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I bet that we all had a weird feeling that one character was missing from the anime that we were watching at the time. You know, that huge muscular dude who is feared and respected by everyone. Well, if you are watching How Heavy Are Your Dumbbells?, or Baki, then almost every character will fulfill your desires.

Biscuit Oliva wiki

While the former is about teen girls trying out bodybuilding, Baki serves nothing but big men fighting for, like why, reasons? Anyway, Biscuit Oliva, or as an American would call him: Cookie Olive is one of the most intriguing characters in Baki. Let’s find out about his endeavors in this article down below!

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Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva


Character Information

Fighting Style: Brute Force

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Weight: 150 kg

Height: 180 cm

Hair Color: Black

Professional Status

Occupation: Assassian

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

– Mr. Oliva

Anime debut:

– Public Enemy Zero

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yusaku Yara 
English: James Mathis III


Biscuit Appearance

Oliva is an Afro-Latino man born in Cuba. His body is only covered by a thin line of black hair and a mustache, as he likes to take off his clothes on every occasion. It isn’t surprising since he lives in the Baki universe, but Oliva is quite proud of his strength.

Oliva is enormous. While he isn’t the tallest or heaviest character, the overall ratio of his body feels overwhelming to any enemy. He was ambushed many times, but he still managed to fight off his enemies without an issue and without any equipment. But how did he do that?

Biscuit Oliva

His amazing and gigantic muscles managed to withstand shotgun shots and stabs or slashes of blades (Baki Manga: Chapter 90). Oliva walked away with a few scars every time but his regenerative ability is insane too. His face lines are well-toned and every expression he makes dominates the people around him.

Oliva usually wears tropical-style clothing. He has a very bright shirt on him all the time, but due to some restrictions on his body mass, the sleeves had to be laxed. Oliva makes an effort to take off these clothes whenever a chance arises, and as a fellow bodybuilder, I can confirm that we all love to do that.



Oliva is an openminded and open-hearted fellow. He likes to express his current emotions and disrespect others. It isn’t some arrogant behavior, but just his style (Baki Manga: Chapter 101).

His body and personality are partially based on the former pro bodybuilder, Sergio Oliva, so we can say for sure that he is a real dude. Well, the real-life Oliva wasn’t an assassin (at least we don’t know of such things happening), but they do share many features.

Let’s get back to the anime Oliva now. He was introduced as a gangster-like figure, one who would prove dangerous in any given situation. The inspector, Sonoda, arrived at his crib to make a deal on capturing some fugitives, and at first glance, he thought that Oliva was a convict too (Baki Manga: Chapter 88).

Biscuit Oliva

We don’t know much of Oliva’s past before his fight with Yuujiro. It probably took him many years to achieve this wonderful look, and I am pretty sure that he is all-natural. He has plenty of good abilities, such as repelling bullets. So working hard for his dream body can’t be an issue for him either.

Oliva isn’t some repulsive maniac. He likes to be well aware of a situation before acting, not just rushing in without any preparation. It usually doesn’t go his way, as he had been ambushed by a lot of not so honorable criminals to this point. 

Oliva often served as a supporting figure instead of the main force, as his aura empowers any ally nearby. He decided to just stand by during Baki’s fight with Sikorsky, chatting with Yuujiro in the meantime.


Oliva wanted to observe the fighting parties first, jumping into the mental background of the conflict. Well, there wasn’t much to research, as fights in Baki often just involve crazy action with no moral conclusion.

Oliva was about to develop a meaningful relationship with Baki after Sikorsky was finished off. You see, maybe Oliva just saw the Ogre’s son in Baki, but there is a possibility that he foresaw an even bigger warrior than Yuujiro

When the police started questioning them, they mutually agreed to cover each other. Baki testified that Sikorsky was the sole aggressor and that Oliva just defended himself, which is actually true (Baki Manga: Chapter 98).

Biscuit Oliva

Oliva didn’t like to work much, but he still aligned himself with the US Government from time to time. This was due to the simple fact that he liked power and money, but Oliva also got into many dangerous situations due to his prestige.

He always treated fights calmly, never losing his mind despite things looking bad. Oliva could pull off moves that saved the fight by only using his sheer strength. This was something he was proud of and he always sought strong enemies to improve himself even further. Some of his attempts resulted in breaking a bone or two but at least he stayed alive.

Strengths and Skills


Physical Capability

We don’t have to explain why Oliva is so powerful. This boulder of a man can crush anyone with his sheer will – and his arms of course. He is ripped beyond human comprehension, but his great figure isn’t the only ace up his sleeve. 

Oliva can survive any attack. This should be taken literally, as he walked into a gunfight with no equipment, got shot, and walked away without a scar. Well, he piled up plenty of scars over the years, but he never actually suffered any damage worth mentioning.

Oliva is 183 cm tall and weighs 150 kgs, and on top of that, his skin is like metal. People were slashing him with katanas, stabbing him with daggers, and also he had gotten shot with a shotgun, but Oliva only suffered some minor damage. 

To be honest, it takes skill to dispose of a man like him. Oliva holds insane physical strength, but I don’t think that he could be compared to other notable fighters in the series, like Yuujiro for example.

Fighting style

Fighting Styles

Oliva uses only brute force to win in his great endeavors. Sometimes he doesn’t even need to use any force to assert dominance though! Most enemies are frightened of him, which was a great factor in his favor during the judo tournament (Baki Manga: Chapter 103). 

Oliva only started to specifically care about a fight when his position wasn’t looking good anymore. A bad situation for him is not getting shot, but being cornered in limited space. As a big man, he needed room to fight, which made it easy for fast and tricky enemies. 

Biscuit Oliva


  • Hand Pocket vs. Shobun Ron.
  • Headbutt vs. Shobun Ron.
  • Stomp vs. Baki Hanma.
  • Ball vs. Baki Hanma, Oliva’s original move.
  • Tackle vs. Nomi no Sukune II.


  • He and his persona are partially, or even entirely based on the former Mr. Olypia and Mr. Universe holder Sergio Oliva. They do not only happen to have similar names, but these men look the same, and they are also absolute beasts.
  • Another person who can be related to the creation of Biscuit Oliva is Ronnie Coleman. He is an even bigger legend than Sergio Oliva, collecting 8 Mr. Olympia titles and 26 IFBB medals. They look and act quite similarly too.
  • Who would have thought, the last fun fact is related to bodybuilding and powerlifting as well. In the newest part of Baki, Nomi no Sukune II mentioned that Oliva can deadlift 500kg of weight. This leads us to Eddie Hall, the first man to ever deadlift that much weight. His performance happened quite recently too, in 2016.
  • Oliva’s name was changed to Oliver in the official English dub and subtitles released.


Biscuit Oliva

Oliva was born in Cuba during the Cold War, but not much is known about his life from back then. He must have had a criminal lifestyle and a heavy interest in bodybuilding based on his current state, both physically and mentally.

Oliva was recruited as a jail guard in the Arizona State Prison, as he was the only one who could keep those insane criminals sitting. His overwhelming aura and strength made Oliva a great reputation as Mr. Unchained.

After the US Government failed to take down Yuujiro Hanma over and over again, they gave Oliva the mission to kill the man in South America (Baki Anime: Episode 48). Oliva went there with great motivation, as he wanted to meet the legendary OgreYuujiro.


Their encounter wasn’t a starter for a bedtime story. Oliva first murdered the leader of the drug cartel where Yuujiro was hiding, then the two tanks faced off. They preferred talking more than fighting, that’s why Yuujiro left after some heartfelt moments…and after kicking Oliva into the wall of course. They both held respect for the other.



Yuujiro Hanma

Oliva was hired by the government of the USA to dispose of Yuujiro, as the man proved to be too big of a problem for most of their special forces. Oliva knew one and two things about fighting big guys, so he accepted the option (Baki Manga: Episode 48).

He encountered Yuujiro in a drug cartel leader’s mansion, and he killed off the other members before facing Yuujiro. He was waiting for a chance to meet the Ogre, and when he introduced himself as the Unchained, Yuujiro was happy to meet such a legend as well.

They would have become friends if not for the bounty of Yuujiro’s head, so they parted with Oliva getting kicked into the wall. He knew that this wasn’t the last time they met, and oh boy, he knew it damn well.

Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

Their relationship couldn’t be explored enough. After Oliva was sent to clear up Sikorsky, he found Yuujiro on the spot too. They decided to chat instead of fighting the convict, giving Baki enough time to show up and take the initiative.

Sikorsky was destroyed by Baki and Oliva went on to congratulate him. Baki lashed out at the man, but he was surprised by the strength of Oliva. Later, they met again when Sikorsky was caught in his lair.

Oliva once again stayed around and watched Baki fight Sikorsky as he wanted to help out the young man in his endeavors. They later covered for each other in front of the police and they parted with only good memories about the other.

Hector Doyle 1


Doyle was a convict that Oliva had to hunt down for the police. Doyle knew about the troubles this ex-assassin could bring, so he decided to take down Oliva when he was not aware of any danger.

Doyle dressed up as an office lady to get in range of Oliva, but the latter still managed to survive the deadly ambush. Doyle even brought a dagger to the fight (Baki Manga: Chapter 100), but Oliva survived the battle with some – more or less –  small scars.

Doyle later got attacked by Oliva in his hideout and Doyle couldn’t run away again. His back was broken by Oliva with a bear hug, and he got sent to prison afterward.


Morio Sonoda

Their relationship was really newly born, but we can say for sure that it worked out great for them. Morio was a bit skeptical and distrusting of Oliva’s capabilities, but the big man soon proved his worth to the commissioner.

Morio always froze with disbelief after seeing Oliva get his jobs done so easily. He didn’t want to completely accept his triumph, so Oliva was always sentenced to little punishments along the way.

These weren’t really punishments, as Oliva often found a way to have fun doing his chores. He had quite a fun time in the judo dojo and he also got to fight Doyle in the office while he was finishing up documents. 


Biscuit oliva plot

Oliva was reintroduced in the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga, now working for the police. Please note that the events of Oliva’s meeting with Yuujiro only happened in the anime, the manga never made an effort to present it to us. If you are a manga reader, this is the point where Oliva was seen for the first time.

Commissioner Morio Sonoda was introduced to Oliva by his peers (Baki Manga: Chapter 87). They claimed that Oliva can solve any dirty issue and he would be the perfect choice to capture the escaped convicts, Doyle and Sikorsky.

Oliva was a little disrespectful with Sonoda (Baki Manga: Chapter 88), which made the captain angry at him from time to time. Oliva, on the other hand, proved to be a good tool for the police later on.

He went down into the parking lot of the building where a hostage situation developed and he met Jeff Markson again, a former corrupt cop he had beaten up once (Baki Manga: Chapter 89). Jeff shot him with a shotgun and he even tried to slice up Oliva with a katana, but such conventional weapons wouldn’t work against the legend.

Biscuit Oliva and Jeff

Oliva walked away with minor scars, while Jeff couldn’t even walk away. He was dead for good (Baki Manga: Chapter 90). When Oliva reached the top floor, he found Yuujiro and Sikorsky there already. He was happy to see Yuujiro again, so the two started chatting right in front of the criminal.

Soon, Baki showed up, and he started fighting Sikorsky. Oliva congratulated the boy when he kicked Sikorsky out of the window (Baki Manga: Chapter 94), and he went on to follow Baki to see what he would do next.

They met Sikorsky at his hideout again but Baki had no issue in defeating him. Oliva was there once again, and he became good friends with Baki (Baki Manga: Chapter 98).

Later, when Oliva was doing some paperwork, Doyle showed up in a female office worker costume to launch a raid on Oliva (Baki Manga: Chapter 98). Even though he had weapons, Oliva survived the fight with a few wounds, but Doyle got away.

Oliva wanted to try out judo in the dojo under the police station (Baki Manga: Chapter 102). He threw huge guys into the ground over and over again, the only one who could damage him a little bit was Gouki Shibukawa. He was so impressed by the talent of Oliva that he immediately offered him a black belt.

Oliva later assaulted Doyle at his hideout after the latter was blinded by Yanagi. Doyle had no chance of winning and even his back was broken into pieces.

Oliva joined the Great Chinese Tournament as Dorian’s “manager”, but he fought duels by himself. He defeated Kaiou You and Shobun Ron but later he got destroyed by Nomi no Sukune II, and Oliva barely made it out alive.

Voice Actors

JapaneseKenjiro Tsuda

EnglishBenjamin Diskin

So, Let us know what do you think about Biscuit Oliva?
Biscuit Oliva

This was the summary of one of the biggest and most based men in Baki, Biscuit Oliva! He is a real legend, always holding up to his massive ego while beating up the “bad” guys. With him being related to so many wonderful real-life people, it’s hard to not respect the man!

While you’re at it, make sure to tell us your ideas about these kinds of blogs in the comment section! You should also check out our other articles about Baki characters!


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