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“I’ll be fine. It’s always been like this. I’m used to being feared and hated. I’ll survive.” ~ Legoshi

How about a ‘civilised’ society of animals! Yeah, you have it and the name is BEASTARS. When everyone was talking about this manga, the BEASTARS crashed into the Japanese TV’s in October 2019. 

Wherever there is a society, there are ups and downs, the races, ‘ISM’s, status, works, education, with all that there is one addition ‘Herbivorous’ and ‘Carnivorous’, which adds a spin on it. 

It also makes one sentianal group have to live in constant fear of another. Let’s get to know some of the characters and their birthdays.

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juno beastars


Birthday: February 12

Juno is an ambitious girl who wants to create a society where carnivores are admired for their true strength, not feared. She is a little jealous, possessive and a bit manipulative when it comes to Legoshi. 

For a Grey Wolf with curly long hair, Juno is quite ambitious and has a Charismatic aura. She can be seen as unusual without her perky self around Louis whom Juno sees as intimidating. Overall she treats everyone with kindness and Juno is quite social.


louis beastars


Birthday: March 29

Just by looking at him one can understand that Louis is a gentleman. He’s a Red Deer with a slim build and an intimidating look on his face. Louis dislikes being seen as fragile and through his leading role in drama he tries to hide his weaker side

He feels that it is essential to uphold his hierarchy position in school. Louis has a habit of venting out his anger, especially when he’s under stress or feels like failed to do something. Which is quite the opposite to Louis’ composed personality. 

He has trouble befriending Carnivores and Louis believes in the character of an individual rather than their strengths. Even though he’s portrayed as the one who cannot grow empathy, Louis is quite considerate towards others.


legoshi beastars


Birthday: April 9

     Legoshi is a kind, gentle, soft-speaking and humble Grey-Wolf, which contradicts his natural nature. He feels an urge to protect the weak and wants to comfort them. Legoshi’s frighteningly tall, imposing build makes it very hard for him to mingle with the herbivores. 

On the contrary despite being the protagonist of BEASTARS, Legoshi was an outcast at first and because of his contradicting nature and in time he became able to make friends who share the same view. Legoshi internally loathes himself for being awkward and for the nature of his family. 

He’s an airhead and quite naive and at the same time Legoshi can be stubborn and impulsive. In the matters of patience Legoshi has a great level of maturity compared to others of his kind.

els beastars


Birthday: April 24

Els is an Angora Goat with a love interest in Tem. She has a good heart but a lot of sadness inside as Tem was murdered. 

Els is very nervous around Carnivores and very cautious around Legoshi at first. She even picks up a scissor because of fear when Els first met him.


jack beastars


Birthday: May 3

Jack is what you might call a faithful person. He has known Legoshi from their childhood and Jack looks after the well-being of Legoshi. As such he doesn’t fear Carnivores as much as other Herbivores.

Jack is the smartest student in his class and also works hard towards studies. He’s a Yellow Labrador with a normal build. Jack looks down on his species, which is a result of artificial tinkering of Wolves. Jack even tried to commit suicide, as a result of the envy toward wolves created by his belief that he’s robbed of his strength and in return left with apathy.


Birthday: May 25

Mizuchi is proud that her kind is unique and noble. As one from the endangered races, she fears of going extinct, the Harlequin Rabbits

This species is unique because of the colour of their fur, being half white and half black. As such Mizuchi is possessive of her boyfriend and is very vindictive and jealous in nature.


shiira beastars


Birthday: June 21

Shiira is a tall Cheetah, who is shown to be very sensitive when it comes to the subject of Herbivores and Carnivores. 

She’s kind and considerate. But at the same time Shiira is doubtful whether Carnivores should get close with Herbivores or not and whether her herbivore friends are real or just making use of her.


No Birthdays are available so far
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bill beastars


Birthday: August 16

Bill is the one who always takes the first step to protect the one in need. He thinks it as his duty being born as a proud Bengal Tiger. Even though he feels a great anxiety, Bill never backs down from a challenge and doesn’t show his weaknesses even to his best friends. 

Sometimes he may look like an antagonist, having a personality which is the polar opposite of Legoshi. Bill is more mature compared to others and capable of accepting the dark secrets of the society. 

He might seem ruthless and line-crossing sometimes. But, Bill is very confident, friendly and cares deeply about his friends, especially Herbivores.


tem beastars


Birthday: September 21

Tem is what you call a ruthlessly honest person. He was an open-minded Alpaca, who was sociable with his friends, Herbivores as well as Carnivores. Tem was not afraid to speak his mind, except conveying his love to Els. 

Sadly he was murdered and later Legoshi took it as his responsibility, finding the murderer of his friend, Tem.


legom beastars


Birthday: October 4

Legom is shown as the proud provider of eggs for sandwiches. She’s a perfectionist who tries to have better quality eggs every week, to satisfy the consumers. Legom is a Robust White Hen and she’s trying to juggle between her part-time job and school.

haru beastars


Birthday: October 19

Haru is looked upon as fragile by society. She’s a White Dwarf Rabbit, who seeks validation. Because of her sexual promiscuity, people saw Haru as a sexual being, which caused her to be isolated from society and to keep people at arm’s distance. 

Haru is what you call ‘being true to herself’. She’s rather friendly and willing to help out others. Haru is incredibly brave and capable of standing up for herself. She’s very resilient and doesn’t let her life be influenced by others’ opinions. 

Haru can be quite rude and short-tempered with mean people, but in essence delicate and helpful to her friends.



Birthday: November 5

Dom rarely appears in the series. He’s a Large Peafowl, who is seen being a very friendly person towards his companions in the drama club.


riz beastars


Birthday: December 11

Riz is a Grey-Brown Bear, who is generally loved by others and appears to be a kind-hearted person. In reality, he’s hiding a dark secret, an incident. 

It caused him to develop a twisted perception that a friendship between Herbivores and Carnivores is that of a predator and a prey. Riz calls it ‘celebration of life’ and he doesn’t care much about personal boundaries of others.

pina beastars


Birthday: December 27

Pina has a laid back attitude. He is shown to be admired by many females for having a charming personality. 

Pina is smart and a playboy, who couldn’t even recall his partners’ names properly, often abruptly ending his relationships. Pina is rather cocky and enjoys provoking Carnivores, despite being a White Dall Sheep.


BEASTARS is a series built having a school as its main core. It mainly focuses on the lives of the students having both Herbivorous and Carnivorous animals trying to coexist growing up to be adults. You can see all the teenage dramas, friendships, insecurities and packs a punch. It is fun to watch and there’s no doubt that one will be hooked on to this from the get go.

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