Baki Hanma is Coming to Netflix in Fall 2021! (Trailer Released!)

Baki Hanma

Part four of Baki is surely happening soon and is said to show the most epic moments from the manga! Are you guys ready? Baki will enter into the final arc which is called, “Baki: Hanma.” The epic end of martial arts anime is expected to get bigger and better than ever for its showdown arriving in Fall 2021.

It is an upcoming Netflix series that will express the epic martial arts scenes in animation. The anime is based on the manga written by Keisuke Itagaki. TMS Entertainment will produce Baki: Hanma.


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TMS Entertainment Announcement

The TMS Entertainment has even produced some of the most famous movies, like Detective Conan, and the Korean movie called Parasite. By looking at the Press conference and trailer of the upcoming anime, it seems TMS Entertainment has decided to make Baki: Hanma one of the greatest designed anime. 

The fact that TMS Entertainment has decided to produce such an anime must mean that we’re in for something very special. Here’s a trailer for the upcoming Netflix series, Baki: Hanma.

Background And Plot

Baki is a manga series written by Keisuke Itagaki. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from 1991 – 1999. It was collected into 42 tankobon (independent book) volumes by Akita Shoten. 

It follows an interesting story of a boy named Baki Hanma that trains hard to surpass his father who was a legendary mixed martial artist. At the age of thirteen, he dwells himself into tense training in the footsteps of his father. Later on, he decides to surpass his father. He first fought at no-rules Arena when he was just fifteen. With the passage of time, he became a champion. 

His father is Yujiro Hanma, who’s one of the strongest characters in the series. He’s super tough to defeat. He’s also a highly paid freelancer and even has worked for different government organizations. He’s often called “Strongest” and “Ogre” in the series. 

Baki Hanma

Story of Baki: Hanma

Baki: Hanma Son of Ogre starts from where his father, Ogre left off. His father leaves him with some challenges and he has to face them to become a champion. Indeed, the final season of Baki is going to experience one of the most epic actions finally coming to life! 

baki Hanma

When is Baki going to stream on Netflix?

The final date of Baki: Hanma has not been decided yet. We do know that it’s going to be released in Fall 2021. It has been confirmed that Baki: Hanma is ready to stream on Netflix in Fall 2021. 

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