11+ Baki Characters' Zodiac Signs (Find Yours!)

"This is the only move I got and I have to take it". - Baki Hanma

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Baki is back in 2021 with its new season also known as “Baki Hanma”. I’m pretty sure you all must have waited a long time for its new season.

Since the muscular guys have returned finally, it’s time to let you guys know about your zodiac twin from Baki! WOOHOO! Are you guys hyped up? Now, without further ado, let’s get the party started! 


( March 21 - April 19 )
yujiro hanma

Yujiro Hanma

Birthday: April 15 (FICTIONAL)

Ariens are very well-known for their leadership abilities. Like, they’re so good at strategizing and handling emergency situations. When this zodiac sign hates something, they make sure to hate it from the bottom of their hearts. 

Yujiro Hanma, like a typical Aries, is an enthusiast, independent person, and last but not least, he’s a total daddy. He’s believed to be the strongest man.


( April 20- May 21)
Hector Doyle 1

Hector Doyle

Birthday: May 5 (FICTIONAL)

Hector Doyle is a person who doesn’t frequently open up to others and show his emotions. Taurians tend to be secretive at the same time, they make sure to take care of those they love. He’s a stoic person who’s very responsible for his duties and makes sure to complete his tasks. 


No Character


( June 21 - July 22)
Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma

Birthday: July 18 (FICTIONAL)

Cancerians are very stubborn and stern about the things they set their mind to. Jack Hanma is like a total jack- Opps, I mean like total cancer he’s very stubborn & passionate as well. I don’t get why would he over-train himself, like why’s he loves to hurt himself? He got his skeleton restructured many times to get the “perfect physique


( July 23 - August 22 )

Biscuit Oliva

Birthday: August 15 (FICTIONAL)

Leos are fun and all but did you guys know that their temper could be a HUGE problem? It could be a huge problem than your grades! So, this is something we all need to keep in our minds. Biscuit Oliva is the embodiment and the perfect example of a Leo. He’s arrogant and doesn’t really listen to anyone as well. Leos will only do what they want to. (definitely no personal attacks). 


( August 23 - September 22 )


Birthday: September 11 (FICTIONAL)

Sikorsky is an analytical person who’s always strategizing against his opponents. His analyzing abilities while battling is on another level. He never lets his guard down and that’s a good enough reason to not face him. Isn’t that right? So, if you’re a Virgo you’re the ruthless Sikorsky and you can’t change my mind. 


( September 23 - October 22 )
doppo orochi

Doppo Orochi

Birthday: October 4 (FICTIONAL)

Libras are known to be caring, charismatic, and sometimes very annoying. They tend to be so open and expressive that a person gets tired of them. Like keep calm Libras, would you? No wonder you know a lot of people and don’t have the “real ones” around you. 

Just like a typical Libra, Doppo Orochi is a caring, strong, and self-dependant man. People with this zodiac sign don’t really want to get abandoned by anyone. 


( October 23 - November 22 )
Kaioh Retsu

Kaioh Retsu

Birthday: November 16 (FICTIONAL)

When it comes to being mentally strong, Kaioh Retsu must be on the top of the list. People with this zodiac sign are very tough and flexible. They can alter themselves to certain categories. 

Kaioh Retsu is a tough trained martial artist who is unbelievably intellectual. He’s the type of person your guy always told you to stay away from. 


( November 23 - December 22 )
Katsumi orochi

Katsumi Orochi

Birthday: December 12 (FICTIONAL)

Katsumi Orochi is a blood-thirsty person who’s always getting himself in trouble. He’s vindictive and quite brutal when it comes to fighting others. He’s definitely one of the strongest characters in Baki! So, if you’re a Sagittarian you’re the strong Katsumi Orochi. 


( December 23 - January 20 )

Baki Hanma

Birthday: January 8 (FICTIONAL)

Just like a true Capricorn, Baki is very down to earth and an eager person who never gives up. Although he’s a bit careless at times yet that doesn’t simply define his strength! Baki can easily knock the opponent out with his powerful punches. 

He’s definitely one hell of a risky guy. If you ever see Baki on the street you might need to just run away from this crazy guy. He’s definitely not afraid of competing against the strongest opponents. 


( January 20 - February 22 )

Kaoru Hanayama

Birthday: February 4 (FICTIONAL)

Aquarians tend to be quite proud of themselves. For instance, if they’re good at something they will provide you the highest quality. And if they don’t want to do something, they will simply just abandon that task. 

Kaoru Hanayama, like true Aquarians, is proud of his skills and is silent most of the time. There’s just something about this zodiac sign that they’re the “silent observers”. Kaoru Hanayama is a very stern guy who rarely gets himself in trouble. Yes, always careful, the Aquarians. 


( February 20 - April 22 )

Gouki Shibukawa

Birthday: March 13 (FICTIONAL)

People with this zodiac sign tend to get very passionate about something they love. Similarly, Gouki Shibukawa loves fighting and he’s quite passionate about it too. Unlike his physique of a wrinkly old man, he’s quite skilled when fighting. Gouki surely had a lust for blood in his past which made him the bad man he is today. 


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AYY! That’s it for Baki characters’ Zodiac Signs. I hope you guys found your zodiac twin, don’t forget to share it with your friends to let them know about their baki twin. Do let us know that which Baki character did you get?

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