24+ HILARIOUS Baki Memes That You Must see!!

hilarious baki memes

Baki… What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Well, for me, all I see are MUSCULAR MEN wrestling in their underwear Anyway, since we all are aware of the fact that Baki is back with their new series called “Baki Hanma”. I wanted to show you guys some of the most HILARIOUS Baki Memes that you must see! So, let’s dive right into it! LET’S GO!


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Table of Content

25. Characters in Baki be like:

baki meme

For real though! Why? I mean I get that they’re all muscular and buff but HAHA! This is so hilarious! The resemblance is uncanny! What do you guys think? That’s how everyone wants to look like eh? (all the body builder enthusiasts?)


24. How girls act around me:

baki meme

HAHA! Now, that’s a personal attack. That’s absolutely right though. Girls do tend to act weak around the people they like so that they help them. This fact itself is very cute. 

But look around yourself and find out if someone acts weak around you. The real plot twist will be if some guy acts weak around you! HEHE. 


23. Baki X Netflix Adaptation

baki meme

If that’s how Baki Characters are gonna look like in real life. I’ll surely crack up. Just imagine seeing hot muscular guys in anime and they turn out to look like some bald funny guy (no personal attacks) but that’d be quite funny. What do you guys think? 


22. Self-made Baki Meme > Any other meme

baki meme

AYY! The moment you realize that you can make Baki Memes yourself instead of just using old 2012 memes. It’s always fun to make memes on your favorite anime… or more specifically, your favorite anime character! 


21. 2020 ruined my life

baki meme

No, that’s not your common youtube video clickbait. But, 2020 really did suck big time and ruined my life too. 

Is it just me or has it been the same for everyone? It’s just because of COVID-19. We couldn’t go to school half of the time so our preparations for exams weren’t that good. 2020 came with every type of crisis. 


20. THINK!

baki memes

I apologize for this crappy quality of meme but take a moment and THINK! I don’t know why the hell did I find this so funny! 

If you’ve no clue that what you’re doing wrong with your life, just take a moment and THINK! 



19. The pickles at home be like

baki memes

Do you ever just go with your mom to the grocery store and look for something you want. And when you ask mom to buy it, she goes like we already have that at home. 

The things at home look kinda intimidating to me since they’ve gotten old. What about you guys?




baki memes

Now, this is DARK HUMOR! You know when you drop your phone on yourself, that itself hurts like hell, and imagine if it explodes on your face



baki meme

Have you guys ever encountered a situation like this? Like, when your friend is in pain and you can literally see it on their face without knowing you’re the one causing the pain! OUCH! 


16. UNCLE why did you have to...

baki meme

Uncles are the weirdest, to be honest. They come up with lame excuses and whatever! Not every uncle is the same. But HAHA! This meme is hilarious. If your uncle has ever done this to you, send him this meme. 


15. Baki X Jojo x hokuto no ken

AH! Finally, Jojo is beautiful. I mean I personally love JJBA! It’s just the animation, the muscles and the personalities are on point! Do you like Baki more than Jojo? 


14. Baki X Netflix Adaptation Part 2!

baki memes

HOLY MOLY! Can you see the resemblance? OMG! This is far beyond hilarious and creepy. The fact that this person resembles a BAKI CHARACTER is WOW! Do let us know your thoughts! 


13. * coughs *

Baki memes

I mean, sometimes it’s okay to post memes without context. I’m just gonna leave this here…


12. looking for baki hanma you say?

baki meme

Is it just me or does this guy look like Sikorsky? How is he so audacious! I mean he looks strong enough but you never know. Our Baki > Anyone. 


11. me while posting memes

That’s how I post memes. Literally! I mean making mems isn’t very difficult but it’s just honest work. 


10. just daddy & Baki things

baki meme

This never-ending conflict between daddy and son is just hilarious but intense too! What do you think? 


9. Just regular martial artists in baki

baki meme

Is it just me who thinks that these martial artists are a bit too “Thicc“? I mean that’s cool and all but at times it gets EXTRA THICC! Anyway, this meme is hilarious as well! 


8. everyday son problems & daddy issues

baki memes

This is just very dark and hilarious so, I’m just gonna leave this right here…


7. Baki vs Jojo Fans (Let's Start a war)

baki meme

LET’S GO! I’m super bored. Let’s just start a war! Jojo Vs Baki? The choice is yours! 

6. Me after watching Baki

baki meme

There are certain anime that influence you in every way. It could be bad or good. Baki makes you wanna slap everyone hard on their faces. 

5. Punches in baki be like

baki memes

ISTG!! The powerful punches are so aesthetically pleasing in Baki. Especially when you’re thinking about someone you don’t like while watching Baki, that punch is WORTH IT! 

4. Nephews make the impossible POSSIBLE!

baki baki

If you have a nephew you can surely relate to this meme! Share it with your nephew, it’ll be hilarious! 

3. if you know, you know

baki meme

OTHER DADS Vs BAKI’s DAD! That is super SAD! OMG, this rhyme is RAD! WOOHOO! Are you MAD? 

2. Choose your team wisely!

baki memes

HEHE! Which team will you guys choose?

1. when someone is talking about serious stuff


Have you ever found yourself cracking up at the wrong timings? It’s like this with me always! I don’t know why!! 

Comment if your life is also a Meme!


So, that’s a wrap for Baki Memes. I hope you guys enjoyed these memes. Kindly share it with your friends so that they can brighten up their day too! Do let us know your favorite meme in the comments down below! 


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