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Glad to see you back at Quotetheanime! Today’s topic is pretty winsome. Well, it is “Banished from the Hero’s Party Characters’ List” You got that right! You’ll be getting information about your favorite characters. Before moving forward, keep in mind that the names of characters and places are slightly different in anime and manga. So, here we’ve preferred anime names although both are correct! I bet you’re excited so, let’s begin!

So, knock, knock; guess what? Well, it’s the knight time. Yeah, duh, the “k” is silent!

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Red A.K.A Gideon

So, guys! Gideon is the vice-captain of Bahamut Knights and the older brother of Ruti. He is extraordinary in terms of powers and skills. Red lacks magic but is blessed with the “protection” ability. He is at level 46 that is not an ordinary level as he said himself:

“This is about a level that a knight who has spent their entire life in combat before retiring would have.”

To your surprise, he considers this level of power as his weakness. Well, he believes that he can’t do anything with a protection skill. The reason behind this is Ares Srowa. He made Red accept that he is good for nothing and is a burden to Ruti


That is the only reason why he calls himself Red instead of Gideon. Saddening! So, it proves that he can be easily manipulated. This main lead wants to run a herbal shop and live an easy life! (Manga Chapter 1.1 and Anime Episode 1)

Red has charming looks and personality, as expected from the main lead. His dark blue hair combined with blue eyes makes him even enthralling. You’ll mostly see him wearing a cloak!


Ruti Ragnason

Ruti is the younger sister of the main lead, Red aka Gideon. She is blessed with hero level 14. She is a fearless girl and is never afraid to encounter demons, no matter what! Her unique skill is “Intermediate Martial Arts” . Ruti is factually a brave hero. The way she fights courageously against a powerful demon of level 28 is proof! (Manga Chapter 1)

The blessing of the “Hero” is considered to be the strongest among all the blessings. Her love for Red is immense as she loves calling him “Onii Chan”. Isn’t that cute? Ruti is an innocent girl, just like his brother. As a hero, she always cares for others first.

Let me tell you: if one is assigned the role of a hero, then that means they have the power to save the world.

As we all know, Ruti is pretty famous as a hero; therefore, her attire and appearance depict her honorifics. Like her brother, she also amazes others with her short blue hair. You’ll mostly see her in knight attire. That’s because heroes are always ready!




Greetings from Rit, the second Princess of the Principality of Loggervia, known for its military! She never ceases to amaze people; be it on-screen or off-screen. Surprisingly, she isn’t a typical princess, fighting for royal power and all. Well, instead, Rit escaped from her area to avoid the mess.

To your surprise, the mess was actually a chance where she could be selected as the ruler of Loggervia! During her adventure in Zoltan, she heard about Gideon and visited him. Rit isn’t any ordinary adventurer but a B-Rank Adventurer!


Her real name is Rizlet. However, she uses her name as Rit to sneak out to enter the tournaments. Not just that, she bravely acts as a soldier against the Demons. Both Rit and Red were companions in the past. Well, they both were associates in the party formed by Ruti! Later on, both Red and Rit become lovers! (Manga Chapter 2 and 3).

Rit is a gorgeous blond girl and is pretty famous as the adventure heroine. Her long blond hair and blue eyes make her look even royal.

She is affiliated with Loggervia as she is its princess. Later on, she started staying in Zoltan and became associated with the Hero’s Party.



Gonze is a side character in Banished from the Heroes Party. He is the uncle of Tanta and cares for him more than anything. He can do anything for his well-being. Well, he even begged Red for his treatment! (Manga Chapter 1.13)

Man! Where can we find these pure bonds? Okay! So, by profession, he is the best carpenter of Zoltan. For Gonze, his sister’s family is everything. Gonze and Tanta are both precious friends of Red. 

By the way, he is a pretty handsome and cute-looking elf! That’s great!

Gonze is a cute-looking elf with an average height. His grey hair combined with yellow eyes leaves no chance of making him look like an elf.  Well, well, the elves are no different. Ask why? Because they also learn elf-abet in schools!


Tanta Stow

Meet Tanta! A cute green-eyed half-elf! Well, he doesn’t play a significant role and is a side character in anime and manga. He is the nephew of Gonze. Tanta was suffering from white eye syndrome when he met Red.

Gideon helped in curing his disease with his herbal medicines and shocked everyone with his talents. This is cool, right?

Tanta is a sweet boy with simple aims in life. He met Red for the first time when he was severely ill due to the disease. Both Red and Tanta liked each other and had a good bond later on. Unlike others, his blessing is yet unknown. (Manga Chapter 1.12)

Tanta is a cute little kid who is a half-elf. His pretty smile and green eyes make him look even cuter


Ares Srowa

Ares Srowa is a magician with the skills of intermediate magic. He is a level 13 hero. No wonder because his looks suggest; he is proud and devilish. Well, the reason why Gideon changed his name is because of him. Ares is the one who made Red believe that he is a burden to Ruti and is good for nothing. As he said:

“You were frankly a burden. NO, you were only a dead weight to Ruti. I can’t use your protection in a fight anymore”. (Manga Chapter 1 and 2).

He gives a devilish aura. His jealousy for Red is definite from his looks! He appears exactly like a mage. Moreover, his purple hair and eyes make him look even more mage. Ares is a cunning guy and looks sharper with his glasses. He is affiliated with the Hero’s Party.


Theodora Dephilo

Meet Theodora; an elegant and strong warrior. She is blessed with the divine protection of Crusader. Her relationship with Red and Ruti is quite good. Well, she, Danan, and Ares with Red and Ruti had a group together.

She isn’t an ordinary woman but actually affiliated with Knights. Yeah, you got that right! She is a spearman shipmaster. Well, you’ll mostly see her in her warrior uniform. That indicates; she is always ready for the dangers!

Other than that, she loves to follow the guidance of the Church. So, that means; she is a great follower of the Church. Like her level-headed personality, she appears the same with her armor. You got that right! This gorgeous girl looks mature and less approachable in her appearance.

She is affiliated with the knights. Well, Defile-o is a pious lady affiliated with the church as well.



Greeting from another side character, Yarandrala! She is a high elf that has knowledge about the ways to the forest. To your surprise, she can communicate with the plants. Impressive! Not just that, with her divine protection, she can borrow strength from the plants as well! 

She has a likable bond with the main lead, Red. Yarandrala is close to Red as she does not feel uncomfortable being in touch with him. Lol, but her behavior makes Rit uncomfortable! However, to Yarandrala, Red is just his best friend, the one she can trust her life on! As she said;

“Gideon is a friend and companion to me”, “It will never be love” (Manga Chapter 13).

She is an attractive elf with purple and long hair. Additionally, her crystal blue eyes make her even magical! She is affiliated with the Kingdom of Kiramin.


Tisse Garland

Not much is known about her in the manga. Tisse is affiliated with the hero’s party and is an assassin. She is blessed with assassin protection. Well, keep your heart firm because she has a pretty sad story.

Tisse was sold to a slave merchant when she was young. Later, she was bought by the assassin’s guild. Not just that, how can an assassin make a living? So, that’s it! She has done the same. Yes, by killing!

She is a bit foody and loves eating fish sticks. Wondering about her assassin skill? Her assassin skill is; “Sympathy towards Spiders”. With the help of her skill, she can easily handle poisonous spiders. Pretty intriguing!

Like typical assassins, she wears a cloak with a hoodie that makes it difficult to recognize her at first glance. Her purple eyes matched with the cloak makes her look not less than a doll. Tisse is affiliated with the Hero’s Party (Manga Chapter 37).


Danan LeBeau

Danan is a refreshing character associated with the hero’s party. He is blessed with divine fighter protection. As his skills suggest, he is a great fighter which is dominant from his looks and personality.

Like other heroes, he also hates the demons and gives his best against the demon army. He along with Rit, Ruti, Ares, and Theodora had a group together. Danan is a kind and respectful person. He never questions when it comes to following the words of Red! (Manga Chapter 3 and 13)

In terms of powers and strength, he is also pretty strong. However, he knows that Ruti is much stronger than him.

“I have already accepted that Hero Sama is way stronger than me” (Manga Chapter 7).

As he is blessed as a fighter, he appears perfectly like it. His muscular body clearly depicts him as a fighter. Danan is affiliated with the Hero’s Party.


Albert Leland

Meet Albert, a B-Rank Adventurer! He is one of the strongest adventurers and pretty famous as well. Aggressiveness is dominant whenever he meets Red. That’s because both of them never greet each other without mocking each other. (Manga Chapter 9)

In Giordan, no one is a more skilled adventurer than him. Moreover, he is blessed as a champion and is at level 24. Albert has a power similar to “Hero”. This hero-like power gives him strength as he can bravely encounter adversity.

So, he is never afraid of the hurdles and dangers in his way! (Manga Chapter 21)

Albert has an annoyed and aggressive look on his face. He appears strong in his armor.



Dir is blessed with the protection fire mage and was also an adventurer for five years. He was given a task by the thief guild chief; the big hawk. The mission was to persuade Rit. Well, because if she decides to work against their opponents, they can be in danger.

So, to avoid this, he was given this task. Dir has an evil aura and has no shame in destroying the happiness of people. As he said himself; “I will destroy the heroine’s happiness with my own hands.”

When he met Rit, he acted rude and immoral towards her but guess what? It isn’t simple to do it! He is an insolent guy who is a thief by profession and lives by looting the weak. In short, he is merciless and never cares for others’ destruction. (Manga Chapter 15 and 16)

Dir is a bald guy who gives a nasty smile that clearly describes his insolent persona. He could have looked better without a smile. Trust me, you would wish to ask him: “why so serious?”. He is affiliated with the Thief Guild Chief.



Megria is another side character who plays the role of a receptionist. She works as an adventure guide. Well, she has good judgment skills. That’s because she believes that Red isn’t an ordinary herbalist but a strong knight.

So, you’ll find her on Red’s side as she has a strong level of trust in Red! Mergia is a side character and doesn’t have a significant role. Hence, nothing much is known about her! (Manga Chapter 1.12). 

Mergia appears innocent and also friendly. She has short hair and green eyes. You’ll mostly see her in professional attire.



Meet Mido! He is the father of Tanta. Unlike others, he is not an elf but a human. He was glad when Gonze brought Red home for Tanta. Mido is not blessed with protection or, we can say that it is not mentioned in the anime and manga.

Like other side characters, he does not play a significant role. Therefore, there is no specific information regarding him! (Manga Chapter 1.13)

Mido appears as an ordinary guy with brown hair. He gives a happy aura.

nao stow

Nao Stow

She is the mother of Tanta and of course, the sister of Gonze. Nao is an ordinary character. She depends upon his brother Gonze and was looking for him when Tanta was ill. Well, Gonze is the one who cares for her and her family.

Other than that, she likes keeping in touch with Red and Rit! Nao has immense respect and liking towards Red. That is because he is the one responsible for Tanta’s wellbeing. (Manga Chapter 1.1)

Nao is a half-elf and half-human. She has big pointed ears and her hair bun makes them look more dominant. However, her ears are cute and appear as slim as a Stow. (Straw)


Newman Winters

Newman is the doctor in Zoltan. Well, he is the same doctor who was treating Tanta’s white eye disease. Newman was impressed with the knowledge of Red about the disease. He was quite amazed that by just a single glaze, Red was able to analyze Tanta’s condition.

Doctor Newman is also blessed with divine protection. The blessing is of Fast Preparation”. That means; he can swiftly prepare the medicines. Well, that is also the reason why he was surprised when Red was able to gather the medicine in less time.

Like everyone else, he was also thankful to Red for curing Tanta. Moreover, he has great respect for him. (Manga Chapter 1.1)

Well, Newman isn’t so new and is a typical doctor who wears white coats and a three-piece suit. He is half bald and aged.



Meet Stormthunder, a green half-orc. He is a craftsman by profession. You will hardly see him in the anime and manga. However, he has a pretty good friendship and bond with Gonze and Red.

In good weather, the three of them enjoy a sauna and like mocking each other in a fun way. He is a bit competitive in nature. (Manga Chapter 10).

Storm is a green half-orc with a bulky body. His green appearance was enough to make him look weird but you see, his teeth coming out of his mouth is a double bonus!

big hawk

Chief (Big Hawk)

He is a thief so, it is pretty obvious that he is not a goodie. Big hawk is the one who gave the order to Dir. He wanted to persuade Rit so that she does not join her opposition as an adventurer. Therefore, to avoid the complexities in his business, he gave Dir orders.

Well, he is even more merciless and dangerous than Dir. When Dir wasn’t successful in completing his task, the Chief tortured him to death.(Manga Chapter 15 and 16).

Chief has a bulky and muscular body. He has a scary appearance as a thief. Moreover, his sharp, pointed, and outward teeth make him even scary! He is affiliated with the South Marsh Slum.



Aru is a cute kid like Tanta and also an elf. He is a close friend to Red and very precious to him. Red was the one who treated Aru with a magic potion because normal treatment was not possible.

Aru’s family is not that wealthy; therefore, Red treated him without any in return. That is because he considers him his friend. (Manga Chapter 23).

He is a cute little kid who is a half-elf. Like Tanta, he appears cute and innocent.


banished from the heroes party

So, guys! Above was the list of all the characters from “Banished from the Hero’s Party”. We hope you found what you were looking for. Each character has a speciality and is differentiated in terms of their divine abilities. 

The manga has completed only 37 chapters whereas; the anime has completed just one episode. So, not much information is given about the characters. And there might be other new characters that will be introduced in anime and manga later on!

We’ve covered almost all the important and not so important characters whose information was given. They are still lacking in some aspects but as time goes on, they will grow. The manga is still in its development stages and has a promising future. Well, that is with the prediction of new characters and intriguing plot twists. The anime, however, is taking its time to come out but it is worth the wait.  

Okay, guys! We hope you enjoyed reading the blog! Let us know in the comment section about your favorite character and what you like the most about them!


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