9+ BEST Banished From the Hero's Party Quotes (Wallpapers)


Banished From The Hero’s Party is a fresh new anime that’s being loved by everyone because of its different stance towards the Fantasy Genre. The “slow life” depicted in it makes it refreshing and pleasant to watch. Today, we’re going to be serving you with some of the most inspirational quotes from Banished From The Hero’s Party. So, let’s go and check them out!


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Table of Content

Red Quotes

“I’m not seeking adventure. I want to live a slow life”



“This fight was decided since the moment you were born”



“I just exist to protect all life on this world, not just humans”



“Somewhere deep down, I’m sure I still had regrets.”



“If you are a hero’s comrade, face your foe with not tears, but with a sword”



“The future is unpredictable afterall.”


Rit Quotes

“Even without the heroes, Logavia’s Dukedom can easily defeat the Devil King’s Army.”



“Hey, I’m a princess so don’t underestimate me!”



“To me, Ruti is the scariest being, more than any other monster”



Ares Quotes

“A true ally and fulfills their roles”



Which One Is Your Favourite From These Quotes? Comment!


So, these were some of the quotes from the anime Banished From The Hero’s Party. If you know more Quotes from this anime series then let us know in the comments! See you in the next blog 💖


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