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Baki Personality Quiz

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Baki Characters Included in the Quiz

5. Baki Hanma


Character Personality:

The man of the show, the protagonist, the killer who decided to change his own fate when he was just 13 years old, Baki decided to follow the footsteps of his father just to beat him. It’s easier said than done though. Having so much adversity throughout his life, Baki set out on a journey to become the CHAMPION!

Throughout the series, Baki is shown to be a relaxed and carefree guy. However, in certain situations, our boy can flip out and become aggressive like a mad dog. Mixed into revenge and the will to surpass his father, Baki is a unique character and has such a unique personality that fans from all around the world love it.Β 

Baki is hard working, strong willed, and his ability to never give up is why he wins all the time. Persistence, you know. Baki has also shown an immaculate love and respect for the people who are near to him, especially his girl cause why not?


4. Yuujiro Hanma


Character Personality:

One of the most badass dads you’ll see in Anime might just be Yuujiro Hanma. He’s the main antagonist of the Baki series as well as the father of Baki. Yuujiro is a freelance mercenary who works for organizations that pay him well. Well, he’s considered as the STRONGEST CREATURE ON EARTH!!!! Also known as β€œThe Ogre.”

Even though he looks like there’s one pinch of empathy left in this guy, he’s super cruel and arrogant at times. Well, as an assassin, you have to be. Yuujiro has been manipulative all his life and his main purpose in life is to cause harm and destruction. He does not even care about anyone. Wife? Nah. Friends? Who? Son? Well, the father-son bond is a bit complicated. Even though Yuujiro has this monster residing inside of him, he can be stoic and calm at times. So, it’s like, you just can’t tell what this guy is feeling.Β 


3. Biscuit Oliva


Character Personality:

Also known as Biscuit Oriba, this guy is yet another assassin who works under the US government as he possesses the IRON BODY. No one can beat this guy when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Well, it wouldn’t make much of a difference even if you bought a gun.

Even though Biscuit Oliva looks like he’s yet another dumb fella, don’t go on that face. He’s got a killer mentality and such a smart mind with unshatterable focus. He’s one of those guys who just wants freedom and enjoys it here or there, a little bit.


2. Yuuichiro Hanma


Character Personality:

The grandfather of Baki was the only thing left to see. Well, this guy defeated around 2000 people with just a single technique. Gotta remind you, those 2000 people were US Soldiers. Yuuichiro has a much kinder personality than his son, Yuujiro. Aside from being a calm person, he can be quite brutal at times. Just like Baki, I feel like Grandpa and the Grandson are the same.Β 


1. Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi

Character Personality:

That one Karate guy you never wanna mess with, Doppo Orochi has been practicing martial arts for 50 FREAKING YEARS! Can you imagine that? Known as the GOD OF WAR or TIGER SLAYER, this guy is something different. However, unlike how people look at him, Doppo is pretty caring and loves human beings. He’s a man of his words and would prefer justice over anything in his life. That’s the type of human we all should BECOME!


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