11+ Powerful Attack On Titan Quotes Season 3 (HQ Images)

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Season 3 from Shingeki No Kyojin is absolutely insane. So we’ve gathered all the quotes here from the third season for you. Attack on Titan has some great moments that are quote worthy. Hence why this is so worth. If there are some quotes, that you really want, you can request it in the comments, we take requests.


進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Eren Jaeger Quotes

1. Eren just carries so much anger within him. It’s portrayed to be because of his mother’s death I believe. He tells himself in this moment, while he’s going to re-seal the Wall, “I can do this! No…We can do this!” It all makes sense, but regardless his rage is definitely what makes him such a spearhead in taking action, and making things happen. And then he remembers that, “Because we’ve all been special since the day we were born! We’re free!”

~Eren Jaeger, said this to himeslf, Episode 50

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2. “This is the place… where I… where we… once called home!
I’m taking it back.
I’ll slaughter you all…and take back what you stole ..
All of it!

~Eren Jaeger, said this to himeslf, Episode 51

eren jaeger quotes- attack on titan -ill slaughter you all and take back what you stole all of it


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3. I jsut realized how much braver Armin Was actually than everybody else, at all times. He was shown to have so much fear and cowardice. But in reality he was the most courageous out of every single one of them. Braver than Erwin, or Mikasa, or Eren.

~Eren Jaeger, about Armin, Episode 54

eren jaeger quotes- attack on titan-i knew you were more of a hero than nayone else


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The Survey Corps Shingeki no Kyojin Sticker

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Erwin Smith Quotes

Man oh man, Erwin Smith’s death was so crazy. And the face that Levi made when the Beast Titan was trying to run away was crazy as well.

1. He said this to Captain Levi, when they were by themselves. Erwin was sitting down on wooden box, just looking back at his life, wondering if any of the fighting was worth it. They were facing the beast titan while trying to Seal Wall Rose

~Erwin Smith, Talking to Levi, Episode 53

erwin smith quotes- attack on titan-they want to know what became of the hearts they gave. Because the fighting isnt over yet

2. My oh MY!!!! What a moment! and what a quote! this guy Erwin Smith, was truly an unbelievable man. He was ferociously marching towards death without a hint of doubt in his final moments toward his death. Gotta respect Erwin, no matter who you are.

~Erwin Smith, Talking to first year recruits as he took them to death, Episode 53

erwin smith quotes- attack on titan-its us who gives meaning to our comrades lives

Jean Kirstein/Kirschtein Quotes

1. This was one of the greatest moments in Attack on Titan, and such a great anime quote on never giving up till your last breath. This gave me so much perspective in my current life while watching it. It made me realize that I couldn’t give up, because even at the last moment things could turn around. So we can never give up till it’s truly over.

~Jean Kirstein to Connie Springer, Sasha Armin and the rest about Bertolt Hoover, Episode 53

Jean Kirstein quotes-attack on titan- but right now weve got no choice but to try-we gotta believe theres a way to beat him

2. This was such an amazing moment by Jean. He completely took leadership, and thought courageously for everyone. He remained and succeeded as the last line of defense, not only did he keep himself in the zone but the whole team, including Armin who never really looses his cool.

~Jean Kirstein, Talking about Eren getting Thrown by Colossal Titan , Episode 53

Jean Kirstein quotes-attack on titan-the future of humanity will be doomed im not about to sit around while we all get slaughtered

Eren Yeager Titan Sticker

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Levi Ackerman Quotes

1. “No casualties, Don’t you dare Die!”

~Levi Ackerman, to his troops Episode 51

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-no casualties dont you dare die


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Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

1. ~Mikasa Ackerman said this to Eren after he sealed the wall, Episode 50

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-believe in your own power


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