ALL Baki the Grappler Character Birthdays

"If one is born as a male, as least once in his life, he'll dream of becoming the strongest man alive" - Baki Hanma

ALL Baki Character Birthdays

Fictional Birthdays

Official birthdays haven’t been released for the characters just yet, so this list is entirely fictional. It is made for entertainment, and I hope that you will find someone to relate to through shared birthdays!

Find out down below if you have a connection to anyone from the manga!

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Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

January 8 (FICTIONAL)

Baki Hanma is the ferocious main character of the Baki series. His will to defeat his father is unlike anything we’ve seen in any Anime!


Kaoru Hanayama

Kaoru Hanayama

Birthday: February 4 (FICTIONAL)

Kaoru is proud of his skills and will remain stoic in most situations. Even though he seems silent all the time, he’s rather observant of what’s happening around him.


Gouki Shibukawa

Birthday: March 13 (FICTIONAL)

Gouki is super passionate about fighting. Even though he’s an old man, don’t go on his weak and frail body, (cuz it’s not) but instead, you should start running away!


Yuujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma

Birthday: April 15 (FICTIONAL)

Being the primary antagonist in the Baki series, the whole plot sort of revolves around Yujiro. He’s the manipulative mastermind behind the demise of half of the characters in the series.



Hector Doyle

Birthday: May 5 (FICTIONAL)

Hector does not like opening up to others and show his emotions, cause my boy isn’t like that. He’s a responsible young man who cares all about completing his tasks


Iron Michael

Iron Michael

Birthday: June 20 (FICTIONAL)

You just can’t mess with Iron Michael and make it safely back to your home! He’s a beast.


Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma

Birthday: July 18 (FICTIONAL)

Jack is a spoiled and stubborn kid who wants to do whatever he sets his mind to. He has no respect for others and would do the absolute worst in order to get what he likes.


Biscuit Olivia

Biscuit Oliva

Birthday: August 15 (FICTIONAL)

Biscuit is an arrogant guy who only cares about what he wants. There’s nothing inbetween and the more you defent yourself, the more he’s gonna break you.




Birthday: September 11 (FICTIONAL)

Sikorsky is smart, sane, and a responsible person. He loves to plan things out and he lays strategies in a way where no one can outsmart him.


Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi

Birthday: October 4 (FICTIONAL)

Doppo is the epitome of humbleness. He’s a kind soul who loves to care about humanity and put his absolute best in the betterment of others.


Kaioh Retsu

Kaioh Retsu

Birthday: November 16 (FICTIONAL)

Retsu has such a strong mentality that it’s really hard to beat him. Aside from his mentality, his body is built like a tank.


Katsumi Orochi

Birthday: December 12 (FICTIONAL)

Orochi loves BLOOD! That’s it. That sums up his character. But seriously though, he’s one of the strongest Baki characters.

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