23+ Best Anime Masks To Wear At Your Next Con!

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With the onset of COVID-19, asks have become pretty popular recently and not just anime masks. One of the worst effects that the pandemic has had on anime fans is that all the great anime conventions around the world have been cancelled. 

The only real benefit from this is that I and many other fans have a lot of time to spend thinking of what to cosplay as. Since a lot of us have masks on our mind, why not cosplay as an anime character that has one! So let’s take a look at a few f the best anime masks that the medium has to offer. 


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Table of Content

25. Shin Mask- Dorohedoro

This mask is definitely a creative one (and creepy too). Shin is a character from the anime Dorohedoro. He’s the friend and partner of Noi. His powers are just insane and let him slice anything and anyone without even breaking a sweat. Despite his scary demeanour, Shin has a rather easygoing and friendly personality. We wouldn’t really come near him if he’s wearing that creepy yet cool mask though!


24. Ririka Momobami Mask- Kakegurui


Ririka Momobami is one of the characters from the super weird anime, Kakegurui. She’s the super cute Vice President of the Student Council at her school and everybody (including us) is head over heels for her. Ririka’s mask is quite plain. However, it somehow gives her strength and confidence. When she’s not wearing her mask, she’s super shy and awkward. How strange!


23. Kaibaman - Yu-Gi-Oh GX


Kaibaman is a character that appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh GX for literally one episode. I know what you might be thinking, when did Kaiba put on that costume? Well, he never did, that’s not Kaiba under the mask. It’s a spirit of an actual duel monster card that exists in the real world that you can buy. 

This technically means that the helmet is not a mask but actually Kaibaman’s head. This is why Kaibaman is so low on the list but also come on, it just looks so hilarious. Seriously only Kaiba, a man obsessed with dragons, would think that this costume looks cool. 


22. Shin Ah's Mask- Yona of the Dawn

Shin Ah’s mask is definitely one of our favourites. Just look at it. How splendid! It’ll surely make you stand out if you wear it to your con. Shin Ah is a character from the anime Yona of the Dawn and is one of the four Dragon Warriors. Shin Ah’s powers lie in his eyes and this is the reason why he’s wearing a mask. When he takes off his mask, we get to see beautiful and sparkly golden dragon eyes. He has a very antisocial personality and likes to stay alone. Despite his isolated personality, he still cares a lot for Yona as well as the whole group.


21. Shinigami Mask- Naruto


Shinigami is literally the death god. It is summoned through a certain fuinjutsu used by the Uzumaki clan. He looks very intimidating and you will look too if you wear the Shinigami Mask at your next con!

Shinigami’s ability is quite scary as he can extract the souls of anyone forcibly.


20. Anbu Mask- Naruto

The Anbu is a group of very capable ninjas in the Naruto Series. They all wear similar animal styled porcelain masks that look extremely cool. Their village’s symbol is visible on the masks they wear. The people who are to become part of the Anbu are picked very carefully depending on their individual capabilities. They’re not just ordinary people!


19. Char Aznable's Mask - Gundam Franchise


Char’s mask is the only thing, aside from the giant mechs, that is in all of the Gundam series in the franchise. From the main timeline to the countless spin-offs, this mask, or at least a version of it has made an appearance on at least one character. 

The mask is usually worn by a character that is in some way the antagonist. The way that the mask allows for the characters to have their eyes hidden while still be able to have their smug smile come through. The mask shows just enough emotion and it’s perfect. 


18. Tuxedo Mask's Mask - Sailor Moon Series

tuxedo mask

Tuxedo Mask’s Mask had to have a place on this list. The Sailor Moon side character is one of the more mysterious characters in the series, at least he’s supposed to be. Seriously is there a single person that didn’t guess this dude’s identity when they first saw him?

Either way, mask is literally in his name and he is from one of the most iconic animes of all time, he’s on the list. In terms of the actual mask, while it doesn’t do a good job of hiding his identity it does do a good job of going with his outfit. It’s still a mystery of how this mask stay on his face but it’s not a mystery why it’s iconic. 


17. Blue Spirit Mask - Avatar The Last AirBender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is anime, deal with it you gatekeeping weebs. It’s an anime and it’s such a good anime that a mask that was barely seen might have just beaten out your favorite. Ok ranting against fans aside, this mask rocks. 

The classic Japanese demon aesthetic is really on point with this one. Seriously, if you saw this thing at night you would be terrified, but luckily we all know who is behind that mask. 


16. Gin Mask- Into The Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Gin is the man we’ve been crushing on ever since this movie came out. We were desperate to see Gin’s face because he wore a Japanese Yokai mask at all times. Gin has a very quiet personality because he never really interacted with anyone other than the forest spirits. Gin’s mask is going to keep you comfortable as well as look cool if you wear it to your next con!


15. Usopp's Mask - One Piece


Moving away from more traditional anime masks for just something kind of insane with this one. Usopp’s Sogeking mask from One Piece is great. It’s over the top and goofy, which just goes perfectly with his character.

The sun-inspired design gives it a regal kind of look until you get closer and look at its face. Seriously this thing gots fishbowl lenses, twirler moustaches, a toilet paper roll nose and a way too large amount of lipstick. 


14. Kagetane Hiruko's Mask - Black Bullet


It’s fair to say that Kagetane’s mask isn’t exactly original, being that it’s one of two masks every theatre kid has seen hundreds of times.  Although it isn’t original, it’s the link between the character and the mask that makes it work.

With Kagetane being the villain that he is through most of the series, his anime mask makes sense. It also goes with his personality and helps add a sinister edge whenever he speaks, with that smile being so unsettling.


13. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Mask- Bleach

31. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach)

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is hands down one of the coolest characters we’ve ever come across and what makes him look even cooler is his mask. He’s one of the characters from the ever famous anime Bleach and possesses a very violent personality. Despite his rotten personality, we still love him!


12. Hotaru Haganezuka's Mask - Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba


Another Demon Slayer Mask, albeit we get to see this one a lot more. In fact, in the anime, Hotaru Haganezuka hasn’t be seen without it. This might be disappointing to fans of the manga who know exactly what he looks like without it on. 

Either way, this anime mask design might not be as cool looking as Tanjiro’s but come on, it’s hilarious, especially when you find out what’s under it. For the fact that we get to see the character wear it more, and it’s overall funny design, this mask beat’s Tanjiro’s. 


11. Tomura Shigaraki Mask- My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki is an S-ranked villain and is a leader of the League of Villains. Being a disciple of all for one, he's obsessed with killing all Might and creating a society based on his ideals. Tomura has a twisted personality and is quite selfish. Being a man-child, he often has trouble in sorting out his emotions which take a toll on him. His Quirk "Decay" lets him disintegrate anything he comes in contact with. This Quirk is highly dangerous and has made him one of the strongest villains in Japan. The decay he causes spreads quickly throughout the body of his target and there's no way to nullify it. His victim can only save his life if he cuts off the affected area. Tomura has impressive physical strength, durability, and stamina. His Quirk coupled with his immense speed can be quite lethal.

Tomura Shigaraki has literally a hand for his mask. His face is not the only part that is covered with a hand. His neck, his arms and many other parts of his body have hands on them. There is a history behind how this happened. But we’re not really trying to spoil anything for you here. Tomura is one of the antagonists from the super famous anime, My Hero Academia. He has a very twisted personality and we’re having a hard time actually liking him. 


10. Hei's Mask - Darker Than Black


Hei from Darker Than Black‘s mask is pretty similar to Kagetane’s. The small variation is what gives this anime mask the edge. One, its smile is much more subtle which ties into the emotionless contractor that Hei is. The lightning bolt helps to differentiate this mask from others and also clue you in on just how Hei is going to beat you.

The mask in the first season is definitely cool, but in the second season where it earns, its place. Hei’s mask has some obvious damage marks in the second season and somehow that damage works with it perfectly and makes it look even cooler. 


9. Haku's Mask - Naruto


It is only natural that a story involving vampires will have a crazy main character. When a village is affected by an epidemic and a good character like Megumi dies, it drives Natsuno Yuuki to insanity as he becomes haunted by his death.

He pairs up with Toshio to save their village Sotoba from turning into a village full of vampires. But in a world where good can’t be easily distinguished from evil, will they be able to do it or will they succumb to the darkness?


8. Zero Mask - Code Geass


Code Geass is practically built around this mask. The zero mask is mainly dawned by the series protagonist Lelouch Vi Britannia. The mask is taken on by a few other characters in the series, the most predominant other than Lelouch being a cat. Either way, it looks great when Leoucl is wearing it in his full zero get up. 

The pikes on the top help put, for lack of a better word, more edge on to this outfit. The single glass dome and golden trim are also a good choices. 


7. No Face's Mask - Spirited Away

no face

Finally, we come to something made by Studio Ghibli with Spirited Away. This entry might just be cheating a little, considering how No Face’s mask isn’t a mask, it’s just his face. Either way, it’s still a mask, as it does cover something and its design clearly invokes a mask. Also, his name is literally No Face, so it can’t actually be his face right.

This anime mask is similar to those that have been on this list already. The main thing that separates this mask is that it’s animated, in that it actually moves. Sure is it cheating, does it really bother you, probably not. 


6. Tobi's Mask - Naruto Shippuden


Yup, the Naruto fans are probably mad that Obito’s mask beats out Kakashi’s but come on, it just looks better. Sure it doesn’t do a good job at hiding that it was Obito under the mask, considering pretty much everyone knew it was. But still, the way this mask meshes with the Rinnegan design is perfect.

I say that this mask is also better than the old orange one for a few reasons. The main one being that even though it only shows two eyes, the person wearing it is still able to display so much emotion. Also, come on, it looks so cool. 


5. Tanjiro's Mask - Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba


Demon Slayer is an anime that has a lot of masks in it but unfortunately doesn’t make use of them a lot of the time. There are only really two character’s in this anime that wear their masks consistently, one of which we will get into next.

This is best shown by the main protagonist of the series Tanjiro, who barely wears his anime mask despite it being pretty cool. For that reason despite its overall cool design, we have to knock it down a few spots for its rarity. 


4. Inosuke Hashibara’s Mask- Demon Slayer


The mask that Inosuke wears is one of the best masks we’ve ever seen in any anime. It’s basically a boar’s head, a real boar’s head. Inosuke was brought upn not by his parents but by a bunch of boars and from there, he developed his violent personality. Inosuke doesn’t really know about basic ethics and uses his fists before even thinking. Despite his rash and violent personality, we still really love him!


3. Overhaul's Mask - My Hero Academia

12. Overhaul

Despite My Hero Academia being a show about superheroes and villains, there aren’t a lot of masks in the series. Sure Deku’s original design for his costume has a mask but that got dropped really quickly. The only character whose mask actually matters and that’s the mobster/villain Overhaul.

This anime mask takes a lot of inspiration from the medieval plague doctor mask, which makes it super fitting for the time of writing. 


2. Kakashi's Mask - Naruto Series

Yeah, you knew that Kakashi and his mask had to be on this list and you might even be mad this it’s not number one or two. This mask does the number one job of every mask perfectly. That job being to hide what’s beneath it and we have only had a few glimpses behind it. The second is to make sure that he protects everyone around him if he gets sick, so you should follow his example and wear one too.

It wouldn’t even be hard to wear this kind of mask in public unlike pretty much every other entry on this list. The addition of his headband covering his Sharingan for most of the series is also a good touch that helps add to the mystery. Also, I can’t forget to mention how this mask is so good that it has another mask behind it. 


1. Ken Kaneki's Mask - Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki Mask

Yup, this one had to win. The anime pretty much built around masks had to produce the number one anime mask and it’s not just by default. Ken Kankei’s mask rocks on so many levels. First, the Hannibal Lecter-esque mouth guard plus eyepatch with a goth twist is a pretty good look, especially after Kaneki’s hair changes color. 

It’s also pretty functional, as whenever Kaneki needs to indulge in his ghoulish physical needs, he just needs to unzip his mouth. Once again the contrast between the mask and the actual face plays a big part here. While the mask always has this intense grin on it, Kaneki is almost always calm, unless really letting go of himself. That contrast is great and bone-chilling at the same time and more than enough to ear it the top spot. 




We have mentioned almost all the anime characters who wear masks and you can steal their look at your next con. They’re sure to make you look cool and also make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. I hope you liked this list of Best Anime Masks. We’ll come back with more!


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