching JJBA

Anime memes 48

Before watching JJBA the girls were so feminine and now look at them being a member of the Pillar Men!

47. The Hot Springs Episode

That awkward moment when your mother walks in your room and the Anime characters are in hot springs. Major panic moment.

46. Speedwagon X Anime girls

If you see an Anime girl with long hair, that’s not an anime GIRL. That’s Speedwagon.

45. Luffy and food

Anime memes 45

Luffy does not only smack the whacks, but he also snacks. Of course, you need food to gain energy to beat your enemies.

44. Bad News or Good News?

Anime memes 44

As long as you have a lot of time on your hands any bad news seems like good news! Therefore, you get to watch many Animes and read a lot of mangas.

43. Anime Girls X Doctor Stone

Anime memes 43

That kawaii Anime girl moment when they won’t admit doing something they are. Also, they add “BAKA” in their statements.

42. Dio getting triggered

Anime memes 42

Dio just can’t stand the name of Jotaro anywhere. And whenever he sees it, he just goes and smashes everything.

41. 2020 to all of us

Anime memes 41

2020 has been treating us badly. It will soon be over and 2021 is almost here. I hope you all have a wonderful year ahead!

40. R.I.P English

Anime memes 40

Ever went through that annoying moment when someone says that they have “watched” a MANGA!? Are you serious man? You are supposed to read a manga.

39. 2020 and the hardworking people

When you decided that you will get back on track and will do productive things but then 2020 kicks! So all your plans get canceled.

38. Anime X 2020

Anime memes 38

Few of these 2020 memes are the best anime memes! You still are watching Anime and catching up to the latest episodes. Aren’t you?

37. Dad Vs Mom

Moms always have to get panic when their children are driving. On the other hand, Dads are always chill. Can you relate to this meme?

36. Bad News!

Anime memes 36

When you are procrastinating while your mother is out of home and she assigned you a few tasks. The moment, she comes back! The tasks remain pending.

35. Your Favorite Anime Series

Anime memes 35

When you explain your favorite Anime series only the other person can see your level of excitement! I agree, I get so hyped up when I explain JJBA as my favorite Anime. What is your favorite Anime series let us know in the comments below! 

34. Cake Monster!

Erza’s favorite snack is cake! Only the people who love cakes can relate to her! Now, tell me, do you love cakes?

33. Black Butler

Anime memes 33

If you’re a weeb, you know what’s going on in this meme. Ordinary people when they hear the word Butler vs weebs when they hear the same word.

32. Dumb signs

Anime memes 32

Not all girls but some girls like to keep boys in confusion. The confusion of being their best friend and their lover. There is a chance for you to win your girl’s heart! That’s what I’m talking about.

31. Microwave teaches counting!

Anime memes 31

Oh, that’s genius now! Microwaves can teach you backward counting! This one’s also considered the best anime memes.

30. Old men in Cartoons Vs Old men in Anime

Anime memes 30

We are aware of the fact that how an old geezer in an Anime turns out to be an overpowered character. Meanwhile, the old men in the cartoon look sickly and weak,

29. My Oreos!

Anime memes 29

This meme is so relatable which makes it one of the best anime memes! Naruto is so me when someone touches my precious Oreos. 

28. The questions which give you anxiety

Do you ever get a lot of questions asked at one time? So, you go to your own paradox and scream loud there and get panic! And on the outside you have to pretend you are alright. 

27. When you get punched into the ground in an Anime

BOOM! this moment is my favorite it contains suspense too! For instance, we have no idea if the character who got punched is alive, injured, or even disappeared.

26. Everything in Aqua

Aqua is known to be the second Sakura. Therefore, in this meme, they refer useless to Aqua! I’m sure you cracked up after watching this meme.

25. Sibling Wars

Anime memes 25

Do you also hate the moment when your siblings dare to touch your food without your consent?

24. Anime Openings and that one demon at 3 AM

Anime memes 24

It’s 3 AM and you’re vibing to your favorite Anime opening without realizing that you have summoned a demon!

23. Long distanced relationships

Anime memes 23

This is also one of the best anime memes! This guy in the meme takes his fridge in his room and says that he cannot take this long distanced relationship anymore.

22. *Sad noises*

All of you can relate to this meme! Do you also get sad when you run out of your favorite snacks? I feel your pain.

21. How are babies made?

Anime memes 21

My older siblings and my parents when I ask them how babies are made. This must have happened to you in your childhood days when you were innocent!

20. Watashiwa Japanese desu

Anime memes 20

I know all of you feel super cool when you understand a Japanese word without looking at the subs.

19. When someone asks how weird can Anime be?

Anime memes 19

Everything about this image is bizarre. Don’t you think?

18. Jealousy

Anime memes 18

Everything about other people’s lives seems perfect. We do not know what one is going through on the inside. So, don’t rush things and don’t get jealous!

17. Turtle Ninjas X Anime X Netflix Adaptation

Well, I mean Turtle Ninjas would have looked good if they were in Anime graphics and all. The Netflix Adaptation looks cursed!

16. Everything is made in China

Anime memes 16

Doesn’t it bother you when everything you look at is made in China? It bothers me a lot! No, I don’t have anything against them. I just think what are other countries upto!

15. Neko Maid

I wish these kawaii Neko maids existed in real life and cafes. Life would have been very bright! This is also one of the best anime memes.

14. The problem is your face

Anime memes 14

Don’t you get it by now? The real problem is your face. *Sad noises* not trying to humiliate but this is what the meme is about!

13. His first word!

Anime memes 13

Probably when you all were born, the first word you said was “NANI!”

12. YES YOU!

Anime memes 12

Most of you might watch a certain anime because of a meme after reading this blog. So, this meme is for you!

11. Summary of My Life

Relatable? This is how we are spending our lives!

10. Pathetic? Excuse me!

That’s everyone looking down on us for watching Anime! This is so wrong. Let’s make them watch Anime by tying them on a chair with ropes!

9. One Piece in one day!

Anime memes 9

Did I see that right? Who can finish One Piece in one day!? That sounds impossible. Do you agree?

8. One More Episode

Anime memes 8

Time passes so fast when you are doing something that you love! Therefore, It passes very quickly when you binge-watch an anime.

7. Antisocial

Anime memes 7

That moment when you realize that you were having a lot of fun inside your room and vibing on your own

6. Loli assistant

Anime memes 6

Gordon Ramsay seems to cherish 2D characters too. Now, look at that loli enjoying cooking with Gordon! And, did I see that right? Best assistant coming out of Gordon Ramsey’s mouth? This is also one of the best memes that I have seen.

5. Every Maths Class

Anime memes 5

Have you ever noticed yourself slowly getting absorbed inside your paradox during Maths class? I have and even if I try to understand, I just can’t! How is it for you guys?

4. Hold up! I know the lyrics

Even if I pretend to know the lyrics they go wrong! I’m sure you all went through this frustrating moment.

3. I'm cooler than you

Anime memes 3

This character lowkey makes sense and played a sneaky trick on us all! Yes, you’re hotter than us!

2. Warning!

Anime memes 2

This meme is also one of the best anime memes! This character right here trying to warn us by playing Justin Bieber’s song. I mean, some of his fans might be reading this blog! He’s not THAT bad.

1. BEST Anime Meme

This is the best Anime meme which is telling you how Anime memes are important to cheer you all up in the darkest times!


I compiled a list of Best Anime Memes just to cheer you all up! Therefore, comment down below and let us know which meme was your favorite. I hope you all enjoyed this list! 


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